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Lightroom & importing photos onto my iOS device #1
Jonathan Tan's picture
by Jonathan Tan
March 2, 2015 - 10:05pm



I very briefly tried out Lightroom ages ago when the news first broke, and found that the most annoying thing that immediately hit me was that I couldn’t import photos from Lightroom onto my iOS devices without first having to import them into iPhoto…

Does anybody know if there’s actually a 1-step process somewhere to link my iPhoto (or soon to be Photos) library to the structure where the Lightroom files are referenced so that I can easily import photos? All the solutions I’ve seen tend to be multi-step ones or have some sort of a drawback….

This is currently a lightroom deal breaker for me. >.<


Chris Cantwell's picture
by Chris Cantwell
March 3, 2015 - 12:17am

Hi Jonathan,

If you have the subscription version of Lightroom (or are considering it) then you might want to consider Lightroom Mobile (

Lightroom Mobile is free but only available for Lightroom subscribers. The stand-alone, one-off purchase of Lightroom doesn’t allow use of the iPhone/iPad App.

This will effectively allow you to sync content from within Lightroom on your PC/Mac/MacBook to/from Lightroom on your iPhone and/or iPad.

This is similar to what Photos (Mac) will do with its iPhone/iPad equivalents, but obviously without the feature rich facilities within Lightroom.

My loose plan (at this point - because we don’t yet know how feature rich Photos for Mac will become) is to use Lightroom on my Mac as my main asset management application then export selected photos/albums to Photos for Mac where they would then automatically propagate to my iPhone/iPad; I don’t want/need my entire library on my mobile devices. Kinda hoping for “Watched Folders” functionality in Photos some time in the future.

Not the perfect solution, I admit.


Florian Cortese's picture
by Florian Cortese
March 3, 2015 - 4:41am

Jonathan and Chris,  Lr Mobile is as Chris pointed out.  It’s only for CC subscribers.  You can only use it with Collections and you need to select which collection(s) you want to use. Any adjustments you make on your iOS device to a photo will be made in Lr on you computer.  BTW, Trey Ratcliff exports his favorite photos (mainly family) as JPEGs to his computer HD then imports them into iPhoto so he can share them on all of his iOS devices.  After i see what Photos is really like and after a version update or two, that is what I may very well be using Photos for.  I have a Lr Ps subscription for now but may not want to be tied to that indefinitely.  When Lr6 gets released I will automatically get it through CC but when the time comes that I decide to drop the subscription I can always pick up the “boxed” licensed version then.

Florian Cortese

Jonathan Tan's picture
by Jonathan Tan
March 3, 2015 - 9:10pm

Hi Chris, hi Florian,

Thank you both for the response. I’m not a big fan of tying myself into the LR CC, and a very quick look I had at it when I was trying out LR, it looked as if access to its photos were also through its own app, and not through the default photos app on iOS.

I guess it just underscores the fact that we’ve got no idea yet about how photos will handle stuff like that. A watch functionality or even a way to “open RAW photo in external editor” may be fantastic. But until then…… Only workarounds exist. :(

Thank you both again, I’ll keep waiting.

Alex U's picture
by Alex U
June 9, 2015 - 8:24pm

Assuming I have that piece of Software on my iOS devices. How can I then use AppleTV in order to look at my photos on my Television set. Does that work? Today in the menu of AppleTV on the TV screen I can choose the option PHOTOS and then I see all my photos as I have them in Aperture. 

Best regards, Alex

Thomas Emmerich's picture
by Thomas Emmerich
July 17, 2015 - 7:14am

You can turn on Airplay Mirroring (in Notification Center on your iOS device) to see everything on your iOS device mirrored to the AppleTV.

Then run LR Mobile and put it into Presentation Mode to show a slideshow on AppleTV.


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