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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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Studio Build Update…

Photo Moment - November 27, 2023

I'm still here, I promise… I've just been a bit busy… 

YES, it's been an adventure… an expensive and tedious one… but, I'm nearly there!! What do you think? Looking forward to the new buildout as much as I am? 🤣
LOL! And yeah, it’s a challenge isn’t it!
from the Uk its great to hear you say couch rather than sofa 😂.. just moved house and currently building a studio, nightmare
You left Netherlands already?
Um …??
Cool🎉. Is the gh6 still the only lumix w 4k120? Wheres the pda 4k 120 cam😊 struggling w 32bit float in post on fcp . Is there a way to auto tune levels in editing . Off the wall ? Notifications set to get noted on up and coming vids!. Im still trying to setup the ninja cast and and rode procaster. Things are moving so fast! Prob not going the atem or black magic route . Already invested in Atomos ,Rode,Zoom,Dji,Fcp,and of course Lumix. Love your shows. Def rated in the Top 10 out of my thousands of channels subscribed to . Not sayin that for you to answer my questions and not expecting a reply🤪Thank You have a good day and hope to see Ya Soon you videos are🔥💣💥 🎉
Thank you for the complements! And the G9II does 4K120. I think that's it… I'd have to really dig through to double check but that sounds right.
dude! this is going to be incredible!!! thanks for the tour!
You should come see it sometime!!
Holy Shit! I thought you witnessed someone getting wacked by the mob, and so the FBI had to move you into a new country. I wasn't wrong.
This ain’t Lilyhammer…
What lens you using to film this?
It was either the 35mm or 24mm. Probably 35.
slovenian croissants at 3:16 nice view!
All this time I wondered what those were
Your new studio is already looking awesome!! And huge as well
Thanks. It’s a little bigger than my last place, yeah. I’m loving it!
Slovania? why? @photojoseph
Because it’s awesome. I’ll do a live show soon to tell the story and answer questions. Be sure you’re subbed so you know when!
Congrats on the progress!! Looking good, and looking forward to the new show. :)
Thank you!
Good Luck Joseph
Thank you!
If you had to guess, how much do you think your entire equipment would cost if you were to tally everything up?
@180degreeshutter 👍🏼👍🏼
@@photojoseph Of course, everyone is unique, and as a result, your offers and customers are unique as well.
Start with what you can afford. Never look at what another youtuber has and think you need *that*. 90% of what I have is irrelevant to 90% of content creators.
@@photojoseph Thank you for you honest reply. Was just for my vision board. So I know where to head with my dream. Wanted to put a number on it.
why would I want to do that…
glad to see you are on the way back - exciting space. David
Hello Joseph! This is Siney from OBSBOT:) Always love your channel! I know you're busy these days! Looking forward to your reply!
Getting closer!!!
It looks great! A good place to work! Well done! 😉
Thank you! Cheers!
Awesome. Look forward to it.
Me too… me too!!
Looks very interesting, what a challenge, who said men cannot multi task. Looking forward to watching your new content.
This man never said that 😏 haha Thanks!
Nice work
Happy Thanksgiving and good luck at your new home and studio in Maribor, Slovenia!
Thank you!!
Hey Joseph, It's getting there buddy! What make model are your studio reference speakers please? It sounds like you have a little cold? Looking forward to seeing new content, such as the GH7! :)(Shark)
it's looking good mate! Can't wait for the next cameras from Lumix a new S series camera and maybe a GH7! I tested the GH6 and the batteries sucked compared to the GH5 & GH5s. @@photojoseph
Yo Shark! The monitors are Focals. A little congested, yeah… probably could have EQ’d that out better!
Looks amazing, good luck and I hope it all comes together as you hope. Look forward to seeing next steps etc.
Happy to see you in Europe. Come in Paris 💋
Definitely sometime soon. I haven’t been to Paris in too long!
Nice to see ur still using the XR18... How does this compare to the Allen & Heath CQ-12T. Im not sure which I will get the hang of easier. Do u find the X Air Edit UI easy to use?
Never used the CQ. The XR is complicated but powerful. But also I’m not an audio geek so it isn’t logical to me.
Maribor?! What are the odds, we’re in the same country… let’s collab :)
​@@photojoseph great! I'm a musician and music producer, we recently bought a house 20 minutes South from Ljubljana (Veliki Gaber) where I built my new audio/video studio (also thanks to you, my setup is based on Blackmagic cameras and an ATEM Mini Pro ISO), I mostly produce music albums for guitarists and chamber music groups from around the world. If you ever need a musician or two for your multicam or lighting breakdowns let me know and you're always welcome to visit me in my studio, too.
Nice! If we can find a way that makes sense, sure! Where are you?
Good stuff. Looks like a great space.
I’m loving it!
Things look like they’re moving along nicely! Glad to see things getting up and running for you. Also, Nice rack 😂Specially the bottom spot 😉
Gotta have room to grow!
Great 👍 after down its look cool ❤
“After down”?
how are those slovenian croissants?
LOL actually pretty decent!
The new studio space looks amazing Joseph. Best of luck with your move. Curious what drove your decision to emigrate. Slovenia is perfectly positioned for lots of really interesting travel.
I’ll talk about that in a live show soon and answer everyone’s questions!
Any issues with switching from 60HZ to 50HZ? 110V to 220V? (I'm guessing that your new country uses 220?)
Correct. Most electronics are universal but I have blown up a few things I forgot to check before plugging in 😂
Looking forward to the final setup and the content you’re going to be making there!
Me too man… ME TOO!!
wow. what a move!
Yeah!! Can’t wait to share the final thing
Hey, curious why you moved? New continent is a HUGE deal! Good luck!
Super huge! I’ll have a live show soon and talk about the why and how.
Looks awesome!
Happy thanksgiving! :)
Thank you so much! I'm glad you think it looks awesome. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
Drop ceiling also good hiding spot 😉. Look forward to the finished result.
haha I'm hiding CABLES!!
Great to see you back on the ‘tube’. Just recently rewatched one of your old 4hr ATEM tutorials. Great stuff.
Happy Thanksgiving!
haha awesome! I'll be creating a lot of content very very soon…
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