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Aperture 3 is Top Grossing App in New App Store!

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January 7, 2011 - 7:15am

Gotta love this… go Aperture 3, go App Store, go Apple!

Aperture 3 is currently the Top Grossing app on the new App Store. That’s pretty fantastic, but the argument could be made that at $79.99, it’s one of the most expensive apps in the store—and since it just saw a serious price drop from $199 (which it still costs if you want a DVD, by the way), of course it’s getting a lot of traffic now and beating out $4.99 apps for gross. But who cares. It’s #1!

And perhaps even more telling, it’s #4 in the Top Paid collection… nice.

Apple Aperture

Nice to see… Anyone think the massive price cut could be interpreted as a bad sign for the program?

No ! I’d say the good guys at Apple note that not all of us are loaded and therefore, have to be wise in the way we spread our dollars. As this software is rarely used alone, they realise we have to also buy other software like P/Shop, iWork, iLife, FCP, Photo to Movie, FotoMagico, Snapz ProX, Toast Titanium, VLC etc, then there is the hardware. The whole collection come together to allow us to do just about anything we can dream up. Never let us forget that Apple have brought us so much more effective time when we go back to the bad old days of CPM and MSDOS. Thanks so much Steve. PS I got my first Mac because Photoshop was not then ported to the PC, only on a fruity machine.

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Sorry to resurrect this old thread.

Just added a new Mac Book Air to my Apple stable and I am looking at the best way to get Aperture on to it.

I have CD’s going back to the initial release but the App Store is the obvious place to get things these days.

However I do not want to buy something I already own, so I suppose I will have to share the drive on my Mac Pro workstation and use the CD. Do you agree?

Which begs the question: what will happen when we get to v4 of Aperture? Will there be a way to migrate our ‘hard copy’ ownership to the App Store ownership model that Apple clearly prefers?


Would you mind posting this question in the forum? It’s a great question and I’d like to address it where other people will find it. Title it something like “How do I install Aperture from a DVD on a MacBook Air?”


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