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Another Way to Determine What Adjustments Have Been Made to an Image in Aperture 3

Thomas Boyd's picture
June 1, 2012 - 12:00am

Sometimes I like to see a good list of what’s been done to an image. Of course I can just look a the adjustment pane, but I’ve found the lift and stamp tool provides a nice history of adjustments that is easier to determine what’s happened. It’s closer to the History palette in Photoshop.

The Lift and Stamp window shows you every adjustment (and to what degree) an images has.Just click the Lift button and the Lift and Stamp HUD will appear. Click the arrow next to Adjustments to reveal the list. You’ll also get a bunch of other data like keyword, rating and IPTC information.

Click the button to make the Lift and Stamp HUD appear.

Apple Aperture
Thomas Boyd

Nice little tip.

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