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3.4.3 Remote File (Adjustments Disabled) #1
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by Scott Peek
November 25, 2012 - 6:18am

I just finally upgraded to Lion which allowed me to upgrade to 3.4.3. After Aperture upgarded the library, it opened and now all of my photos show that they are Remote files (Adjustments disabled).

I have my library as 100% referenced
The HD that the originals are located is on
When I tried to “locate referenced file”, it automatically can find it
when I show the file in the finder, it goes to the folder where the file is.

I have repaired permissions - no help
I did Joeseph's trick for a previous version (Get Info - Library - Sharing and Permissions - Go Home - Apply to All)… no help.

Any ideas?


Scott Peek's picture
by Scott Peek
November 25, 2012 - 9:04am

Ok.. update… after waiting TWO hours for a library repair, all came back to normal and the files are seen again. Must have been some fairly nasty permission mismatches to show all of the files offline.

So far so good, now waiting for my 116,000 images to reprocess to use the new update.

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