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Wireless HDMI Hollyland Mars 300 Pro and 400S COMPARED

Photo Moment - October 30, 2020

Wireless HDMI is a beautiful thing, and following up on the success of the Hollyland Mars 300, the company released the 300 Pro and the 400S, each with its unique advantages. In this recorded-live-test, I compared the 300, 300 Pro and 400S in features, a live range test, and latency. The results may surprise you!

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The full live show!

For those who actually saw it live, this version is recreated from the recordings, so does not have the judder you saw live — but this is the full live show


Mars 300 Video

from April 2019


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If you saw the live show, or even just part of it, thanks for waiting for the edited version!
🟥 Mars 400S
🟥 Mars 300 Pro
pleas joseph can you demonstrate how to take a color photo with a CMY filter in a B&W camera ( technicolor method ) just a few people do it but with lighting color gell or low res security B&W camera
I’m not doing a new video specifically on that but this one from a few years ago is pretty close
I have seen that video, that why I ask you if you can make the 3srip experiment, hope one day ❤️🙏
Hello Photojoseph! Great review, I have been left with one question, I plan on purchasing either the 300 Pro or the 400s for wireless focus pulling. Which would you recommend, I plan on also purchasing a smallhd monitor as well (Is there an option you'd recommend for that instead as well)! Thank you!
for focus pulling, the most important thing will be low latency. So the 300 Pro might be best. I have no yet looked at the new 400 Pro, so check that out — if it's lower latency, then get that. The problem with wireless for focus pulling is any latency means by the time you see it in focus, and stop turning focus, then it will have overshot it. So even with minimal latency, it'll take some getting used to. As for the monitor; I have never used a SmallHD as I find them to be quite expensive for what they are. I'd rather get a NinjaV and have recoding capability. Or, there are now many hight nit 5" monitors for a few hundred bucks on the market.
I just bought the 300 Pro. I was very excited until it completely failed. Right out of the box the receiver would not get a signal. I read the Hollyland support docs (as minuscule as they are) and followed every instruction. Nothing. These guys have quality control issues folks. I am returning mine and getting one that works from a more reputable company. Everyone else seems to love this thing... my experience was quite the opposite.
I think you need to let the product get swapped out before you say they have a quality control issue. Every company ships some bad products; even Apple. It’s electronics. They’re destined to fail.
Have you had chance to play with the 400s pro yet? Kinda hoping it has 300pro range and 400s latency lol...
I have not yet, sorry
wow I loved your video in the way of presenting the transmitters
Thanks! It didn’t quite go as planned, but I think I pulled it off 😂
Can I just say thank you for the effort you put into this?
You may! Can I just say thank you for watching? ☺️
I heard these also have a wifi jammer. Is this in the Hollyland software or is it a separate iPhone app?
Never heard of that. I think it's safe to say it's definitely not in the Hollyland hardware. And I'm not sure something like that would be fully legal, anyway?
High praise for the authentic 90's dance beat!
Thanks for the video.
Thanks for watching!
Great review! We own the 400s and have sometimes had trouble connecting on 3rd party devices. I had no idea we should be turning of cell service. Good to know!
Yeah… small detail left out of the documentation!!
How bad is the latency. I’m buying 300pro or 400s very soon need to k ow
what is the delay in the image if I connect to ATEM mini PRO and other inputs are connected to cameras via HDMI?
HDMI into the ATEM directly is no additional lag than what’s already coming from the camera.
Hmm... Looking to pick up 3 mars 400S or 400S Pro (for live streaming to a multicam setup). Do you think three of these would interfere with each other (causing unexpected, intermittent signal loss)?
If they are close to each other, they can, as I experienced in this video. But I also had them literally inches apart. I use three in my studio now, all in various places, with no problems.
@PhotoJoseph Awesome... And you use them for production? (Not just monitoring?) I'm torn between the 400S and the 400S Pro. Even though I wouldn't need direct streaming on a regular basis... I can see how it might come in very handy, if I wanted to go live with one camera and didn't want to haul my whole rig.

Thanks for the reply. Cheers!
Using all of them together is not so fair... Even in another channel there is some wireless noise. It is better to make a test with each one of them seperately in the same channel. Also no one has ever showed the pull stream function! If it is stable / better / less delay etc
this comparative review made med decide to choose300 pro.great job
Thank you!
Thanks for the video Joseph! Just pulled the trigger on the 300 Pro. It'll end up on my go.dingo rover transmitting the video from a GH5/Ronin S to an operator with an S-Bus controller.
Perfect! That's a great use for it.
Thanks for the review!!!! Quick question. Can I record 4k on my a7siii while monitoring 1080p on the mars 300 pro?

I would like to know this too!
Can I have 2 Transmitters going to 1 Receiver?
Do you know if you can use a 300 RX as a second receiver to a 400s TX?
Thanks Joseph! Have you made a how to video for using something like the sennheiser 500 series wireless mic with an iPhone?
To reconnect to the app; I don’t have an answer for that, sorry. Given how much more quickly the 300Pro connected though I’d assume it to be similar for wifi
How long it reconnect to app if signal is lost, or you quit from app? Is there any difference with 300pro and 400s? Thanx for answer
Thank you for the review, i will proceed with 300 PRO.

Just one more query, can multiple (let's say 2x transmitter feed HDMI signal into 1x RX module?)
I bought the 300 PRO TX and for interviews it's completely unusable with the app, see it for yourself at 14:50. It's NOT lip sync.More than a second delay, sometimes even more.
The WiFi latency is definitely slower than the hardware connection, yes. If you need the near realtime performance, use the Tx and Rx, not just the Tx and a wifi device.
I’m not talking about the latency, that’s just fine. I’m talking about the lip sync. Audio is much too late, but when you record into your mobile by the app it’s perfect in sync.
Oh I see. How about using the receicer?
I bought this unit specially for iPhone/iPad.
Love the review. I wish you would review the Hollyland cosmo line
thanks mate ..
Very useful - so well put together. Just had the 300pro enhanced delivered - so this confirmed my decision to opt for these. Thanks again.
Which one has the highest range in meters in open area like ground?
That info is in the slides
Mars 400S Scene Mode review, please 🥺🙏🏽
Can you use a handful of these with an ATEM Mini Pro for the ultimate wireless studio setup? Guess I should watch the show!
You can! I have done this with two wireless rigs before. The interference I talk about in here is because the transmitters were side by side, but having the receivers in close proximity has not been a problem for me.
Plenty of good info to help with my question, thanks Joseph!
First haha

Hi , 

I am planning to purchase 300s pro enhanced version to connect with my Canon xc10 and atomos ninja . 

I want to record 4K 24fps to my Ninja V . 

I want to check what would be the HDMI loopout signal resolution if I connect XC10 to 300s pro and loopout to Ninja V ? 



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