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Upgrade your Instagram Live camera (YoloLiv Instream)

Photo Moment - May 03, 2023

Break free of your cameraphone for vertical streaming to Instagram & TikTok! With the YoloLiv Instream, you can go live to either platform with any camera!

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Vertical live streaming with professional cameras… will it catch on? Tell me what you think!
Does Instream output a horizontal program output to the monitors in the venue since its in portrait?
Thank you Joseph@@photojoseph
yes, which is why I had the confidence monitor rotated 90˚.
What is the cradle you're using to hold the in stream?
Go to the full video; all links in description. It’s a PK1 stand
I have a question about this product. I am a large creator on tik tok with 1.6 million followers .. I pride myself on having a pro look and sound on my livestream. This seems like it would check off some boxes but I’m concerned with.
1.Is this going to be compatible with my rodecaster pro soundboard
2. I co host with multiple guest all the time .. is audio going to be an issue on either end? I don’t need anything to be recorded, mixed , mastered .. I’m strictly talking about livestream audio only.
Great video and hope to get some clarity on this! Also if you are on Instagram what is your handle there?
1, yes, 2, audio should be no issue as I remember we have some happy customers using this feature.
is there a budget cheaper alternatve?
this is only product in the market that could do vertical streaming with multiple cameras, overlays, picture in picture, chroma key, professional audio.
This is the budget alternative! Actually it’s the only product I know of that does this.
Yooooooo the automatic feature
AutoSwitching? A lot of our customers love it!
How I do video interactions with my followers on tiktok and Facebook ,just like smartphone
Yes it's like open an Android App.
Can comments be pinned during the live on TikTok?
i'm lost
Are you now found?
Hi, I can use RTMP to a custom servie in Yololiv Instream ?? Because i need to use it for a liveshopping platform. I need to send the video signal to other platform. is it possible like in the others yolobox? thanks
@@photojoseph OK ! Thanks!!!
@@nachogauna7257 hmm, we’ll they would know better than me. I really thought it could but I can’t test it now sorry. Dang!!
@@photojoseph thanks! but now i have a problem, the people from Yololive answered me yesterday that RTMP cannot be used in Yololiv InStream, that it is not enabled, you can only use the allowed apps TikTok, IG, Zoom, etc. But you tell me that it is possible. Now I don't know what to do, I don't want to buy it and then not be able to customize RTMP. I need to send signal to Dacast streaming service. Is it possible to confirm this? Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me.
This is amazing. I need this for sure! Nice work Joseph.
Awesome, and thanks!
Great device. I think should make a Phone with 5 USB ports , 2x HDMI in , HDMI out and 2x 3.5mm audio in. then you could do similar on your daily phone ! But maybe google/android don't allow it im not sure
@@photojoseph :) maybe, but one usb port on regular phones is too restrictive, and they have so much power now i reckon they could handle more ports without having to carry dongles/hubs etc
Sounds… big
Hi Joseph, what is the Quality/spec of the built-in Camera? I couldn't find it
@@photojoseph Thanks, I don't know how or where I heard that it has :) cheers
There is no built in camera. You connect your professional camera over HDMI.
Can you explain the subscriptions?
Subscriptions to what, sorry?
Wait? I can multistream to YouTube and Instagram at the same time with ATEM + Instream?! A lot of my clients would love that!!
Totally! Take a program out from the ATEM into the Instream. Perfect!
It would be interesting to see a config of Yolobox Pro and the Instream in a daisy chain so you can do a single live Program going to widescreen and vertical video platforms at the same time.
I love it!
Vertical live is WAY more practical with the right tool and the Instream right now, is adapted perfectly. As you point out, hook up your pro camera, let it do wide shot recording internal and you got all the bases covered (vertical live) off-line viewing Wide. Works for me.
Awesome! Glad you love it 😊
The video everyone has been waiting for! Thank you Joseph! Informative and insightful! 🎉🎉
One BIG drawback that nobody is discussing with these is that there’s no mix minus for doing shared live streams with other IG accounts! This means that there’s duplicate audio for the production side when using the audio out to monitor your guest or cohost! There’s been ZERO help from Yolo on this.
@@photojoseph they need true mix minus for audio. Production should be separate from the app your streaming to. For instance, you have a natural mix minus when you’re just streaming with your phone… you are not in the mix you hear from the app, that would be silly right!? They just need to add mix minus to the audio controls from what I see.
I get it now; I fired up the Instream and played audio through IG. There's no control for that audio input. I hear it on the headphones, and even disabling Program audio doesn't turn it off. I presume that's what's going out in the mix, and presumably there's a delay, so it sounds like an echo, or it would not be an issue. Correct? So what YoloLiv needs is an "input" on the mixer that is actually the audio from the Android app. Do I have that right?
@@photojoseph and I’ll add, it works great for normal host-only live streams, but Instagram does have a 3:59:59 time limit and kills the stream without warning. We’ve done full day events, and have to plan around this limit, which is an Instagram thing, not a yolo limitation.
@@photojoseph I believe it’s a limitation of their Android implementation… the audio out of the device, into your mixer, will contain both your guest and your original mixer-out audio. The guest hears a normal stream, the production gets a doubled audio of themselves. I think this is because the audio out of the Instream is just taking the audio out of the virtualized device and not truly interacting with android as an audio device to which would get the separation within the app. I could be wrong and it could just be the fact that there’s no mix minus for audio on the device. Either way, multi user live streams are a nightmare for production!
Interesting. This isn’t something I’ve come across because I have never done a shared Instagram live stream. Break it down for me. You want to monitor your program from the Instream, right. Then to hear the co-host, their audio is coming back into the Instream and getting sent back out again, so the audience hears it twice? Is that the issue? No sorry I’m confused. Please outline it for me, thanks.
What an ingenious device to get good-looking vertical video.
I dig it!
nice the big question is does it work with Bitfocus Companion?
I wish!! This is a huge request that we've had into YoloLiv for a long time. I don't know if it's even possible running on Android, but they know we want it!!
Awesome! Thank you for sharing this. I had my eye on this one but wasn’t sure it would meet my needs. You’ve just confirmed it does..
love to hear that!!
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