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Panasonic LUMIX L-Mount 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

Photo Moment - January 30, 2024

Panasonic's latest addition to the L-Mount series is the compact and versatile 100mm f/2.8 macro lens… and it's so, so much more than just a “macro”!

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Panasonic's latest addition to the L-Mount series is the compact and versatile 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. While the term “macro” may not be prominently displayed, the lens offers more than just close-up capabilities, making it an attractive option for all photographers. Let’s explore the various features that set this lens apart from the competition. 

  1. Compact Design: Despite being a macro lens, the Panasonic 100mm f/2.8 surprises with its small and lightweight design. Weighing in at just 298g (10.5oz), it stands out as the smallest and lightest among its competitors, making it an ideal choice for photographers on the move.
  2. Innovative Technology: The lens employs a “dual focus system” with three aspherical lenses moving in two groups, allowing it to be significantly smaller and ligther than conventional macro lenses. The newly developed Dual Phase Linear Motor (DPLM) facilitates faster and more precise focus, providing an efficient shooting experience.
  3. Focus Control Features: The lens offers quick-access focus control with an autofocus/manual focus switch and a focus limiter switch — but users can even customize their focus limit range in the camera's menu system, enhancing flexibility for various shooting scenarios.
  4. Macro and Beyond: While excelling at macro photography with a minimum focus distance of 20.4cm, the lens is not limited to close-up shots. Its 100mm focal length positions it as an ideal portrait lens, delivering stunning images with a shallow depth of field and pleasing bokeh.
  5. Impressive Comparisons: A comparison with other 100mm macro lenses from top manufacturers reveals the Panasonic lens's size and weight advantage. It’s not only smaller and lighter, but also focuses significantly closer, making it a practical choice for a variety of shooting situations.
  6. Advanced Control Options: The lens offers extensive control options through the camera menu, including customizable focus limit ranges, autofocus plus manual focus, manual focus assist, and focus peaking. These features empower photographers to fine-tune their shots and achieve precise focus.
  7. Minimal Focus Breathing: Focus breathing, the change in image size as the lens focuses, is minimal in the Panasonic LUMIX 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. This is crucial for focus stacking, a technique commonly used in macro photography to capture edge-to-edge sharp images of small subjects.

In summary, Panasonic's LUMIX L-Mount 100mm f/2.8 macro lens is a versatile and compact solution that goes beyond traditional macro capabilities. Its innovative design, advanced technology, and exceptional control options make it a promising choice for photographers and filmmakers seeking a high-performance lens for various applications.

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Amazing details here, I've learned a lot. Thanks! Subscribed
ho w is this auto focus with Lumix s5?
@@photojoseph agreed I think to purchase but with unreliable autofocus is an issue
S5II is better; that’s the first LUMIX to have PDAF.
You made me take a very close look at the Panasonic full frame line up when you showed a comparison of their prime lenses. This macro lens is probably the one that might make me switch from my Nikon Z😉
Hehe love to hear that!!
Perfect amount of discussion and detail about this lens. Nicely done.
Thank you my friend!
That macro Lenses have to focus to 1:1 is NOT true ! A macro Lens is designed so it can get very sharp images with high resolution and a flat field at close distance.
Hey I’m being serious. I always want to learn. Please tell me where to look up these facts. Don’t post links though; YouTube will block them. Tell me what to search for and names of websites that are factual.
@@photojoseph I just point out some facts about macro Lenses.
OK, well then should I delete the video? You sound pretty upset. And hey guess what, I've done photography since 1978, maybe even 1977, but we all have something new to learn. Thank goodness, or I wouldn't have a job!!
@@photojoseph Yes, many new "macro" Lenses which focus to 1:1 do not have fx a true flat field which they should have ! That many today think that "true" macro Lenses only is 1:1 focusing Lenses is because there are too many noobs who haven´t got a clue, the think they are so wise. I have done photography since 1979, both as a professional photographer and as a teacher in photography, so I know a thing or two about photography.
🤷🏼‍♂️ OK, I looked up the definition of macro and that's what I got. Tons of lenses say macro but aren't "true macro", that much is for sure.
this is a great review. Question: I have the new G9II - will this lens work with M 4/3 cameras or just with the full-frame cameras. Thank you for your help. You are a terrific presenter
Thank you! And no, this won’t work and can’t be adapted to MFT. There are already two macro lenses for the G9II however; the 30mm and 45mm Leica — the 45mm Leica is particularly nice.
Nice informative and detailed video on this lens. Thanks for doing this. I'm definitely getting this lens.
Thanks man, I appreciate that!
Great review, thanks for all the work that goes into it. I noticed in the size comparison that most of the other lenses seem to have optical stabilization, but I didn't catch any mention of the Panasonic having that. Would that also help in reducing the overall physical length (& weight too) of the Panasonic verses the others?
@@photojoseph This is true! Let's remind folks that Panasonic invented IBIS. And today it works admirably well.
Thank you! Yes, that can make a difference. The IBIS on the latest LUMIX is so good that it is largely unnecessary in the lens. It’s a trade-off; lighter lens is easier to hold, so less shake, so easier to stabilize, etc.
Awesome Show!Tiny😮. Saweet. Thank You
How does this lens compare to the Lumix Pro-S Leica-certified lenses? I bought into the Lumix S1R and S1 on day one thinking I'd get Leica type photos only to be greatly disappointed with the AF. Resale values sucks so I'm stuck with them. I own 3 of the 4 Pro-S lenses. (don't own 16-35 because I'd prefer a 2.8).
I'm assumming Panasonic won't be making anymore Pro-S lenses and no updated S1ii/S1Rii's as they're focused on the smaller, cheaper S5ii series and non-Pro-S lenses. This new 100 macro has me interested.
@@RobinParmar they really are. I can the difference.
@@keithspurlock4732 "The Pro-S lenses are really a level up"

I'd be interested in tests that demonstrate this. The Lumix S lenses are already so good that i can't imagine an improvement.
I don't have that lens nor do I do super precise comparisons like that -- I leave that to DxO Labs. I don't need that headache in my life.
@@photojoseph sorry for the confusion. It has absolutely nothing to do with AF. I was just asking you about the quality of the 100mm macro which is not a Pro-S lens compared to the Leica-certified Pro-S Lumix line of lenses? Colors/DR/sharpness/distortion, etc. The Pro-S lenses are really a level up which is why I haven't purchased any of the prime lenses except for the Pro-S 50mm 1.4 which is a superb lens. Would this 100mm macro lens shoot a portrait as good as my Lumix Pro-S 70-200mm 2.8 shot at 100mm? Thanks for your reply.
I’m not sure what autofocus has to do with “Leica type photos”; Leica uses the same contrast AF system that the cameras you have does. The S lenses you have are Leica quality. As for the future; assume nothing.
Why did you compared it to the 90mm Sony instead of the 100mm Sony macro lens?
Sorry, what 100mm Sony macro? Please share the full name so I can look it up.
Autofocus on Macro creeps me out. I might be too old...
How about EF 105 macro with AF? )

BTW can`t choose between Lumix 14-28 5.6 macro / sigma 16-28 2.8 / lumix 18 1.8, can somebody give some thoughts please? 😅
I wish there was a lens like this in my underwater SLR photography days. 90% was macro, but since swapping lenses underwater sucks, a lens like this would have been awesome.
“Sucks” might be an understatement
The studio looks great!
Great ❤cool
If I founded I wanted to use this lens for one of my Sony’s bodies A41v or FX30. If a megder bones.adapter for this lens to fit on my Sony work?
No, the flange distance doesn’t let that work, sorry
Photography FTW! Thankyou for the 1.) Scaled images of each lens 2.)Bar charts comparing all the attributes. That's some big data backing up all the visuals. Kudos! 👍
😎 Thanks man
This lens sounds great, but I’m a Sony user.
It’s never too late to switch 😝
Where have you been😀. I’ finally getting some assignments to use my ATEM pro ISO switcher for 3 camera interviews .
Awesome! I moved. Been crazy busy.
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