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the WIDEST micro four thirds lens ever!!

Photo Moment - December 20, 2022

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This is the WIDEST lens I've ever used… and it's awesome!!

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Laowa 6mm f-2 Zero-D MFT Lens Specs

Laowa 6mm f/2 Zero-D MFT Lens Focal Length Angle of View Aperture Range Format Compatibility Lens Structure Aperture Blades Min. Focusing Distance Max. Magnification Filter Thread Dimensions Weight Mounts 6mm 121.9° F/2-16 Micro Four Thirds 13 elements in 3 groups 5 9cm 18x 058mm ~ 61 × 52mm ~ 188g MET

Laowa 6mm f/2 zero-D MFT Micro Four Thirds Lens

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This is the WIDEST lens I've ever used… and it's awesome!! Get yours here:
amazingly your face isn’t distorted close up … !
I know this has nothing to do with the lens. Btw, very nice lens. I have one for each of my cameras.

One thing I know the GH6 is capable of doing is syncing with other GH6 or devices through the Flash synchro socket with a BNC conversion cable (for TC IN/OUT) Im not sure why I don't see anyone doing this on Youtube. This should allow one to use the GH6 for 3D purposes or Ar purposes. Interested in knowing more about this if possible.
BGH1 will be In my near future when they release the new versions with the new autofocus system. Or it might have to be the latest Black Magic mini's that were just released. @@photojoseph
It will sync timecode that way, yes. I’m not sure that it’ll genlock though which is what also you need for 3D. But additionally that only works between two cameras. Assuming you need more than two cameras in sync, then you need an external timecode generator, and for true frame accuracy, a genlock generator. The only LUMIX cameras that support genlock are the box cameras; BGH1 and BS1H.
Impressive! I’m worried about stabilization with this wide-angle lens. Because I have Tokina 11-16 for my GH5m2 - and there is a big wobbling trouble on the corners..
Have you set a custom stabilization for that focal length? That makes a big difference.
You didn’t mention build quality. My 7.5mm Laowa rivals my 15mm Leica for quality. I was amazed!
Didn’t I? You’re right, the build quality is very good!
Do I need this lens? Not really (my Leica 8-18 has a 107° AoV @ 16mm EFL—that’s very rarely insufficient). Do I love this lens? I've only had it about a week, but so far, so great and I look forward to seeing what I can do to further exploit its unique capabilities. Here’s a hack re filter vignetting—I used a 58-72mm step-up. I already try to share filters to a point (I have eight MFT lenses and four C-PLs up to 82 and my NDs are 82s). Even the 58-62 vignettes with a C-PL, but going from 58 directly to 72 with a C-PL is fine (or even a 58-72/72-82 with an 82mm C-PL). Stacking a 72 and 82 C-PL (or 72 R72 and 82 C-PL) won’t work, as the filters are too thick and will vignette. Stacking thicker filters might work if you went from 58-72 then maybe 72-95 (both directly--the problem is stacking multiple step-ups), but you'd have to experiment (and good filters aren't cheap--I'm a fan of Breakthrough and their 95mm C-PL runs US$189).

Anyway, hats off to Laowa for producing a very high-quality/highly-capable product at a reasonable price. The only downside is the lack of weatherproofing, although if there’s enough precip to be a problem, it’s going to be hard to get a shot with such a wide lens (and therefore shallow hood) before the front element gets wet (although the “Frog EyeCoating” may work and you could use a rain sleeve). If I didn’t already have a Mitakon Speedmaster 25 f/0.95, it would be a tough choice between that and the Laowa Argus 25 f/0.95, although the latter is huge (even larger/heavier than the Voigt Nokton). I’d like to see a shoot-out between all three optics (any of which would be a great lens to have).
i have the 7.5 auto
very soon I will be buying this lens, I love wide vision lenses, so I can't wait to buy it. great video 👏🏽
Awesome! Be sure to use my link 🤗😀
How sharp is the lens?
Every photo and video in this video were shot with it — you tell me! I think it’s very sharp but I didn’t do a critical analysis. I leave that to the labs.
I've really been enjoying your photos from Japan Joseph! I have the Laowa 90mm 2x Macro for the S1. Laowa makes phenomenal, inexpensive lenses. Keep up the great work!
@@photojoseph It's amazing. I don't know how they get no chromatic aberrations, but they somehow do haha
Oooh I want to play with that lens. And thanks!
Awesome photos. Like video same. THANK YOU
Great! Just ordered it via your link. Thanks!
Love that lens, I just wish I had a use-case to justify buying it! But my 9-18 zoom covers all my wide-angle needs.
PS I love your nik collection and DxO webinars too. Keep up the good work.
Thank you, much appreciated. And I admire your resistance. “Need” often fails to enter my mind when seeing new gear like this 😂
Mh.. actually love my Laowa 7.5mm f2 C-Dreamer - this looks also interesting. You may also have a look at fisheye lenses like the cheap Meike 6.5 f2 - 190° view angle :) Can be de-fished also for video e.g. in Davinci Resolve :)
I’ve never tried that level of lens de-distortion in Resolve. It works well?
Would be great for interior car shots.
Very, very impressive. I have the Laowa 7.5mm f2.0 and have been nothing but pleased with it. Superb build quality and incredible value.
That’s awesome to hear. Love hearing about happy users of gear I feature!
Tokyo is the best place in the world to test out this Laowa 6mm lens! Good video Joseph!
@@photojoseph you definitely should!! And I can be your assistant and BTS person if you need one! 😛
I think I need to go back and “test” some more 😁😁😁
Great video. Looks like a brilliant lens.
It really is. I loved shooting with it!
That's pretty impressive!
I would like to see a few lenses for APS-C of even 35mm with a built-in shift adaptor to M43.
@@photojoseph So far as I know there are no tilt-n-shift lenses for MFT. Definitely a gap in the market waiting for somebody to fill it! (There might be a Samyang/Rokinon(?) available in MFT mount but it is not native MFT)
You should definitely share that desire with Laowa! They do have shift lenses but I don’t think for M43. Worth asking though!
This is insane. That there is no distortion on the edges of it alone has me sold!

Widest lens I own is a vintage cine Mir-11 12.5mm f/2. This 6mm is much cleaner and wider. Thanks for putting me on to this!
You are very welcome! Yeah I’m shocked by this thing
As an occasional interior and architecture shooter, I NEED this in my life... Damn you, Laowa! That's 122° degrees of a viewing angle?!?!? That's bonkers! 🤯
@@photojoseph I'd absolutely bug all of my friends with cool houses to go there and just shoot with this tiny beast!!! I thought the 50mm f/0.95 Laowa would be my next lens, but this is making me reconsider my list big, big time! The 50mm would be a fun thing to have, but this is an absolute game-changer!! Any giveaways or raffles that we know of? Promos? Laowa, hit me up? 🥰
haha no kidding, right? I used to do some real estate photos… I kinda wish I'd get a call just so I could shoot one while I have this thing!!
Japan last wrek? Ahaa did you see the new lumix with new focus system😎😁🤪
I saw lots of things in Japan last week. Amazing food, some temples, too much Japanese whiskey… it was a great visit!!
That control of distortion really is very impressive!
I agree, it is very impressive!
Wow! That's impressive!
it really is!
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