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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, from the PhotoJoseph YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

Learn ATEM Fast? 3½ hour ATEM Webinar

Photo Moment - October 11, 2022

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This is the fourth ATEM webinar hosted by me and sponsored by Blackmagic Design! Fully chaptered, this one was held over a single day, unlike previous two-day webinars, so is a little more condensed. I cover everything you need to know to get started with your ATEM journey, from “what is an ATEM” to setting up a green screen key, and beyond!

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This is a WHOLE LOTTA INFO on the ATEM workflow! Links to previous webinars in the description if you want to dive even deeper! What do you think; did you learn a thing or two?
Learned a lot thank you for this content!!!!
Great timing on releasing this with the new lower prices! I think I'm about to take the plunge into one of these to speed up my post-produced tutorials. Thanks so much for putting this out there! I'm hoping to get my new studio up by next month and look forward to seeing you again online.
I’m an hour in! This should just be like the Bible!

How do we find out about the next one?
Hello, thank you for great video!

At 1:50:00 when you plug in the microphone hiss starts to show up - It’s exactly what happens in my ATEM also while using ATEM mic inputs. I guess the quality of audio converters is poor… It’s a shame those are not XLR inputs also. My biggest problem with ATEM series
Yes, not great pre-amps. But if you put it to line level and use your own amp the quality should improve quite a bit, I’d think.
I have this camera.. I should’ve done a video on it but… confidence 🤦‍♂️
03:24:30 @phoyojoseph may you teach me which "follow mouse zoom" tool you're using, please? it is really sharp, i like it.
03:21:45 @PhotoJoseph how do you connect that loudness meter? It looks mega geeky, I love it!
Can I, for example, for a much smaller streaming setup, connect such a device to a Rodecaster Duo, OBS and a Windows PC?
@photojoseph there's also two types: Clarity M Stereo and Clarity M (5.1 channels).
Maybe that's a part to be covered by the video idea I've just recommended you. Because, for us, streamers and consumer level producers are getting confused in the technical terms of the audio engineering world.
​@@photojoseph ​ @nearemus I've seen that you can just connect it to any direct output on your audio interface ( let's say Rodecaster Duo). So you do not even need to integrate it into OBS but rather bypass OBS entirely and just connect the CLARITY M to the audio interface itself (on a headphone output, for example).
Rodecaster Duo is the most popular interface lately for streamers and podcasters - the MEKA of live streaming - so you may make a video into explaining the CLARITY M compatibility with Rodecaster Duo, or Rodecaster PRO II (as it is basically the same device but just bigger) and maybe a few more popular consumer grade consoles.

What do you think about that? I hope you like the idea. Maybe this will help people and also bring cool new material on your cool channel.
It actually requires either a specific type of audio connector (which I extract from a blackmagic converter), or it runs on a USB connection. I use it in Resolve to monitor audio, but there are probably OBS plugins
I use my Elgato Stream Deck yo control my cameras and it works perfect.
The PiP presets is just one of the Black Magic annoying 'features'. Just about a useless feature!
Sadly true. They haven’t built programmability into any ATEM though.
Random video plays next, dude says let's stream an atem for 4 hours, switch back to yt, ah yess. potato joseph.
i don't understand this comment
akai fire midi scripting
@EZ-nc8fr LOL hope you found what you’re looking for!
My bad I was searching things on youtube and for some reason I put it as a comment 😂
I have no idea what that is
Thank you for taking your time to make this nice video, I wanted to know what I need to use an iPhone as a cam to Livestream with atem mini, thank you again.
Lightning (or USB-C if iPhone 15) to HDMI adapter, and an app that provides clean video out. I believe filmic does, and I’ve heard the blackmagic camera app does but I’ve not tried it.
Thank you Photo Joesph for this video. Im going through this video step by step. I have a random question. I was wondering if you could answer. For some reason on my monitor, i don't have a preview monitor only a program one and the cameras, and media player stop and off window. Would you happen to know why that is and how I can get the preview window on?
@photojoseph  I just have 8 cameras, program on the right and then the stop, on air. Okay so I have to preview enabled thank you
I’m not sure I understand. You have multivew, but in it you see program twice and no preview? That view is customizable however it’s more likely that you don’t have preview enabled.
Soooo…. ME or Mix Effects is like a MATRIX on an Audio Mixer
Photojoseph- thanks for having done this! I come back to it often as a great reference and the way you deliver value with passion and serve hard is inspiring and enriching. Thanks again!
My pleasure!
This is excellent. I'm very gratefull for this video. It was extremely helpful! Thank you!
This didn’t film very well it’s all distorted video with perfect audio, oh the irony.. must be your internet connection it keeps pausing and jarring.
Lol yeah, of course. ‘Masterclass v4’ in broadcasting that plays up on you, gotta see the funny side of that… I can’t afford one single camera let alone any of those devices. So I see the irony.
Three and a half hour massive live event with days of prep and tech issues out of my control, and that’s your takeaway. Thank mate… comments like yours make YouTube worth doing for people like me.
Quick question, we are having issues with our cameras having black borders around them on our Atem Mini Pro ISO preview, is this a camera problem or Atem issue? We are using Canon Rebel T7i and Canon Rebel T5
I can’t say for certain, but those consumer cameras probably don’t have a full resolution output over HDMI
Greetings from Greece! I am a wedding videographer and i want to get into live streaming. I want the most minimal setup possible.
I will be using a 2 camera setup. A sony7iii paired through hollyland 300 pro and a gopro through hdmi cable, both connected on an Atem mini pro.
Is it possible to setup my Atem at home and only use a monitor on the event?
You caught my attention with a lot of topics in this video, but I would really like to know about using StreamDeck with Behringer X-Air series! Have you made or can you make a video documentation/tutorial? I use X Air Edit, Mixing Station and the X-Air App for Android.
As a noob user of the ATEM Mini Pro who has watched countless videos I can attest that this is the most comprehensive walkthrough I’ve seen so far.
Hi. I have an Atem mini pro iso and four cameras - zoom q8, zoom q2n, GoPro 3, and a Nikon d750. I have them all set to 1080p 30 fps and I get a lot of video latency. The zoom q8 is the worst latency, and the zoom q2n is the least. Short of buying 3 zoom q2ns, any ideas on how to fix latency, or what could cause it? Thanks for any help I can get.
So I went systematically through each camera measuring the latency in Davinci then adding the next camera and so on. I found that the cameras all had fairly similar latency but when the zoom q8 is added in with the zoom q2n, the latency goes way up. It’s very odd but if I leave out the q8, the latency is similar. Short term fix is to leave out the q8. Long term I will probably standardize on the zoom q2n since it looks good and the cameras will all have very similar latency so much easier to fix.
@@photojoseph thanks for the quick response. It confirms suspicions about the cameras and that short term I will need to deal with this in post-production and when I can, buy more q2ns so the latency is the same between cameras. Also cheapest solution.
I’ve never used the Zoom or Nikon cameras but I have used GoPro and their latency is horrendous. There’s no way to delay video like there is audio so the only solution is to have all the cameras have the same latency. Sorry I don’t have better news!
there are XML editors for windows, like XML Notepad
Joe, you're the man!
Could you stop having fun touching your fingers ? I find that to be a little X-oriented for a YT channel.
You also use the word dive all the time, witch is a bit a ambiguous for a guy who doesn't use any shovel or any backhoe loader.
That's all ! Have fun checking your fingers behavior.
I love Photo Joseph and have learned much from him as a long-time Panasonic Lumix user. Owned and shot Panasonic for over 35 years...mostly video. However, when I see a title stating we can learn something fast, but then it is a training video 3.5 hours long...That's not fast to me! I was hoping for a 3-minute video and my promised mastery of this dang device within the HOUR! Isn't that one of the American ways?!
Oh well, now I'm destined to actually find myself working DILIGENTLY for many hours learning this delightful little button box. 😫 Here we go PJ!!!
If you want to use the rechargeable batteries, get power owls.
As a complete newbie to Blackmagic Cameras, Atem and the Hyperdeck this is absolutely priceless. I would pay money for this course.
@@photojoseph Done. ;)
Why thank you. Consider joining the channel then! You’ll also gain access to our Discord 😊
I appreciate your videos. One thing I wonder is you showed how to set up the macro on the ATEM for resizing the PIP. When you want to use a stream deck, how would you do something similar with the PIP? Is there a way to take the exported .XLM files and use them on the stream deck? Thanks, I learned quite a few things.
@@photojoseph Thanks for your reply. As I am just getting into the Stream Deck, I was not aware that was possible.
You don’t need the XML to use the Stream Deck. Using Companion from (the software later between the ATEM and the Stream Deck) you can either trigger an ATEM macro, or you can create the action completely using Companion commands.
I generally have my GreenScreen 1F stop brighter than my subject. What is your suggestion for a lighting ratio?
Interesting. I’m no chroma key expert, but what matters most is the ability to separate, of course. If the bg is too bright and/or too close, you will get spilling around the subject making keying harder. The brighter the light on the bg, the more of it will bounce back on your subject. I’d be cautious of making it too bright, but at the end of the day if you’re getting a clean key, then that’s ALL that matters!
I am making a series of videos about button remapping for Atem Mini -
@@matijakolaric116 I’ll share this with some friends who will understand 😄 Exciting!!
@@photojoseph I published another video, about changing settings, I will do the scenes in a couple of days.
@@matijakolaric116 i look forward to seeing the HOW 😃
@@photojoseph The 1-4, still and black button do not have an immediate effect in Preview mode, so they can also be "remapped". My use case is that I want to have a small set of predefined scenes that I know by heart and dont need to monitor, preview or anything else.
ok… how??
Mac mini - Atem mini - zoom mirroring is a pain. Can you help fix that?
@@kulgeek. you’re just looking at the preview. The audience will see it correctly. There’s a checkbox in zoom settings (I think) to turn the mirror off, but again that’s just what YOU see.
My bad Sensei, okay let me see if i can provide some clarity, i use my atem mini as my camera source in zoom which runs in my macbook pro, in the Atem mini hdmi input 1 is my camera and hdmi input 2 is a mac mini. But since my image in zoom is mirrored the camera is fine but when i switch to input 2 my mac mini image is mirrored and unusable in zoom how can i just say reverse the mirroring for my input 2?
If you’re going to ask for help, please be specific. This tells me almost nothing. Help me to help you!
Any Ultimatte 12 HD Mini video on the way. Can it do flying key?
@@photojoseph I ordered it should be here Friday - but from the BM chat area i see another person that has it says no flying key in the Ultimatte 12 so no way to move your subject. I ordered it as with the Extreme you can not chroma key someone and then place them in any Super source box it turns off the key so they are just in super box in a green background. So i needed to buy this to feed into Extreme to have a keyed person in a super box. So if no flying key in Ultimatte 12 and using in a super box i will not have any way to move the supject in the box if needed. I am hoping the other persion is wrong and their is a way or BM adds this feature in very soon as a update.
ATEMs do flying key, yes. Ultimatte videos may be coming.
Great webinar! another question, regarding 39:20, I have another videographer that is editing a series of podcasts taped at my studio as well as his. He asked me to set the HDMI output on my BMPCC4ks to not show the LUT on the atem feed, and we're not recording in each camera for HQ post processing. His thinking is there's more flexibility to grade the image with the "gen 5 film to extended video", and whatever other treatments after the fact. 

I've always recorded into the ISO feeds with LUTs baked in, as I feel this takes advantage of the contrast/saturation/etc in the 8bit container. Recording the LOG image into the h264 at 8bit for the ISO recordings seems counter intuitive, as applying the LUTS and extra nodes to an 8bit log would in theory break the gradations and cause artifacts much quicker. (in comparison to applything those to a 10-bit log image, like prores, but the BMPCC's only output 8bit)

Main question is, would you record the 8 ISO inputs with a LUT baked in, and grade from there........ Or turn off lut, capture the log image, and do a CST to gen-5-lut and grade from there?
You are right, he is wrong. Recording Log to an 8-bit MP4 file is totally pointless for all the reasons you described. Embed the look/LUT in HDMI out, and if you want Log, record internally!
These sessions are great
Thank you!
I am now 5/5 with these webinars... I learnt a few new things to try out. As always GREATE job @photojoseph
wow you're dedicated! hehe thank you so much for watching all of them!
What is it for? Again, application scenarios are not clear? In fact, only for online live broadcasts?
@@photojoseph Well, I watched it for about 30 minutes! Yes, I understand that this is very convenient and that you can switch views in live mode. But I did not come across where it is really needed. It's like an online show. I know it's cool, but I don't care about the implementation, other than I get it cool, I care about scripting other than blogging! For an ordinary blogger, this is too cool, but for a professional field, this is really a godsend! So what are the applications?
How… what? Just how much of this did you watch??
Super work as usual!! Thank you so much for always raising others with your great knowledge sir!! 👑👑
Thank you, kind sir!
Fast is 3 minutes. C'mon cut it down ;-) haha.
Hey, three minutes is a long time....
In 3 hours 30 mins fast ;)

p.s. great video as always.
time flies when you're having fun! Thanks for watching 😊
Awesome walkthrough! What lenses are you using on the BMPCC 4Ks?
@@photojoseph I have 1 6K Pro and 2 4Ks and you just let me know I can also use them all in the shoot. Double Thanks!
Thanks! That was a 4K with a Panasonic 12-60 and a 6K with a Canon 14mm
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