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Another loss: Apple is eliminating photo boooks #1
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by Shep
July 13, 2018 - 5:16pm

Yesterday MacRumors reported that “a new message has been spotted in the Photos app on macOS 10.13.6 [which] states that final purchases for the built-in photo printing service will need to be placed by September 30, 2018. Afterwards, it appears that Mac users will have to opt for third-party companies like Shutterfly to craft physical books made from their digital photos.”

This is very sad. A few years ago, with Aperture, a top-class app, one could compose a photo book with great flexibility and precision, and readily get it printed by Apple at a high quality. i have made a bunch of 100-page large-format hardback books.
The elimination of Aperture was the first sign that Apple was dropping any interest in serious photographers. The elimination of these books is the last step.
I had actually been using workarounds for several years in order to continue to exploit my hard-learned Aperture skills: I, and many other in these forums, successfully made Aperture work in new OS’s up to High Sierra. In a more complex procedure I and others here were able to convert a book composed in Aperture to pdf’s and then use Photos to print it. The book design options in Photos are severely dumbed-down and not a patch on Aperture’s design flexibility. The printed books from Photos with transferred pdf’s were almost as good as the Aperture ones (I did find a slight decline in quality, with less deep blacks, and color variation when I re-ordered a book).
From the very beginning, the Mac has attracted creative and visually-oriented people. The deliberate cancellation of Aperture and Photo Books shows how far the present management at Apple have drifted from their core supporters and enthusiasts. Simplified (dumbed-down) apps for the masses are the way they want to go, it seems. Forget creativity and quality.


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by Shep
July 14, 2018 - 6:45pm

Further information that is more positive: in High Sierra, the app from can be used in Photos to print what looks like exactly the same books, cards and calendars that were previously supplied through Apple. Available book sizes, for example, are the same as were provided by Apple directly. It looks like mimeo was the company that has been making Apple’s photo books for some time. If so, the product should be the same. 


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