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Recovering Lost Nik Software Presets Following “Full Nik Collection” Installation

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April 7, 2013 - 11:28am

I just installed the “full Nik Collection” (only $126 with the ApertureExpert discount!) and much to my chagrin noticed that a collection of recent Silver Efex Pro 2 presets I’d created were missing. This was kind of a Big Deal™ because I’m working on a gallery show, have been experimenting with settings, and really needed my history of saved attempts to go back on.

Oddly, some of my presets were there. Namely, older ones. Probably the same ones I’d imported back when this exact same thing happened after the Aperture 3.4 “sandbox” upgrade. If you need to catchup, read this and this.

Based on the sandboxing theory, I started digging and sure enough found the presets I was looking for. Here’s where they were hiding:

~/Library/Containers/ Software/Silver Efex Pro 2/UserPresets/

I haven’t got a clue why the some presets moved and others didn’t, but suffice it to say, finding them again is excellent.

To reimport them, as before, copy the presets to your desktop, open your Nik plug-in, click on the Import button, and select the copied presets.

If you upgraded from a partial collection of Nik plugins, did you notice if your presets were carried over or not?

Apple Aperture DxO Nik Collection
macOS Windows

Thank you so much! I spent an hour looking through various folders on my Time Capsule, but none of the usual suspects came up with the goods.

This is just the ticket!

FYI, instead of going through re-import, you can copy these files to:

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