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Power Solutions for Panasonic LUMIX BGH1 Cinema 4K Box Camera

Photo Moment - September 10, 2021

The LUMIX BGH1 box camera is extremely versatile as both a studio and a field camera. If you're going to take it outside, then, of course, you're going to need to power it. Since you're likely to be using additional hardware like a monitor, a recorder, and/or even a follow-focus system, with multiple pieces to attach and power, some pretty cool power systems are available. This video explores many different options!

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nice video, however powering a screen via the same power source such as the battery with a DC out could burn the HDMI output of the camera, i think its also possible by the vmount option. there are ways to avoid but a lot of people frying there camera's this way unfortunately.
I haven’t heard of this… how does this burn the HDMI output? Like, two contacts on a battery coming in contact with each other? It doesn’t really make sense but I’d very much like to know more.
@PhotoJoseph This is the same got HDMI* not only SDI
Sorry I don’t understand what you mean. And considering batteries like the V-Mount are specifically designed for this — a single battery to power lots of devices — I’m going to need some hard info please.
@PhotoJoseph Sorry i commented a URL to an article written by Arri, but somehow didnt end up here, maybe youtube doesn't allow urls.. i will dm you on instagram the link :)
Oh no... This makes the choice between GH5II and BGH1 even harder. Both would be cool for my work in addition to my GH5. I know it's too early but i hope to see a BGH2 with the new features of the GH5II
Obviously it depends on your needs, but I bought several BGH1 bodies for my work. I love this camera!
What if you shaved the beard and glued it to the top of your head?
Thanks for the video. You are the best explainer.
Thank you!
Hey there @PhotoJoseph, would you happen to know if the 12v input can take the 16v peak of a non-regulated V-mount, or do we need to add in regulation to 12v to not fry anything?
@PhotoJoseph technically according to the manual it says use nothing but their supplied power supply into that port. So I feel like getting an honest answer is a bit more difficult. Most v-mounts send the native voltage and just have current regulation to prevent overdraw.

I noticed you used the cable from the Wooden Camera plate into yours here, do you know if that is a 12v regulated output?
Sounds like something a manual would say. I will see if I can find out what that cable was; it was on loan very briefly, just for that video.
@PhotoJoseph the manual sadly just warns to only use their power adapter and doesn’t provide any specs. If you can find out if that was a regulated cable or the plate output (wouldn’t be to standard Lemo 2-pin spec however if the port was), that would be amazing to know!
There are specs in the manual — they say the DC in is rated from 11.4V to 12.6V. The cable should be regulated, and must be, but of course you should check with Wooden to be 100% sure.
@PhotoJoseph oh interesting, the one that came with my Canadian camera didn’t have those details where I looked. Thanks!
Thanks for that Video, please am searching for a remote cable for BGH1 to Ninja V, to give me control of the BGH1 on Ninja V screen, any advice sir?
you can't control the BGH1 from the Ninja screen, unfortunately
@PhotoJoseph Oh! Really! That's a bummer. Thanks for the quick response as always it's much appreciated sir.
There is one solution I know of for controlling the camera, although it's a bit temperamental. I haven't done a video on it because it's not ready for prime time, although I'm hoping it gets better with firmware updates, and that's the Portkeys BM5WR. I don't even know if it's a fully shipping product, to be honest. What I have may be a prototype. That model is listed on amazon, but doesn't talk about the BGH1.
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