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Aperture filecount discrepancies #1
Anaxagoras's picture
by Anaxagoras
August 11, 2014 - 9:55pm

I’ve been using Aperture for about six years now and I thought I understood it pretty well. But…

If I click on Library/Photos, 42,381 unrated or better photos are displayed (all stacks open). If I create a Smart album for “File status is managed” I see that I have 12 photos. If I create a Smart album for “File status is referenced” I see that I have 42,369 photos. 42,369 + 12 = 42,381. Fantastic!

But if I click on Add Vault; New Vault Contents says… “420 managed files will be included in this vault, 46713 referenced files will not be included.” By my maths, that’s 47,133 files in total. 

That’s a discrepancy of 4,572 files!

The Trash is empty and I have no rejected files. And only 366 that are Missing/Offline. Plus, I Repair/Rebuild the Aperture database periodically.

What’s going on?



Anaxagoras, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Steve Jackson's picture
by Steve Jackson
August 12, 2014 - 4:33am

Does one count refer to versions and the other files?

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