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TWiP Apps 07: Fripito-ing Around the World

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June 15, 2016 - 5:00pm

Do you like to travel? Of course you do. Do you like to take pictures when you travel? Of course you do! Do you spend the time before you go to research the best locations for photos, what equipment you should or shouldn’t bring, plan how long it’ll take between locations to maximize your opportunities on the ground, and just ensure you won’t miss anything epic while there? Of course you… oh. No? I know… me neither. Research takes time! And there’s only so much googling you can do before you become inundated with options… and just give up. You say to yourself, “I’ll figure it out when I get there”. Then invariably, you find out once back home that you missed opportunities and locations, and brought gear you didn’t need or worse, left gear at home that you wish you hadn’t. The solution to all this – is Fripito. Fripito is a photographer’s guide to some of the world’s most photogenic locations. A powerful iOS and Android app that lets you not only enjoy beautiful images from around the world, but also to see exactly where they were taken, read a description of the scene, and even learn the camera settings. These collections aren’t random photos pulled from google or even just carefully curated photos from hundreds of photographers. No, each of Fripito’s cities are shot by a single photographer, selected among many candidates who can best represent the city of choice. And there’s more good news. You – can become one of those photographers. Fripito has a generous revenue share plan for a few talented photographers who can contribute new cities to their app. Maybe one of them… could be you!


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