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UNLIMITED Mevo Start Multicam Cameras!

Photo Moment - July 26, 2022

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Want to go live easier than ever, with multiple cameras? The Mevo Multicam app got an upgrade, from three to UNLIMITED cameras! Keep adding as many cameras as your phone or tablet can handle!

Special thanks to Derek DeBoer and The Racers Group for your help in this video — check out their channel at

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I have a question, how do I connect these cameras if I don't have internet access or want to record outdoors?
They don’t use internet to connect to the iPhone/ipad. Just wifi generated by either a router or in the care of using them in the field, the phone/tablet.
(Google Translate in English at the bottom of this post)

French :

Titre de la discussion : Quelle configuration minimale de tablette pour le Multicam avec MEVO START ?

Bonjour à tous,
Je viens d’acquérir un pack de 3 MEVO START.
J’ai testé le Multicam avec les appareils suivants :
- iPad Air 2 : Visiblement trop vieux puisque lorsque je lis l’enregistrement effectué en Multicam, le son est complètement désynchronisé par rapport à l’image
- Samsung S7+ (beaucoup plus récente) : Le son est bien calé sur l’image mais par contre il y a des saccades dans l’image (elles ne semblent pas à 30 images/seconde mais tout juste à la moitié, genre vieille webcam…
- Smartphone Google Pixel 4a : Même constat qu’avec la Samsung S7+, pas satisfaisant donc
- iPhone 14 PRO : Heureusement que je venais d’acquérir ce smartphone sinon j’aurais revendu les MEVO START sans satisfaction. Avec l’iPhone 14 pro, il n’y a pas ces saccades, il semblerait qu’il y ait bien le bon nombre d’images par seconde pour que l’œil humain ne sente pas de saccade. Je trouve toutefois l’écran un peu trop petit et dommage de mobiliser mon téléphone pendant les captations…

Je précise que durant tous les tests, j’ai essayé toutes les configs logicielles proposées par l’appli (tous les réglages de latence, avec ou sans box routeur wifi…, différentes qualités d’images, cela saccade dès que l’on arrive à 720p avec tous mes appareils sauf l’iPhone 14 pro)

Bref j’aimerais acheter une tablette avec laquelle il n’y aurait aucun problème de synchronisation ou saccades visuelles, mais quelle est la config minimale pour cela ?
Par exemple l’iPad pro 11 de 2018 ou de préférence l’iPad pro 10.5 de 2017 resteraient dans mon budget en achat d’occasion mais est-ce que cela fonctionnera avec ?

Avec quelle tablette faites-vous vos captations Multicam et êtes-vous complètement satisfait du résultat ?

Merci beaucoup pour vos réponses !


Google Translate :

Discussion title: What minimum tablet configuration for the Multicam with MEVO START?

Hello everyone,
I just purchased a pack of 3 MEVO START.
I tested the Multicam with the following devices:
- iPad Air 2: Obviously too old since when I play the Multicam recording, the sound is completely out of sync with the image
- Samsung S7+ (much more recent): The sound is well aligned with the image but on the other hand there are jerks in the image (they do not seem to be at 30 frames/second but just at half, like an old webcam …
- Google Pixel 4a smartphone: Same observation as with the Samsung S7+, therefore not satisfactory
- iPhone 14 PRO: Fortunately I had just acquired this smartphone otherwise I would have resold the MEVO STARTs without satisfaction. With the iPhone 14 pro, there are no these jerks, it seems that there is the right number of frames per second so that the human eye does not feel any jerk. However, I find the screen a little too small and a shame to use my phone during the recordings...

I specify that during all the tests, I tried all the software configurations offered by the app (all latency settings, with or without wifi router box, etc., different image qualities, it jerks as soon as you arrive at 720p with all my devices except the iPhone 14 pro)

In short, I would like to buy a tablet with which there would be no synchronization problems or visual stutters, but what is the minimum configuration for that?
For example, the 2018 iPad pro 11 or 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 would still be within my budget as a second-hand purchase, but will it work with it?

With which tablet do you take your Multicam recordings and are you completely satisfied with the result?

Thanks a lot for your answers !

Wow, this is nice and and a great review. Thank you!!
Yes sir. Got a customer I sold on this system partly based on this review.
Glad it was helpful!
I have 3 cameras ive set up. I have one small in the corner on my face so that works but Id like to just do a split screen of the other 2 so people can look at what view they want. is that possible?
Love this video! Thanks for sharing. We recently purchased 3 Mevo Cams for our local church services. I've just started playing with all of the options these cameras have and I'm excited to learn more. I've been running everything through the Pro App on my phone and an older computer. I'm on a search now for the best Laptop/Tablet to use. Do you have any recommendations?
@@photojoseph Thank you sir!
Awesome! I’d pick up an old or even refurbished from Apple iPad. Remember this doesn’t work with laptops (other than the webcam thing). Enjoy! I have many videos on Mevo. Here’s the playlist:
And how setup without wifi service? And just have 4g or 5g mobile service?
WiFi connection is between phone or tablet and the cameras (the cameras connect to the device’s own wifi), then you use the phone/tablet’s 4G/5G connection. If you have WiFi internet then you can connect everything to that. It works either way.
What kind of distance do you get with your cellular router? I know a lot of variables are in factor here...Setting up cameras around a basketball arena or football stadium...Looking to have cams at a distance of between 1K-2K feet from the router.
That’s probably too much, but use a repeater like a Google nest or any of the other multi-unit wifi hubs.
I bought the cameras for 1 reason, to have wireless multi cameras stream all at once (not 1 angle/view at a time) and I want to use OBS for windows to do this. No one has effectively shown a step by step to do this. Can you help or point me in the right direction
@@photojoseph Thanks. I think you are right I may have to bypass the mevo software to do this. but using mevo as a webcam is not economical. I think a $400 for any webcam is way overpriced.
I'm going to continue to see if I can pull off what I want to do before I return my MEVO cameras for a refund. I hope I can achieve what I want.
You’d have to bypass the Mevo software since it doesn’t do that. Webcam mode is your only option, but I don’t know if you can have multiple Mevo cameras seen as multiple webcams simultaneously. Install the Mevo webcam driver and see if it’ll let you connect multiple at once.
What hotspot Internet you use
An IOT-R32W (google it)
Is it possible to use this camera with Google Meet or Microsoft Teams to hold online meetings?
Yes, it has a webcam mode — both wired and wireless!
Hello ! I just recently watched one of your videos on Multicam ( at racetrack) Mevo system.

Here’s my question .

I’m a Drummer. I’m going to start doing Drum Cover videos , some instruction . I have been looking into the ATEM MINI PRO IOS . I figured that video switcher with 4 cams , maybe buying some
go pros , I also have 1 Canon digital Rebel 5 cam. Then I would use Resolve to import the multicam footage to edit.

So now seeing the MEVO cams , which do you think is more cost effective and are these systems comparable ?

Btw , all audio will come from pre mixed and post edited from Behringer X32 console.

Than you !
You didn’t say if you’re doing live or just recorded?

Mevo will be better than GoPro for live for sure. Canon cameras or another mirrorless would be best. However you can’t mix gopro and canon; the delay from the GoPro is way different than the canon. If you’re only recording and not going live, then there’s no need for the ATEM and no benefit to the Mevo. Just use the canon and GoPros that you have.
Would you say the mevo start cameras are good enough for recording tech review videos for youtube? I want to streamline my video creation process so i dont need to edit as long with A and B roll etc
You’ll miss tight and close-up shots. Don’t focus on making the process simple at the expense of quality.
that's amazing, how much distance can the camera take? Thank You
@@rozisaputra7182 it doesn’t zoom. It has digital zoom only. Watch my other Mevo videos.
@@photojoseph no, I mean how far is the camera to zoom?
You’re talking wireless distance? That’s so hard to predict as it depends on so many factors, but if direct camera-to-iPad isn’t enough (and that’d be the lowest), then inserting a proper wifi router would be the way to go. One with multiple antennas or even getting a mesh system would increase range tremendously.
This update on mevo app for unlimited mevo cameras is both in ios and Android?
As far as I know
Hello, is possible to connect 20 mevo cameras at one time and record videos on separate layers for editing
how to live stream multicamera to facebook?
I am looking for a way to use an S1 and an s5 (which could be done with a gh5 if it's easier) together on a shoot. We have been shooting for a few months, and we can not figure out how to start and stop 2 cameras simultaneously. It doesn't need to do anything else but start & stop video recording. 

I saw a video discussing it being possible with photos (Shutter trigger) but I need something for video.

Tell me you know something about this. How is it done?
What is the max video recording quality 1080p?
Love your stuff.
Thank you!
If I have 12 cams, how do I monetize access to each one? (Its for a herpatarium.)
12 individual YouTube streams. Unfortunately youtube killed the feature where you could stream multiple cameras simultaneously to a single steam and let the viewer choose the angle.
Great video and explanations Joseph. I like these cameras but I wish some company made a USB camera hub which would allow switching (and auto switch mode) on each of the webcams plugged into it. Like a ATEM (but smaller cheaper) for USB webcams only, then you could have 3 USB webcams and the PC would just see one since switching is external.
@@photojoseph oh really, ok thankyou for explanation
Part of the challenge is that it’s actually more computationally intensive to switch USB video, because it’s highly compressed and has to be uncompressed. HDMI video is uncompressed and much easier to handle and process. So a USB “webcam switcher” would likely be more expensive than an ATEM Mini.
Joseph, what app are you using to edit on the ipad?
@@AyeBurks I primarily use DaVinci Resolve. On iPad sometimes I use LumaFusion.
@@photojoseph you can use the Mevo to film as well. I’m asking have you used a program to edit when you’re not live streaming
Not sure what you’re asking… in this video I was live switching, not editing.
Just got 4 of these cams and they seems pretty versatile. Determining the best workflow for streaming in the field (out and about) will take some trial and error.

But so far I'm impressed.

Doesn't beat my Vmix multi cam setup for larger installed events, but for low footprint streaming on the go, seems like a good system! And NDI is the future. I will no longer buy a camera unless it has NDI built in. (main selling point for my large Panasonic cx350 cameras.)

Am going to enjoy integrating the Mevos into my workflow.
@@photojoseph the NDI is what makes this camera great to me. I think I'd have a problem if they wrapped the native NDI capabilities of the camera behind a paywall. I guess I understand charging for the software NDI support (though I am tremendously tired of the endless subscription models) I do get that they have to make residual dollars.
@@crooker2 yes, NDI as Mevo Multicam is coming as part of Mevo Pro. But simply enabling a Mevo Start with NDI for connecting to another NDI system is not changing, AFAIK.
@@photojoseph hmm... Interesting. I see that NDI is a forthcoming feature for the Mevo multicam app. I'm assuming that will be a PRO feature?

I'm not a fan of streamlabs (as a company) so I was disappointed to hear that mevo pro was rolled into a streamlabs account.

We'll see what happens.
That’s awesome to hear! I hope my little video had something to do with it ☺️ And I assume you saw the newest features just announced yesterday? (My Mevo Pro video)
Could this work streaming at a sporting event like a motocross race? If I had 7 or 8 cameras set up around the course of around 100 acres will that work? How far does the range go for Wi-Fi?
I would not rely on wifi at that mind of range. However you could run Ethernet to each camera and use the usb Ethernet adapter from Mevo to solve that issue. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about power, either, as the cameras can get power from a PoE switch.
Do these cams have zoom functionality? Or is it digital zoom only?
Digital zoom only
Using an older version of the mevo camera in a Nashville bar. Were wanting upgrade to be able to stream live. You don't seem to have a video that explains the audio setup for live concerts
@@photojoseph If we purchase the 3 camera package, do we need to supply audio to all 3, or just one? We already have a preset sub mix ready for a full band. I just want more camera angles
Also, were thinking of using OBS to create the streams. Any advice on that?
You can bring an audio feed from a mixer into the Mevo. The Start has a 3.5mm input and the older ones need the Boost.
This look so cool ... but when i check the price, I almost died ... Why things are so expensive?
@@BorutOo it nothing like either of those. It’s a dedicated live streaming camera.
@@photojoseph In my country anything around 1000 USD is quite expensive. Oh, so it's not like some kind of ip camera around the house and is it more like a GoPro type camera?
$999 for a three pack of all-in-one streaming cameras? They aren’t webcams. And they’re way cheaper than three dSLR cameras. The price is, IMHO, extremely reasonable.
Thanks needed this for church
When I use it for in studio application
Do I need a video switcher
It runs as I showed it here regardless of your location
Does each camera need a micro SD card?
Only if you want to record the ISO of each camera. The Program will be recorded in your phone or tablet.
Merci de cette vidéo partagée sur un groupe facebook au son, vidéo, multimédia.
you're welcome
How do you pull the recording off of each camera?
Can you pull them off over the network (ftp?) or do you have to pull out an sd card on each after recording?
You pull the microSD cards, although it might be possible to copy them using the app directly to the phone/tablet; I don't recall. Definitely no FTP though.
(without purchasing) Can the multicam app do video overlay from eg; a http source that shows race results with a chromakey background?
So your video shots at the race track were all crisp and 1080p. I have a Mevo Plus and I just got a Mevo Start and they are really blurry. What am I doing wrong?
What tablet would you recommend to handle 5 mevo start cameras using multicam? I'm looking to cover football games. I have a dedicated Teltonika router and a multi-directional antenna that covers the area of the field. I suppose if you could maybe categorize the tablets in best, good, and minimum. I don't want to over engineer the purchase of the tablet (more pricey) but don't want to come up short on required capability. Thanks for any advice.
Just get an iPad Air. Cheap, rock solid, great battery.
I just purchased the 3 pack and will record a podcast without going live. What’s your suggestions to get the highest quality video? Would you use a panel light vs a light box? Anything else? I’d love to get as close to the quality of my iPhone 13. I know I’m dreaming…
nice! Be sure to set the recording quality to the best possible, and then light your set as well as possible. Avoid hotspots in the lighting, light evenly and brightly, and set the cameras to manual exposure so it doesn’t change while you shoot. Good luck!
Wow! I worked road america the past two years😂 small world.. who were you streaming for?
Just for the video and my friend Derek
Some how it would be nice to know what control&stream device thant can handle many mevo cams alsot the limit on how good a mobilephone can share a internet connection - the need for a router with antenna maybe important.
Another cool feature in mevo cam are the NDI when using maybe a laptop with OBS - I have two and i can use them with my laptop runing obs and a reguler videomixer. The Multicam app does not operate in NDI but that would have been cool.
I may bring a raspberry pi 4 to be restreamer device because the multicam can only do rtmp out and I would love to see SRT added for easy stream to a OBS or vmix destination.
I don’t know that Mevo has a good way to measure how many cameras any given device can support; they gave me no clear indication of it. As to bandwidth from a device: I wouldn’t try to go over more than a few cameras. The wifi in a phone or table just isn’t that robust and range suffers for sure. NDI is a very cool feature and while you can’t do NDI with multicam you can do wired Ethernet and still control with multicam. Plus their website says “ndi integration” is coming to the multicam app, so maybe you’ll get that feature soon!
Great video. Live the use of the various mounting options... including the gaff tape!
Quick question: How do you transport this gear? If love to see the cases you use!
In case you missed it… Mevo Start Custom WiFi + Cellular hardware setup #shorts
haha totally! I had it mostly edited already, so just had to reformat it for a short, and I had wanted to do it anyway so you gave me the excuse!!
@@photojoseph Just for me!! 😁
I do appreciate it!
Just for you my friend… I have just edited together a YouTube short showing this. It was originally part of the main video, but the client rightly asked it be removed as it was complicating the message. However as a standalone video it's perfect — so that will publish tomorrow morning! Be sure you're subscribed ;-)
Is it possible to stream or record vertical videos?
Record, yes. Just turn the camera sideways. Streaming though is not, at least not with the built-in software. You can’t choose a vertical aspect ratio.
It is definitely good news to be able to use as many Mevo Start cameras in Multicam mode. But honestly I miss the original Mevo´s and Mevo Plus´s virtual Multicam feature that allowed to create multiple crops of a single camera shot. Unfortunately this is not possible with Mevo Start, so you have to purchase one camera for every view. This is not only more expensive, but also a kind of a step back.
@@photojoseph Thank you so much for pointing this out! So things are not as bad as expected...
That’s not totally accurate. The Mevo Start cameras support the same feature. It’s the multicam app that doesn’t have the presets; the regular app does. But you CAN still zoom into the shot in the multicam app , so the slow pans, and all of that still works. What you’re missing is the preset crop/zoom positions. If you have seen it, watch my full feature video on these cameras:
nice. But they are too expensive.
@@photojoseph Ok. It looks amazing, thats the truth.
@ You can run it from your phone, too. It’s nice to have the bigger screen of the iPad but it’s not necessary.
@@photojoseph You have to buy as iPad or something powerfull to be a companion. And, for streaming, more equipment.
So the bill is not only the 1000 USD.
But it is a nice solution, no doubt.
show me a camera that does this or anything like it for less? I think it’s a bargain. $999 for a three camera live streaming solution? BARGAIN.
Watch out for a scammer going by this name. He is on telegram and will ask you to contact him via a message. They change their name every few days on the chat.
Is there a way to add it to a more traditional production, maybe through NDI or some other way? Pricewise it seems good for adding many different angles on productions that might not have such big budgets but would benefit from more cameras
Yes! Check out this video that covers everything that Mevo Start does, including NDI.
Wow, wow wow wow.
Haha glad you like it!
Couldn't you simply use your phone as a wifi hotspot instead of a router and cell modem?
Totally. And you can connect a good microphone to the back of the camera, too.
@@photojoseph Thank you so much for replying. I wonder if you could do a super cheap and easy podcasting setup with a few a these cameras and good 5g internet. You could setup a 2 person, 3 camera, livestreaming interview anywhere you want. Could this be the key to a one man band, run and gun setup?
Great question — no, because there isn’t enough bandwidth. The phone’s wifi is designed for the phone to have wifi, and connect another device or two to share the phone’s internet. You can run a few cameras through it, but not this many. Plus, it’s a tiny wifi antenna in the phone, not an array that can stand up to the interference like the big wifi router can.
Fantastic to see the versatility of the Mevo! Thanks
It’s a pretty great little camera!!
Dude! Awesome, watched a few NASCAR and IMSA (on TV mind you) at that racetrack. Mevo just keeps on evolving, amazing what it can do, is doing currently. But more interesting is what ELSE it can do (and that's what is changing with new software). 👍
Glad you enjoyed it! It was a cool track… and as much as I'd love to be there on a race day, it was really neat being there during practice when no one stopped me from moving around anywhere I liked!
Neat. In you experience, how has the battery life been with the Mevo cams?
@@photojoseph wow that's actually pretty impressive and better than what I expected. I know the GoPro hero 10 battery life is kind of poop at 4K 60. Oh, and the stupid thing likes to overheat. Thanks Joseph!
For this shoot, I had the Mevo running for probably two and half, maybe three hours solid, and I if I recall correctly, the batteries were about 30% when I was done.
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