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Q&A Day: GH5 225-Area Focus vs 1-Area Focus, Zebra Striping, Editing in Lumafusion, and Much More!

Photo Moment - August 28, 2017

We haven't done one of these in a little while. Let's answer some of these questions that have been building up. Was your question on the Answering Block?

M7MMD ZS - 2:29 - Edit 4K 60fps in iMovie?
Directed by Medina - 6:14 - Can I use this ( Monitor with the G7
Matt Nelson - 11:37 - Difference between 225-Area Focus vs 1-Area Focus on the GH5.
Roughneck Barbell - 16:13 - Is the BGGH5 weatherproofed? Does it compromise the GH5's weather proofing?
001Elpato - 17:30 - Edit 120fps/1080p or 240fps/720p in Lumafusion
Tech life - 20:32 - How to import high quality files into Lumafusion on iPad Pro
KingsRX - 23:58 - How Zebra striping works on GH5
SkateTube - 26:50 - Get GX8 to an ISO lower than 200
Jason Satterwhite - 30:23 - Can you reprogram the back dial of the GH5 to adjust gain/ISO in manual movie mode and not adjust shutter.


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@photojoseph One question you missed here... How is it possible that crftshow was able to beat a Lumix Luminary to the punch on announcing the 2.0 firmware? I'd be very surprised if you weren't aware, and you absolutely could have scheduled a pre-recorded announcement for the moment press releases were approved! Then gone into more detail on your regularly scheduled live show
I found out late last night about the update. CRFTSHO was hired to do a video around it and has had his hands on it for quite some time. Needless to say, I don't make these decisions ;-)
Since I know you have the live:air app and a vidiu pro could you do a test with the vidiu connected to the app and do a stream? I am not sure if I should invest 1000 $ for this combination!
I will try to do this this week… busy week though. We will eventually for sure!
That will be a fun show!
@photojoseph There is a big debate on which metabones adapter (ultra or xl) to use with the GH5 and the Sigma 18-35. Can you please do an in depth video or explanation on which is the best one to use with the gh5 and that particular lens. I know this is a very popular lens and would like to hear your expert opinion on this matter and help us once and for all decide which to buy. Thank you for all of you do and sharing all this knowledge.

I will eventually. It's one of those huge topics that I need to spend a LOT of time investigating. Unfortunately until I need it for a paid production it keeps getting pushed down the list. I know it's a topic of great interest though.
I know the GH5 does not have a dedicated 48fps 4k mode. But I was wondering if there is a work around via 60fps footage used on a 24fps timeline? I know the frames would drop, and shutter speeds also start to get weird but I just wonder if it can be done.

Also, I wonder is there a way for you to use your Panasonic connections to somehow get them to put a 48fps 4k mode in the update coming at the end of this month? It's a stretch, but figured I would ask/mention. I love the show and have binged on it more than Netflix as of late! Thanks for all that you do!
+Josh Abt The 48fps mode has been requested. As to a work around; all I can suggest unfortunately is shooting 48fps VFR mode and capturing audio separately then conforming on the timeline. If you shoot 60 (59.94) and conform to 24.00, it won't look right, at least not on anything more than a second or so. If however you are conforming to 23.98 (23.976), then it will be OK. 59.94÷23.976=2.5. It's not as clean as 48÷24=2 but it's way better than 59.94÷24=2.4975
Thanks @photojoseph! You're the man!
HI, PhotoJoseph! Hope your vacation were great!
I noticed you move the camera quickly when testing autofocus, but...what if you move it slowly? I mean, I usually move my camera as smooth as I can, and it is there when autofocus fails. Try to slide slowly going from subject to another, and see what happens. I do want this thing works! I love the camera and I really need to figure out what the best autofocus is for smooth cinematic shooting. What do you say? Thanks!
You might be referring to close-ups? My close-up camera is a GH4 so the AF is, well, it is what it is ;-)
PhotoJoseph no, I'm talking about GH5. I noticed AF gets "confused" when you move the camera slowly towards other image and autofocus gets extremely slowly there. If you move the camera quickly, it autofocus almost fine most of the time, and not for close ups in particular.
+Pablo Maresca AF in the GH5 isn't perfect and we expect it to be better in the v2 firmware coming the end of this month (Sept 2017)
Awesome show again! Welcome back!
+Tony Heale Thanks!
For GH5 0 dB of gain corresponds to 800 ISO. I'd say that can be assumed to be the native sensor sensitivity for GH5.
+Serge Broslavsky I think you're right although someone had an argument on why that's not right (I don't recall what it was) and since Panasonic hasn't said what it is, I remain open to possibilities :-)
That's the only data point Panasonic has provided to us - the mapping of gain values to ISO values. :)
Hey Joseph, let me make my question a little better: if it was you and you need to choose one out of two possible "2 lens" setups to travel (and try to cover everything from dark museums to wide landscapes), which one you would choose and why? I have the G85 so I would benefit from Dual I.S. 2:
- Option 1: Pany 14-140 super zoom + 1 prime (I have the 25mm f1.7 and the 42.5mm f1.7, but could be another one)
- Option 2: Both f2.8 zooms (12-35/35-100) version 2
+Bernardo Silva I'd go with the two zooms. Otherwise you'd be limited to the prime only in dark places.
PhotoJoseph That is what I thought, thanks! :)
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