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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 Leaked?

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February 19, 2015 - 4:51pm

As reported by, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 has been announced ahead of schedule by fnac (a retail giant in France) and eyo, an online outlet from Australia.

I've copy and pasted the supposed feature list below from, which itself is reportedly a google translation of the French language post on fnac's website. The one feature that seems to be universally sticking out as an exciting point is that there may be GPU (graphics processing unit, or graphics/video card) support. Specifically the bullet point translates to: “Lightroom leverages compatible graphics process to get you better performance, especially when you edit your images in the Develop module”.

Personally I'm excited by “Import and refine your photos in record time”. Importing is much slower in Lightroom 5, and the entire import/organize process leaves a lot to be desired, when compared to Aperture. I also see Faces as a feature I hadn't noticed in Lightroom before.

Keep in mind that as of this moment (Thursday Feb 19, 2015 @ 7:30am PST), the official Adobe Photoshop Lightroom site still shows version 5, but last I checked Lightroom wasn't one of those products that people went out of their way to create false rumors and photoshopped product mock-ups around, like the iPhone. So it seems likely that this is true. I have reached out to Adobe for comment; if I hear anything back I'll update this post.

Thanks to @DCinKingston on twitter for bringing this to my attention.

Here's the (google translated from French) feature list. Translation missteps are pretty funny… I'm a fan of image clichés ;-)

Key features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6

Environment nondestructive

Unleash your creativity in a nondestructive editing environment that allows you to test your ideas freely. The originals remain intact and you can easily cancel your edits or save multiple versions of a cliché.

Advanced conversion feature black and white

Monitor closely the tonal qualities so essential to the black and white photos. Combine precisely the information of eight color layers in the grayscale conversion.

Development predefined settings

Save time by instantly applying the desired effect to your images.

Just save develop settings as a preset and apply them to other photos in a click. If Lightroom includes dozens of presets, thousands more are offered by third parties.

Face Recognition

Quickly find pictures of loved ones, even without metadata tags. You select a face on the photo, Lightroom and search the person it belongs to all of your other shots. Sort and group your photos by faces.

Sophisticated Healing Brush

Get best pictures with one touch. Set the brush size and move it according to specific plots. Unwanted items and other imperfections, including irregular shapes son type, magically disappear.

Upright (Vertically)

Straighten skewed images with a single click. The Upright tool (Vertically) analyzes the image and detects horizontal or vertical lines inclined. It can even recover images without horizon.

Merge to HDR

Create realistic or surreal images from high-contrast scenes. By merging HDR, you can easily combine photos with different exposures into a single HDR image.

Fusion panoramas

Realize XXL ultra detailed panoramas. Photo merge technology lets you merge multiple images, including raw files, to create panoramas out of the ordinary.

Performance gains

Import and refine your photos in record time. Lightroom leverages compatible graphics process to get you better performance, especially when you edit your images in the Develop module.

Sophisticated video slideshows

Create stunning slideshows combining still images, movies and music, and supplement them with pan and zoom effects, for example.

Optimized web galleries

Present your work in the most elegant web galleries, more attractive and interactive. The new models of HTML5 compatible galleries are supported by many browsers and mobile devices work stations.

Integration of online sharing

Easily publish images on social networks and sites for such as Facebook and Flickr. On some sites, you can even view the online comments on your images directly from Lightroom Library.

Creating photo books

Create beautiful photo books. Lightroom includes a large number of user-friendly catalog templates that you can now customize. Load them then printing a few clicks.

Adobe Lightroom Classic (pre-CC)
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Merge to HDR and merge to pano are interesting options too. Both make sense since they are already in PS.  Would be interesting how they would implement since develop module is non-destructive.  Even if they convert it to large DNG it could be big enhancement.

Curious if they implement faces like Aperture did and adjust white balance to adjust for skin (Aperture does do that right?  I’m not imagining that)

Canonrumors also reported this and gave March 9 as the release date with the exact key features Joseph had listed from the translated from the French site.

Edit: Also the French site lists a price, so it appears you can get Lr6 w/o having to go the Adobe subscription route

Florian Cortese

There is another site that has March 6th as the release date. So the leaks and rumors are popping up all over the Internet. Guess we have to wait until we hear some official word from Adobe. But it does look exciting if there will be many of these new features and updates that happen.…

Normally they release a beta (about a month) before the actual release so I wonder if that will still be the case with LR6.  Obviously won’t be the case if those release dates are true.

Hmmm… Where have I seen these things before…?

  • Environment nondestructive
  • Development predefined settings
  • Face Recognition
  • Performance gains
  • Sophisticated video slideshows
  • Integration of online sharing
  • Creating photo books

Wanna be helpful, Adobe? How about wifi tethering, star ratings, and local wifi sync for Lightroom Mobile? You know, tools for photographers, not retouchers.

Adobe may regret the demise of Aperture, because it means a bunch of grouchy former Aperture users like me who are being dragged kicking and screaming to Lr are going to be very vocal about Lr’s failings.

Problem is, with one big competitor now out of the way they have even less incentive to really improve LR where it falls short.

Number one on my list would be a MUCH more streamlined and customisable interface and number two much more deep DAM functionality (e.g. just compare the available data fields for building smart albums in Aperture with the smart collections in LR).

When it comes to user-oriented design, Adobe has long been the Microsoft of imaging software.

Thanks, Joseph and commenters. Interesting.

I would like customizable keyboard shortcuts. Still can’t get used to using r for crop! 


You mean they don’t…? (headslap)

OMG, it’s worse than I thought. Maybe I’ll just stick with Yosemite and Aperture forever.

Adobe and Apple - a pox on both your houses!!!

This is actually minor stuff. You won’t believe what you’re seeing when you really dig deep into your trial period with LR (and C1 also, btw.).

How about no stacking of pictures which are “in different folders” (and this means Finder Folders, not virtual ones in the library) or not being able to even switch the position of all the panels on the screen, which is fantastic news for any left handed people out there. I could go on and on (and will probably write a bigger text in the forum about my experiences).

It’s a desaster. LR has been out since 2007 and it stills feels every bit as clunky and awkward as 8 years ago. No improvements, zero.

Oh boy! Another Adobe rumor thread! You don’t see this very often … ;-)

Not on here you don’t! It’s all for you Butch ;-)

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Adobe has a real problem with the English language. First, they achieved feature parity with Aperture by developing a (look, we gots one, too!) “loupe” tool that’s really just a fixed-position zoom box. Now, unless they’re talking about 32-bit output, which seems unlikely, they’ve got a “merge to HDR” feature that combines an exposure stack into an LDR file. Brilliant! What next? A “pano” tool that yields a square image?

I had decided long ago (imagining the everlastingness of Aperture) to have all my Raw images as Managed.  I too will be moving to LR when 6 comes out, should I move all my managed into Referenced files first? What do you recommend Please help.


Judy Kent

Absolutely. There is no equivalent to “Managed” in Lightroom. All your LR images reside in folders. 

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