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Short Film “Agony” and Extended-cut BTS

Photo Moment - March 08, 2023

I joined @mondobytes to shoot a little teaser / BTS of his short film “Agony”, and here's what I made!

Here's a playlist of all the videos connected to this… there's the film itself of course, my BTS, and a couple of supporting films that Armando made as well. Enjoy!

Open the “Agony” playlist

Shot on the LUMIX S5II with tons of accessories including their new S5II cage

The music is from MusicBed! Get your first month free when you purchase an annual subscription by using my coupon code PHOTOJOSEPH at checkout!

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Hello, I Have a problem with Lumix S5ii. It has a terrible preamps and when I connect any device with TRS cable I hear noises(mostly in left chanel), and I can hear internal mic when external is connected(rub it in quiet room wearing headphones) Is that just my copie problem or common?
@@photojoseph i check everything, I live in Ukraine and don't wanna mess with "official service centre" becouse I affraid they don't very gentle with cameras. Please can you check your s5ii by connecting cable in quiet room and just rub internal mics (I think that may be software problem)?
Definitely not common. First I’ve heard this. You’ve tried multiple TRS cables? Maybe something is stuck in the mic port?
Dude this is awesome! Congratulations you did a great job on this!
Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it!
what memory card did you use for s5ii to take and record 4k video
ProGrade V90 cards (and this was shot in open gate 6K!)
We need to do this again!
Anytime man!
Question using the S5 II. Did you notice any banding? There is a user in the Vegas Pro forum that is bemoaning having spent the money on the camera to see it only suffer from banding.
Second person to ask this. No, never seen any banding. Do you happen to know what they mean by “banding”, because that can mean any number of things. 8-bit banding? Light source banding? The ridiculous super high contrast “I can make any camera do that if I try” banding? I’d love to know what they are seeing. Drop a link to the post here and then drop a second comment telling me you did so I can look for the comment with the url (it’ll be blocked/hidden by default)
Cool stuff!
Hi Joseph. Did you experienced any banding effects with Panasonic S5m2? There are some situations posted on YouTube with this.
No. You can force any sensor from any camera to band. In normal shooting — never
Very much enjoyed it.
@@photojoseph This is Shark by the way Joseph.
Glad you enjoyed it!!
Love it!!!❤❤
And I love you!! 💕😆
cleannnnnnnn, what lens and resolution did you use to shoot the behind the scenes.
All shot on S5II with 24-105 lens in open gate
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