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How to Setup your Mevo Cameras like a PRO!

Photo Moment - January 15, 2022

Mevo Start is the easiest way to go live, and Mevo Multicam makes it easy to host a multicam show! This complete guide takes you through the entire app!

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@@photojoseph Mevo's promises are false. the app that you claim to be multicam is not really a ready-to-use app, so much so that it doesn't use the resources that the mevo app has for a simple camera. so yes, your claim to publish a biased video is false. you have the full right to publish a sponsored video, but you fail to be honest in stating that multicam is indeed efficient. Mevo always says that it will make new features in the future, but never has an agenda or public roadmap. sell a weak camera that is not ready for what it promises.
@@andrealopez-rivas5922 you can buy separately. The three-pack is just a bundle of the same cameras sold individually.
@PhotoJoseph Do you have to buy all 3 or can you add them separately as you purchase them? We have one but are looking to possibly add 1 or 2 more
@@eriksteinmeyer would you care to back up your claim? What exactly is “fake” about this? Yes it’s a paid video, that 100% clear.
its fake. multicam is app , but dont have a full funcionalities... sorry,but this video is sponsored and not show a reality.🤑
what kind of SD card should you use with the Mevo cameras?
I had purchased some of these mevo cameraas after watching your videos and a few others. But the app is driving me crazy!! Its constantly dropping the connection, which is on fios and works perfect for all other devices in the house. Is there a different app I can try to use with these cameras? my last live was 2 hours and it went to black over a dozen times dropping my stream - which you know will kill my channel and people wanting to watch videos in the future. for such expensive cameras, im shocked it just can't seem to stay connected.
So you’re having connection problems to the internet, or to the cameras? Sounds like the former. That’s not the cameras. The cameras connect to your iPad (or whatever device you’re running the software on), and that iPad connects to your WiFi. Live streaming (uploading a constant stream) is completely different than connecting to services like Netflix (downloading which can easily correct for minor interruptions). I’d look for problems with the iPad, the WiFi router, the modem or the internet provider. Lots to troubleshoot. I’d start with speed tests to ensure your upload speed is what you expect, and consider adding an Ethernet adapter to your iPads so you’re on a wired connection instead of wireless. Google “fix live streaming interruptions” for some specific troubleshoot ideas. And just to be certain, it can’t hurt to make sure your iPad is up to date and even delete/reinstall the Mevo app. Good luck!
Very helpful video. The Mevo Start has more potential than I realized. Thanks for the eye-opener
Do al l the cameras have to be on the same internet source?
The cameras aren’t on the internet. They are on a local network and yes they have to be on the same network. That network has to be on the internet to stream.
Wish they had sn easy way to green screen the background
so the issue I am having is the are no crop and zoom option for the cameras they are updated and I use the crop all the time. I just started using 2 cameras for our church live stream I dont understand why its not available to me I also did a factory reset and went step by step with your setup and the only options I have areimage control and camera settings. recorder and remove are greyed out
I have no idea… please reach out to Logi/Mevo. Sorry!
Even though I've put the main camera as the priority, it still spends equal time between cameras. The timing mechanism is controlling both cameras. I don't see how one is favored.
How many cameras total?
hi, thanks. very useful. i am having an issue connection to android (i have tried phone and tablet) is was working only on iphone. any idea why?
No sorry. I’d contact support.
Mevo are awesome but there is 3 very anoying feature that Mevo didn't implement.
- 1st be able to get multiple crop from one camera. For instance people left and right of the image. As you demo you need to tap the area
- 2nd autodirector to use sound as input to switch between camera so basic !
- 3rd USB Webcam, there is a device that can take HDMI as input Webcam. It's a very clean way to input a laptop display. NDI is cool but require Pro account, complexe setup, etc ...

I do think the these 3 little fix it could be a game changer.
I’m interested in knowing the best way to use this set up in collaboration with my Rodecaster podcast setup. I’ve been wanting to record a few of my interviews with myself and 2-3 guest. Thanks!!!!
Send a mix from the rodecaster into one of the cameras; that’s it!
Cool setup. Can each camera have different filters applied independently and simultaneously? For example, one camera set to sepia, one to vivid, and another to black and white?
Yes they are independent
Nice ! Is it possible with these tools to remotely trigger a photo capture for each camera and then save each image captured from each camera in a folder? Thanks
I don’t think there’s a still photo function? Doesn’t sound familiar.
Thanks, do you know how many mevo wireless cameras can I connect wireless to my OBS?
Via NDI? It’s bandwidth and CPU dependent, so, no.
Is it possible to record a playback video and drag a wave or mp3 file for the audio in the app?
No unfortunately but it’s a common request.
Please...only ONE question:
On a stage the light changes all the time. How should I handle the HDR-option (in "Video-Presets")
TIA... and I like your explanations. They helped me a lot as a newbie :)
you probably want to put the exposure in manual mode. Find a good exposure at "normal" lighting, then as it gets darker, well, the scene is supposed to be darker, so you don't want the cameras overexposing that. Probably having HDR on is a good idea here but you'll have to test it. If the darker scenes are so dark that the camera doesn't pick it up, then you'll need to ride the exposure during the show, but that's going to be hard to do on multiple cameras.
This needs a big update as the app has changed a lot and it's not the same anymore, so following this isn't exact
That happens with software…
Hey there. Im searching like crazy for how to use these for the setup im needing.
I want to live stream kids hockey games to their team's Facebook page. I want ine camera behind each net and one at center ice that i control. Will this work through cell hotspot and mobile router like the AXT1800 to boost the signal? I have the Mevo Multicam app on a tablet and was wondering about the AP mode, if that will make the upload of the stream easier on the hotspot.
I tried it with three phones and it worked for awhile but then started dropping and losing connection.
Any suggestions for what i need would be great thanks!
Whatch this video “What's the EASIEST way to go LIVE with multiple cameras? Featuring Mevo Start and Mevo Multicam!” then this video “Mevo Start Custom WiFi + Cellular hardware setup #shorts”
Could talk about how these cameras work at low light or at night?
See here: Picture in Picture with Mevo Multicam (PiP): How to Use It and What to Expect! and here: live music, band “Templet” in Ashland at Local 31 from Mevo Multicam
I really enjoyed your video. Before I invest in this I am wondering if I go facebook live am I also able to save the video in the highest quality to later post on YouTube. I haven’t made videos in a year because Facebook no longer made it possible to save a video in high quality on my phone after I went live - which meant when I uploaded the video to YouTube it was crappy quality and people couldn’t see well what I was doing (I do nails so details are important). I really like the idea of them seeing the nails from the top and the side and then a shot of me. Can you tell me if this is possible? The absolute best would be to Facebook live and YouTube live at the same time but if I can just YouTube live then have a perfect saved high quality video to upload to YouTube I could get back to making videos. Thanks for your help!
@@photojoseph ok so I can still use my camera over the table like I always have and then add the wide shots? That sounds good. Do you have a video on how that all works with streaming to everything at once? Most of the time I’m starting videos on the fly during an appointment so I need to have the cameras all mounted and just add my phone, turn them on and start without it taking much time. What about adding an intro? None of my videos have ever had one and I thought a 5 seconds into might be an awesome stay for people that watch the videos later?
You can! The Mevo is a pretty wide angle camera but if you integrate a phone using the Mevo Pro system then you could get a good close-up shot.
What a great video. Covered all the bases simply!
using NDI function in Mevo is for free?
@@photojoseph Thank you!
I don’t remember and they’ve made changes — I’d check their website.
can I crop and zoom (tap setting while in multi cam) and tap the screens on individual cameras to get different angles?
If i record on 3 cameras.. When I go back to edit will I be able to zoom in on certain areas of the picture or crop.. Also will I be able to add overlays??
Great video @photojoseph thank you! I'm looking at the MEVO system for my streaming events, but... can I link it as a "camera" to my manycam, OBS or streamyard software? I need to go live with the same setting on a private service and streaming from that source, 'cause I need to show also some guest from abroad :)
Coud I put my bet on the MEVO system also for doing that service?
All the best!
Hey Mario. The answer is… sort of. The cameras do NOT natively connect over HDMI, so that’s out. You can enable webcam mode, and connect over USB, but I’m not sure how many you can connect at once. Then there’s NDI mode, which if you have a way to bring NDI into your computer (I believe OBS can do it), then that would work. But IIRC to use NDI you also need the Ethernet adapter for each camera. The cool thing there is that you can power the camera over POE+ so if you have a POE+ switch, then it’s just a single cable from the switch to each camera.
Amazing. thank you so much.
Can we stream live each individual cameras to a different youtube account simultaneously (as separate live streams), through one devices (Ipad where i can see all the mevo camera's are listed)?
No, you’d need a device for each camera to do that.
I have a question, how do you connect two Mevo cameras to Facebook live while using the app on your iPhone?
@@photojoseph I have the app, in fact I went live but one camera went out although both were fully charged. I am unsure if I need to add both at the same time.
Are you using the multicam app? You just stream to Facebook. You don’t need to add the cameras; that’s handled by the Mevo multicam app.
great angle edits to the video
I've gotten so much from your videos! But. Chapter 5 you do not show how to use it as wired but you have it labeled wired or wireless. How can this be used wired. Thank you in advance>
@@photojoseph M1 Mac Mini. I’m wanting to use these with Ecamm Live.
@@renewustretch I don’t know what an M1MM is however start with an app like zoom that is just looking for a webcam. You need to configure the Mevo webcam app and link a camera. I show that in the video.
@@photojoseph I am doing that into an M1MM. It's not working or even detecting the camera.
@@photojoseph wow oh really.. ok cool. Have you tried it with Ecamm Live and or Streamyard?
That just means a USB cable from the camera to the computer; sorry for leaving that out!
Question. Not sure if asked or answered already. With the multi cameras, I was given 2 of the 3. Will they still work?? As I've been having trouble at times connecting both for livestreaming. Thanks in advance
@@photojoseph Thank you.
Yes, you can use any number of cameras. If you’re having troubles connecting multiple devices then make sure they all have the latest firmware and that they’re all connecting to the same network. If you got these used it’s probably best to reset them. Connect one and find the settings in the software.
WoW, THIS WAS AWESOME. I learned so much with your tutorial. Thanks
So iPhone or iPad only,
Why can’t I just run it from
Mac Studio ?
You might be able to as M1/M2 chips will run iOS software, but not all iOS apps behave as expected on regular computers.
Can I also use the camera on my iPhone and iPad in the software?
With Mevo Pro, yes:
Can you live stream with multiple Mevo cameras operating on your Macbook Pro?
As of making this video, only one Mevo could act as a webcam at a time. I don’t know if that’s changed or not.
Thank you! Cheers!
Thanks so much this is soso amazingly helpful - massively appreciate it!

2 questions:

1) Do you know a good way of auto-switching between cameras based on the audio source i.e if one camera picks up higher audio vs another is there a way the stream can switch between them automatically or does this have to be done in manual postproduction?

2) What's the best way of connecting or using a few podcast XLR mics with a multi-cam setup?
@@photojoseph ok thanks - is there a way to just plugging in the xlr mics into the back of the mevo if I get the right cable?
1. Not possible, sorry
2. Mevo Pro
What’s the quality difference between ndi and standard connection?
@@photojoseph what is the mbps difference between the two? Does one provide better quality than the other?
NDI is over a network
I wish I would've watched this before trying to use them. Thanks for a very good teaching video.
hi! very nice review. I have couple of questions, so If you can answer please?
1. how many meters 3 cameras should be separated between each other (in meters) ?
2. how they are working in lower lighting non-controlled spaces ex. church?
3. have you test them on connection 4G/5G LTE signal ?
4. can I connect 4 ili 5 cameras at once or 3 is optimal for streaming? What is max. cameras that you can connect?

Many thanks in advance! :)
@@suncokreta here’s my playlist Mevo by PhotoJoseph — that range is probably about a direct to phone connection. On wifi it’s only limited to your wifi setup which can extend as far as you want. Cameras can also be connected via Ethernet. For pure cellular then it’ll very depending on your phone model and other wireless interference. I’d go by their guidelines if that’s the case.
@@photojoseph can you please share a link on specific videos? On Mevo specs there is 100ft maximum distance. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to connect, err?
I’ve answered all of those questions in other videos; please check out more of my Mevo vids. And there’s no minimum or maximum distance between cameras. That’s up to you.
How should this product compare with what other products? It will help to understand the whole market better.
Great video I have one ordered
Nope. Mevo with it’s best settings to record and with sunlight the video quality is AWFUL. It’s an overpriced webcam. All sponsored reviewers were given this product for review DO NOT use the Mevo camera for a YouTube review on it, and none I found paid for it themselves. Wonder why? Yep, it does not live up to the generous quality claims. The bitrate being too low is likely the issue. At “record only” it should be something like 30mbps and not 5 mbps.
Today I spoke with one friend of mine who is music technician and musician. Even if you buy 4K or 8K camera and a ton of expensive equipment for streaming if final user/viewer has lower screen settings to watch on, you just wasted your money. No one has 4K or 8K screen resolution on tablet or smartphone. Get real. Most of the phones and tablets are stetted up for 1080P resolution (even lower) when live stream is topic. You can stream with Xiaomi 12 or Iphone 13 for example. And you will have very similar result.
What I would like to see review and test of these cameras outdoor and in lower light spaces - just to see if this product is what I need. If I haven't try the product I would not give any comment on this one- this is paid promo and Joseph didn't hide it.
So, to address your concerns… yes this is a sponsored video. It’s not a review, it’s an in-depth tutorial. No one uses the camera as a production camera for their reviews because it’s not a production camera. It’s a live streaming camera. No one said you should use it to record original content for editing; that’s simply not what it’s for. If you want to see what it looks like in an actual live stream setup, then go to my latest video “Unleash the Full Power of Mevo Start with Mevo Pro” and at the end there are several setups, all shot 100% with the Mevo system. Criticizing the camera because it doesn’t do something it wasn’t designed to do is like complaining that your Mazda Miata can’t pull a horse trailer or that your hair growth gel didn’t make you lose weight. For what the Mevo was designed for (easy live streaming even with multiple cameras, through a phone or tablet on wifi or even on mobile connection), it’s remarkable. As a production camera when compared to a 4K LUMIX/Sony/Canon with a sensor 8x the size… then yeah, it sucks. But that’s not what it’s for, is it.
Is there a way to monetize a 24hr streaming of a herpetarium, changing for each camera stream.
This is something I can’t find the answer to… is there a way to get the footage from the SD cards and bring in the cuts as markers to edit a multi cam in FCPX? Like the cuts are marked and synced on the footage and can be changed in a video editor afterwards? I couldn’t find the answer anywhere! 👍🏼
No. What you’re talking about is something that the ATEM Mini and Extreme ISO models support. Thats not in the Mevo cameras but it could be doable. I’d email their support asking for the feature. The more that ask, the better!
How do I use all 3 cams using RESTREAM / STREAM YARD. Is this where WEBCAM MODE will be used? Currently running a livestream podcast with 1 first gen MEVO cam using WEBCAM MODE using in box usb cord. Can these 3 new gen cams be connected at once, so I can have multiple angles?
I’m actually not sure if you can connect multiple as webcams. Even if possible it could saturate your usb bus quickly. If you want multicam live stream to multiple locations check out their new service Mevo Pro.
These are impressive little cameras... And, I just noticed that the Mevo multicam app will soon accept NDI signals... Which opens me up to a world of switching goodness!
Hi Joseph. Hope you can help by answering a question. I have the 3pack and installed multicam app. I don't plan to stream and just want to record the final output to my notepad. Everything is good EXCEPT that the recorded file is saving to my notepad INTERNAL storage. I want to save it to the SD card in my notepad. I can't find any way to change the app settings to point to the SD card!! (Yes, my notepad shows the SD card in my Files directory). Help Please!!
I have no idea mate… I don’t use notepads and that sounds like an OS issue. But maybe Mevo app needs access to it? Sounds like a question for Mevo tech support.
My mevo start doesn't allow me to update firmware
please reach out to Mevo tech support

do you have any info on the table stand you are using at the end of the video, loved the detailed info for this cameras, keep it up

Apologies for the late reply — my gmail filters that highlight these messages disappeared and I just found out!

The table Stand is listed in the description; here's the link to it!

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