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Live Training Session 110 Coming Up; Adjustments: Levels

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June 25, 2014 - 9:00pm

ApertureExpert Live Training Session 110: Adjustments; Levels

Available for pre-order

Adjustments are a huge topic, and this is of course how we make our photos look better in Aperture. This third session continues the series with Levels.


TIME: Monday, July 07, 5:00 PM (17:00) PDT (check your time zone)

To learn how to watch live, and where to download the recorded training later, head over to the Live! page.

Apple Aperture

You sure that time is right? 10PM EDT? Just asking?

Yes that’s correct. I change the time and day every session to allow people in different time zones the opportunity to attend for free!

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Hi Joseph
… And as one of your ‘cousins’ from UK, that’s 01:00-02:00, which is way past my bed time!

Whilst $2 to watch it later isn’t going to break the bank, I do enjoy the sessions live if you can see your way to setting a more convenient time for us here?

I know it’s impossible to set a time convenient for everyone on our lovely planet, but I’m just putting my hand up for us UK people.


Thanks Frank. I do change the time and day every session. I’ve done them as early as I think 9am PDT to 8pm PDT while home. When traveling I’ve done them in the day-times in whatever zone I’m in. About the only thjng I don’t do is come to the studio in the middle of the night! Hopefully one of the earlier sessions will suit your zone next time :-)

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Hello Joseph, I am just trying to confirm whether or not I have missed this session.  It was one I planned to stay up for but I have a horrible feeling I have planned to stay up a full 24 hours too late! I originally got a calendar alert for it last week for some reason and the time-zone thing appears not to take UK summer time into account.


You did miss it Walter, sorry. I did change the time twice though, so blame me. It's been a bit hectic around here :-)

If you go to the Live page, you will see an ICAL link. Add that to your calendar then you'll always know exactly when a session is, even if it moves. 

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Ah! That would explain last week’s alarm call. (I do have the iCal linked through) .

My fault that I did not connect 02:00 Tuesday to be the end of the day before Tuesday …  Oh well, I’ll download the thing and watch it without disturbing the presenter with questions.  Ta.  

I’m still mulling over the news from Apple.  The leviathan challenges our faith often enough but usually gets it right, if not first time every time, and even if I still feel burned by the abandonment of MobileMe I feel that they might pull another rabbit out with Photos and its Extensibility.  But they will never get a name as cool as ‘Aperture’.

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