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Aperture 3.1.1 Releases—Fixes For iLife Media Browser Included!

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December 10, 2010 - 8:17am

I can hear the collective sigh if relief; feel the exhale on the back of my neck of all Aperture + iLife users plagued by the browsing problems introduced by Aperture 3.1—an absolutely fantastic release for many reasons, but undeniably hindered by a serious iLife compatibility issue.

Aperture 3.1.1 sets out to resolve those problems. Sound off in the comments if this update fixes your woes—or if not. Let’s hope for no “not!” remarks down below.

The update also fixes publishing issues for MobileMe, Facebook and Flickr users. Again if you’ve seen problems there, let us know if 3.1.1 resolves them.

Apple support article is here:

Apple Aperture

No specific mention of the iTunes syncing issues, but hopefully it fixes the link. Stuff like this really killed my enthusiasm for even just going out to take photos. Yeah, I know that it’s stupid to let the tools rule me like that, but it was really annoying. Will report back when I update.

I’m still having problems with sorting on a MobileMe gallery when published via Aperture. Various photos being dragged into the gallery, for some reason, will cause the sort to go to “Manual”. Then every time the gallery is updated, the sort order is reversed but still stuck on Manual. I can set it back to sort by Date, but upon the next update/synchronize, it reverts to Manual. I’ve been trying to figure out what sort of photo breaks the sorting but can’t quite get it. I was really hoping they’d fix this. Noted that the same photos create no sorting problems on a MobileMe gallery published by iPhoto.

Every time there’s an Aperture or iMovie update I rush to see if Aperture Videos (stored by reference in Aperture’s Library) show up in iMovie’s Events list. But alas, not this time either. Sigh.


The annoying HUD-Bug is still unfixed:

Preliminary check seems to show that this doesn’t solve the problem with my ipad sync. I just imported a batch of images to aperture, and they don’t show up in iTunes when I select Aperture. On closer inspection, and as expected, the ApertureData.xml has NOT updated when exiting Aperture, meaning iTunes sees no changes.

Whether this eventually means the xml will update, emptying the iPod cache as it used is still yet to be seen.

Mr. Kgoo,

What is your Sharing Previews with iLife preference set to; Always or on Quit? Have you tried changing that, to “tickle” the status? Have you tried trashing prefs to reset that entirely?

-Joseph @ApertureExpert

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Yes, I have trashed the preferences, and repaired permissions. Is my assumption that the aperture data.XML should be rebuilt with every change of the library? I remember my pre-3.1 aperture used to have a dialog that said ‘sharing previews’ with a bar that came up every time I quit. Ever since I installed 3.1, it hardly dos that and quits very quickly.

Mr Kgoo,

I haven’t opened the package to inspect the XML file every time I’ve quit, but yes, that’s the basic idea. As you leave the app, or quit the app, it will update. Or should.

The progress bar is a lot faster than before, to the point where you may not see it. That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening—just that it’s happening faster.

Of course though if you’re not seeing the changes in iLife, then something is still broken. Do this… create a new library completely from scratch, add just a few photos to it, make sure sharing is on and see what happens when you go to iLife.

Please post the results in a new forum thread, and let’s move this support topic over there.

-Joseph @ApertureExpert

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Thank, i’ll give that a go when I can. To clarify, however, I don’t (or at least didin’t) have much of an issue with iLife media browsing - it was only an issue in iTunes when I was trying to sync directly from there to an idevice.

It certainly hasn’t restored compatibility with Front Row, lost with Aperture 3.0


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