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Which version of LR6 to buy? #1
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by pondball
August 7, 2015 - 1:36am

I’m on the last day of my lightroom 6 trial and have decided I will be using that as my DAM… then using both On1’s Perfect Photo Suite and Affinity Photo for my additional editing programs.

I can’t really find anywhere an answer that might help me make the final purchase. Elsewhere here I’ve outlined my HiSpeed (slow) woes and while its improved somewhat in the last couple of weeks its not “hi” by any means and my bandwidth would negate using any Creative Cloud for storage.

I have my new MBPro and my older 27”iMac and a local network  that is reasonably quick, although not hardwired. I’ve tested out access to photos on both my MBPro, on my 27” and for an EHD connected to the 27” (the latter two from LR6 on my MBPro, and all seem to be functioning smoothly. I will probably be hosting my main Photo storage on an EHD connected via FW800 on my 27”.

I’m concerned that I seem to be hearing that Adobe might not offer much support to those who do not opt for their CC version and instead purchase the standalone. I’m not concerned about mobile (iPad) access to the files as I don’t expect to be doing any editing from that machine. At best I’ll be exporting some photos from LR6 to Photos on my MBPro and then sharing them via my apple Cloud account but these files will all be predated and saved as jpg only… for sharing with some family and friends.

Am I ok just purchasing LR6b as a standalone? Have others out there who have done the same found they are missing anything that might have been provided by the CC version?

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by Thomas Emmerich
August 7, 2015 - 6:01am

LR6 won’t get any feature updates like CC. For example, CC recently got a new dehaze slider but not LR6. It’s a nice feature and works pretty good IMO. Only bug fixes and perhaps camera RAW updates for new cameras for LR6.

I found an article about it although it’s a bit slanted towards negativity of CC. It does explain the differences.…


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by pondball
August 7, 2015 - 1:48pm

HI Thomas

yup… that’s actually a very good link and I agree that it does have a very negative-CC slant to it, especially in the reader comments below the article… but it does bring up a few very good points. I plan on using On1 and Affinity as my photo editors but was hoping to use LR6 as my DAM… now that Aperture is done.

Having said that I’m now wondering if I should just use my newly bought (about 4 -5 weeks before Apple canned it) Aperture for my DAM until someone like Affinity comes out with a DAM of their own?

I’ve invested in all sorts of LR training (just as I had with Joseph’s Aperture Expert videos) and am getting more familiar with the interface all the time. I have to admit I stopped part way through Joseph’s Aperture series when I found out Apple had buried it. 

However I am running Yosemite on my new MBPro, Mavericks (soon to be Yosemite) on my 2009 iMac and really don’t see the need of upgrading to the newest incarnation of SysSW in the near future.

I also have what could be best visualized as a shoebox (albeit large enough) collection of photos/negatives scattered throughout my digital world (iPhoto Libraries and Image Folders on at least 6 different macs - most of which I hope to be able to harvest in next few months) and nothing is presently organized. That is why i got Aperture in the first place!

Soo…… If I forget all this LR stuff and just set up everything in a referenced Aperture library, save myself the monthly Adobe ransom and cross my fingers that Affinity will come out with a suitable DAM solution, equal in quality and ease of use to their other Software… would this be a good move or not?

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by Thomas Emmerich
August 7, 2015 - 10:25pm

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sticking with Aperture as long as you can. If you’re not switching to El Capitan then you have even more time to decide. Maybe it will work in El Capitan or maybe it won’t. Doesn’t matter if it works with the beta or even the initial release. Apple only promised to keep it working with Yosemite.

I also thought it would be cool if Affinity came out with a DAM. But they haven’t announced anything. And their Photo app took quite awhile (6 months?) to be released once it was announced. It’s a long shot.

I’ve been using LR for a couple of months. I took several training courses on I know how it works but I have to say the import process drives me nuts. I typically want to shoot RAW+JPEG so my camera can share the JPEGs via WiFi while I’m out. I also shoot video on the same SD card. But all I want to import to LR is the RAW files. LR makes this too hard where in Aperture it was a simple matter.

There’s a few other maddening things LR does, but otherwise it works great. I really like the radial and graduated filters.

I’m waiting to see Joseph’s LR videos. Maybe he’s found a way to ease the import woes I feel every single time.


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by pondball
August 8, 2015 - 12:15am

Thanks again Thomas
I think I’ve once again hit info overload… having spent hours/days/weeks taking a look at DAM trials, reading forums, asking questions… disseminating answers… taking online courses (paid and otherwise)…

I had originally decided on Aperture (after reviewing several options) and had pretty much shredded my memory of the other options after that decision was made. Part way through reviewing Josephs Aperture course Apple canned Aperture and so the frustration started again. 

Since then I thought I’d go with LR… and then they made the decision to go CC which included PS (a program I don’t use as I now have both On1’s PPS and Affinity Photo. Over at Affinity forum it was suggested that those looking for a suitable DAM should look at Media Pro from Phase One or Lyn from… the former is very impressive but after taking hours of courses on LR I’m not so sure I want to spend the big bucks on MP and have to relearn a new interface (also means more head shredding to get rid of LR training)… and Lyn is just too sparse and IMO fragmented.
so… my solution at this point is to continue using Affinity Photo and On1 Perfect Photo Suite for editing the photos that urgently need work… and… sit back and decide whether I’ll continue with my already paid for Aperture or switch immediately to LR. I don’t have any  Aperture ghosts in the closet as I never really got a chance to start in with it so it might make sense just dive into LR so I don’t have to start learning it all over again 6 months from now.

Are you using the standalone or CC version? Do you make use of the PS component or just LR and then use other programs for final editing? My final quandary would still be to decide whether to go standalone LR or LRCC… I’m open to any advice!

My sharing of jpg while on trips or out will come from me toting around either my MBPro or my older iPad… Last trip I just downloaded the RAW files to my iPad and used PhotoGene as my iPad editor. I could then set up slideshows in it or transfer the edited photos to iPhoto, later Photos.


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