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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, from the PhotoJoseph YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

NAB 2023 Recap: Short News Stories from the Show Floor

Photo Moment - April 25, 2023

From the NAB2023 show floor, sponsored and powered by Atomos Cloud, along with support from and Sclera Digital, Aaron Parecki and I toured the floor making news shorts, shot on a LUMIX S5II in 6K and pushed to the cloud for remote editing! Learn about the rig we used to create this content here, and watch this compilation of our shorts to see what you missed at NAB!

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@photojoseph I was wondering what your thoughts are on why we don't yet have 4k capable hdmi switchers and encoders? AFAIK the elgato camlink pro can switch 4k30 inputs so I'm confused as to why we don't have this in dedicated external devices like ATEM, AtomX or Yolobox
Blackmagic ATEM does; I’ve used a 4K switcher for many years. They recently released a whole new line of them. They also released a 4K encoder a few years ago. Epiphan Pearl-2 can do 4K, and there are others. It’s just not as commonly used for streaming as you need minimum 20Mbit up to stream in 4K.
Joseph is such a creative genius i always thought about verticle recording and streaming and somehow you pull off a verticle horizontal noice
Haha thanks mate. Appreciated!
Thanks for the recap Joseph! Interested in your India trip! (last time i was there was back in '93 for 10 days for a wedding). Looking for new lights and about ready to get an update for my old Synology DS1813+. Great collaboration with Aaron on how you both worked together on NAB! (Sound on this segment was a bit challenging) Thanks again!
Glad you enjoyed! If you’re interested in the workshop check it out at !
So great to catch up on all the videos like this, mainly considering that while I was there I could barely walk the show floor at will. =) Thanks for posting!
Thanks for watching, and great hanging out together in Vegas, my man! Next stop… EUROPE!
PJ man, luv, luv, luv this format, it took a few clips, before I got the hang of the labeling, but now I can jog forward/back to ANY topic. Great work you and Aaron and Co. (I'm looking at you editors and Atomos as sponsors) did getting these shot and edited and posted in record time.
Thanks man, that’s so nice to hear! It was fun for sure.
I love this retrospective from vertical to 16:9 aspect ratio transition editing stile.
Thanks! I'm genuinely wondering how people will respond to this, so this is nice to read, thanks!
Great work Joseph!
@@photojoseph Anytime 😎
Thanks guys, for everything!
By far THE BEST recap!
Thank you!
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