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Script for Creating a Different Version? #1
Terje Myller's picture
by Terje Myller
October 11, 2010 - 2:06am

Thanks Joseph and Morten, the scripts are a superb addition to the ApertureExpert site! I particularly like the Master to Version Script.

There is a similar bit of functionality I always wished I had available in Aperture, and that is a Create a Different Version command, using the list of export presets without having to export and import.

From a TIFF version, I always need to generate various jpg versions. It might be for emailing or uploading to the web.

I do this every day, and I guess I'm not the only one. Wish there were a way to create a different version (using the image export preset list) without having to apply the cumbersome routine of exporting and then importing back to Aperture.

Another annoying aspect of this cumbersome routine is that when importing back to Aperture, the file is placed at the bottom of the project, which often is far below the file it was created from.

A script for using the image export preset list for creating a different version without export / import would be worth a million bucks :)

Keep up the good work, the ApertureExpert site is becoming really really good.

Best regards,
Terje in Norway.

Morten Scheel's picture
by Morten Scheel
October 11, 2010 - 2:40am

Hey, Terje.

Thanks for the kind words. We aim to please :)

I just want to make sure that I understand you correctly. Are you asking for a script that generates a new master (you choose the format), which has the same metadata as the original? If so, that’s what the “Convert Master File Format” script does. It doesn’t delete the original, but just rates it ‘rejected’. If you want to keep both masters, just don’t delete the rejected originals.
If it’s any help I could tell you how to edit the script so nothing gets rejected.

I’m not sure I understand why you would want to keep multiple masters hanging around though. Just out of curiosity, why do you want to re-import a jpeg version alongside the original tiff? Maybe I’m misunderstanding something.

Nice to see that there are quite a few Scandinavians hanging around here :) I’m from Denmark.

Morten Scheel

PhotoJoseph's picture
by PhotoJoseph
October 12, 2010 - 7:47pm


I’m with Morten here—I’m not quite sure what you’re after. I kind-of think we discussed this in a previous post, and my understanding then was that you wanted the ability to export multiple versions simultaneously (i.e. in one click, export a 1024 version, a 600 version etc.).

THAT’S a Script I want… Morten, is the Export Version command accessible through AppleScript?

But as far as generating a new Master, I’m not quite sure why you’d want to do that, unless it’s like an insurance policy to ensure that there’s NO WAY the image could be altered in the future. In which case, the “Convert Master File Format” script will do exactly as you like—and like Morten said, he can tell you how to modify the script so the original isn’t rejected.

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Morten Scheel's picture
by Morten Scheel
October 13, 2010 - 12:15am

Yes, that’s the command I use in the Convert Master script. It’s no problem to export the same image in multiple versions, I just need to know how much user interaction should be required. Are we exporting to the same location every time? Are we using the same presets every time? I’m a little curious myself so I’ll go and see what I can figure out.


PhotoJoseph's picture
by PhotoJoseph
October 13, 2010 - 2:32am

I think the AppleScript should ask the user what export presets they want to use (select as many as you like), and ask where to put them. Bonus points if it can put each export into a separate folder. Super bonus points if you can choose a different naming preset with each export preset :)

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Morten Scheel's picture
by Morten Scheel
October 13, 2010 - 3:35am

I’ve sent you an email with my best shot. The exported images are put into sub-folders (one per preset, named after the preset). I didn’t understand that last part about naming policies? Do you want the files to be renamed too?


Terje Myller's picture
by Terje Myller
October 13, 2010 - 7:24am

Thanks for your extensive replies!

I now see that the existing Convert Master File Format will do the job I suggested. I didn’t get that the original only gets rejected (not sent to trash) and therefore can be kept. Sorry about that. Would be nice to know how to avoid rejecting the original, though.

Yes, I like to re-import one or more jpg versions to live alongside the tiff. One reason is, the tiff to jpeg convertion produces a slightly unsharp jpg. The new jpg needs resharpening before being sent away as new master. I use a simple “edge sharpen” in Aperture for that.

Another reason, when I see several versions hanging together while scrolling a project, it instantly tells me that I have been working with this image. The way my library is organized, this is often the quickest way of searching for that job i did last month.

I agree with Joseph, being able to export several versions with different presets at once is great. In fact, it’s a dream come true.


Morten Scheel's picture
by Morten Scheel
October 23, 2010 - 6:04pm

Hi Terje. Sorry for the delay.

The script I wrote for the occasion has turned out really well, I think. I’m waiting for some feedback from Joseph, but I expect it will be released pretty soon.

Until then, the easiest way to avoid rating rejects is this:
1. Open the script in AppleScript Editor.
2. Find a line towards the bottom that says “tell (item i of image_selection) to set main rating to -1”
3. Put two dashes (–) in front of that line
4. Save as a new script.

If you’re interested I might be able to automate your edge sharpen workflow, depending on how generic it is. What exactly do you do?


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