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PhotoJoseph Q&A: Turn Off Autofocus on GH5 and Shoot Without Lens on GH5?

Photo Moment - September 11, 2017

Time to answer a few of those lingering questions from the comments… we begin with a few shorter answers.

Oh! Show Productions asked: “Hi Joseph, I got a steal on a used Olympus, and I'm trying to use the Olympus Zuiko Lens ED 70-300mm f4.0-5.6 with my Lumix gh5 for video only, I  bought a 4/3 to micro 4/3 adapter with auto focus, I don't need or want auto focus, but when I attach the lens the focus ring grinds as if the auto focus is on, (I turned it off on the lens).  I don't know how to turn it off so I can focus smooth, the ring is smooth when it is detached from the camera.  I've been looking all over the internet and decided to finally ask you, the expert!  Please help, thank you so much for your help!”


Janusz Ciechowski and Karl Ray asked: “Hi thank you for making this videos it is really helpful, much appreciated, could you please tell me if there is in new update finally option to select in menu shot without lens so that I can shoot with manual lenses? For some reason i get communication between lens and camera error if I use manual lens adapted with adapter without chip. and sometimes I would like to shot with lens being not really attached to the body for some light leak effect. thank you all the best.”


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I have a GH5 Body and a canon lens with a meta bones adapter and it kept making grinding sounds. :(
sounds like a bad adapter or lens :(
I have the same problem. Have you found a fix?
Hi there! I just watched this and cannot take any photos wo/ a lens on my GH5 from what I can tell. It simply stays on that spink screen no matter what I do. Can you give me a little guide to help with this please? I mostly want to shoot some BRoll video without the lens weight if possible. Thanks!
I am having the same issue and also watched the video, were you able to find a solution?
@Amanda Schroeder Needs to have a lens in place :)
@Small Worlds Podcast and if i have no lenses yet. is it at all possible to shoot lense-less ?
@Amanda Schroeder I am 99% that you should not shoot or even turn the camera on until you get a lense on it. It could damage the camera.
Why I can't find 'Shoot w/o lens' menu on my GX9?
Kusuma wardhana correct. Does the camera take a picture when the lens is off? If so, then it’s working. If not let me know and I’ll check my G9.
@PhotoJoseph I want to pair my GX9 with Helios lens. So why that menu was removed?
Kusuma wardhana because you don’t need it. Does the camera fire the shutter when it has no lens?
@PhotoJoseph Is it harmful, if camera shooting without lens? Or using manual lens?
Kusuma wardhana If you want to hire me for personal consultation that’s fine, but I don’t do free tech support by email. And the only harm to the camera would be if you left lens off the camera and let direct sun beat on the sensor for a while. Shooting with mechanical lenses, as long as they fit, is perfectly fine.
Aloha i have canon 50mm 1.8 with the eos to micro 4 3 mount adapter set up with gh4, but it will not
record or take a photo. The display says lens not found or shoot w/o
lens in custom menu is set to off > HELP
Uh, set that “shoot without lens” to ON
To give my two cents here, i had the same problem.

A GH5 with a viltrox adapter to use canon lenses. Some worked (the auto focus ones) and some did not (all manual lenses). Until i put some tape on the contacts of the adapter. Then Taaa daaa. Evreything worked. Even the lenses not supported by viltrox. Same goes with metabones and commlite.

if you are stuck with the same problem, basic tape will do the job. Cover every contact on the adapter to use it with manual lenses. Take out the tape to work with Auto lenses.

I took the lazy route and bought another cheap viltrox EF-M2 adapter. Now i have one with nail polish on all contacts on the ones for manual lenses (Same result as with tape but more permanent). And an untouched one for auto lenses.

Your choice.
Have fun.
sorry for maybe an off-topic question, PJ: I just noticed that my GH5 is making a constant fan-like noise or hiss whenever it's on, almost like a laptop fan working. It's kind of audible when I put my ear near the back of the camera or close to it, it increases when I half-press the shutter button. It doesn't go away when I turn the IS off. I tried with different lenses, the noise remains. It's there without lenses too. My G7 is completely silent in the same conditions. I'm kinda worried about that, because I believe this noise wasn't there before, I'm quite sensitive to these things and it doesn't feel comfortable when operating it. Do you have that on your GH5 or something is off with my camera? THANKS!!!
It’s the stabilization system. Totally normal. Even when you turn off IS you’ll still hear it because the electromagnets hold the sensor steady, so they are still active. The noise is not enough to affect recording.
So I use a completely manual Tokina 150-500mm lens to film wildlife. What do I choose? Say an elk is walking toward me I might start out at 500mm then end up at 150mm. I can't stop recording to change the focal length on the camera for proper stabilization. Not sure if I should turn stabilization off on the gh5 for a manual zoom lens like this or if I can get away with setting the focal length on gh5 around say 300mm and hope for the best? Anyone know how crucial having the exact focal length set on gh5 is for longer focal length lenses like I'm using?
Are you talking about the stabilization focal length setting? The pop-up that comes up when you turn the camera on with a manual lens (or no lens) attached?
PhotoJoseph Yes the pop up menu that asks what focal length lens I'm using when I put a manual lens on.
Hm, good question. I’ve never used a manual zoom so haven’t had to think about it. I’d say go in between the two, or put it closest to your most used setting. I haven’t done any tests to see how much of a difference it actually makes. Come to think of it that could be an interesting video.
PhotoJoseph I appreciate your reply. I would definitely be interested in a video on this subject. Again thank you for taking time out of your day to respond to me.
Hi PhotoJoseph thanks for all this information you are sharing with us. Quick question in a GH5 using the Panasonic 14-42 PZ can you manually focus using the arrows on the control manual? According to the advance user manual you can (page101) but havent managed to make it work. Thanks in advance!!!
+Dimitrios Fifis “arrows on the control manual”… I don’t know what you mean. I looked at p101 and see it talking about manual focus but I don’t understand what you’re asking, sorry
Thanks so much for taking the time. I meant the control dial. In page 101 it states 3 methods of manual focusing. 1. by using the focus ring on the lens. 2. by using the lever on lenses like the 14-42 PZ 3. for lenses without a focus ring by using the control dial of the camera. That 3rd option is what interests me and cant make it to work.
oh I see; that is just for lenses with NO focus ring (which is only really cheap kit lenses, I think).
Hi Joseph, (my new favorite YouTube Channel) I just bought a Veydra 50mm mini prime but then had to return it as the focus ring is REALLY tight. You can't focus without moving the camera. I like to rack focus a lot and I do running /gunning style videography, and don't have the time to stop and do it "in-camera" .Can you suggest a cine lens or other Panasonic lens with a really smooth, easy to move focus ring. I'm used to my Panasonic HMC 130 focus ring which is smooth as silk. I'm looking at the Nocticron 42.5, you reviewed, was the focus ring smooth?...Btw, I watched your GH5 training at, great job!!
I’ll address your comment LIVE right here on PhotoJoseph‘s Photo Moment 2017-10-02
Hi Joseph, thank you very much for addressing my question, what a nice surprise!. Yes, I have the camera in full "Manual" mode, the lens switched to Manual, the camera on Manual, and the menu settings all set to Manual, I'm primarily a videographer so always shooting in Manual mode, so I'm not sure what's going on. You know, I should just go buy a Panasonic zoom lens.
+Oh! Show Productions Very weird. Sorry I didn't have the right answer then!
What is the adaptor? I have an adaptor that manages to crash the camera or lock af on or off. Fairly cheap adaptor and it is crap. So number one cause of AF problems when using a smart adaptor is a faulty adaptor. Number two reason for faulty AF on a firesale lens is a faulty lens.
PJ, The only reason people want the continuous AF in GH5 is for face recognition, and mostly for single person shooter, where the person will shoot and stand in front of the camera. All Panasonic has to do is to make sure their Face recognition software can recognize faces on the frame and focus/track on it AFTER one hits the record button! Currently, it's not predictable. But that's really all that's needed. I really need the AF on video and the only and only reason I use the GH5 for my B-Roll and have to shoot with a Canon 6Dii for this kind of required AF! I really want to use the GH5 for everything! Please tell the Panasonic people to improve the face recognition implementation for AF after the record button is hit.
Hi Joseph, I've sent you an email.
Please check.
+AchitaLin Thanks!
@PhotoJoseph Have you found that the autofocus ruins any of your cinematic shots? Or is it not even noticeable for a novice filmmaker like me?
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