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Help backing up metadata in referenced aperture library #1
Kingsley's picture
by Kingsley
October 7, 2022 - 1:04pm

I am finally going to migrate to LR. I use a Mac on High Sierra. I have not updated from High Sierra so that I can still use aperture. Now my Mac is acting up and I am on borrowed time, I need to either upgrade or get a new Mac . Either way i will no long er be able to use aperture. Before I migrate I want to back up everything. My images are on an EHD and backed up. It is all the metadata I have entered over the years in aperture that I want to back up. I have tried using apertures the vault but every time I do, it does not complete the task and ends up in an unresponsive state, wheel spinning. Is there any other way to back up my metadata? The thought of losing all that  metadata is overwhelming. Also, my library is quite large approx 300,000 images so this may be why the vault cannot complete the task and the fact it is an older Mac. As soon as I get my metadata backed up I plan on using avalanche to move it over to LR. And, yes I need to update to Mac OS Mojave in order for avalanche to run. So, again I want to make sure the metadata is backed up before leaving High Sierra and updating to Mojave. Thank you, I am really stuck with figuring out how to back up this metadata.

PhotoJoseph's picture
by PhotoJoseph
October 11, 2022 - 7:16pm

Hi Kingsley, and good luck with this long overdue transition! 😊

I wouldn't worry about the Vault too much, since the ONLY thing that can read that is Aperture itself. Just ensure that the Aperture database itself (the library) is backed up on another drive. And unless you're buying a new Mac, and will be able to open Aperture on this Mac in the interim, I would highly recommend making a bootable backup (look into Carbon Copy Cloner for this) so you can reboot into your “old” system. Avalanche will carry your metadata over so that's how you'll maintain all of that. 

Also, remember that Apple Photos will simply open the Aperture library and convert everything. But, we all know that Photos is no replacement for Aperture!

However the fact that your Vault won't complete may be pointing to other Library issues. Before running Avalance, you want as clean a library as possible. Go through the ancient FAQ that's still online on this site that has tons of tips on cleaning up the Aperture library. 

Good luck!

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by LaraPeter
December 1, 2022 - 9:11am

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