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Is Keynote Good Enough for Motion Graphics Titles, Lower Thirds and Animations… for YouTubers?

Photo Moment - September 25, 2019

If you've been wanting to make awesome animated lower thirds, animated callouts, title sequences and more, but don't have the chops or want to learn After Effects or Apple Motion, then Keynote may be the solution for you. Check out this tutorial on how to go from Keynote to Final Cut Pro X (or Premiere, or Resolve), and see what you think!

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if Apple is listening to you, ask for a previewing transparency grid like Adobe apps use to show black objects on transparent background.
I’ve Asked
@11:11 quickest way to enter settings on export. If you change your system settings to allow keyboard to control window controls ('control' + 'F7') you can tab between dropdown menus as well as text fields. This avoids the need for using the mouse. Spacebar drops the menu and arrows move up and down. Tab, return and spacebar select the highlighted item in the list. But will All Controls selected things can get a little confusing for most folks! More of a disability and power-user setting, but it is generally faster. And good luck getting Apple to listen to FR to make the tool better. They generally don't listen to anybody and have very you developers on the iWork suite.
I’ll have to try that!
was wondering when some folks would catch on to Keynote's animation capabilities. I've made film titles and gazillions lower thirds and graphic animations for film using AE but Magic Move in Keynote allows for A LOT if you don't wanna learn AE (and AE is frankly a PITA to learn).

I was in touch with the Keynote developer team via a Keynote evangelist they were consulting (about 9 years ago) and requested something similar to MM, something I still wish they would do. A feature I called duplicate slide with all objects in end position. That would mean you wouldn't have to pile heaps of manual moves in the one slide. You could draw a line under you animation and start again on a new slide, starting with the objects where they ended up at the end of the last slide.

Apple went one further and made Magic Move, which allows you to save tonnes of time on multiple transformations of multiple objects. But it would still help to have the feature I requested because sometimes you need to do manual transformations (for eg using a curved motion path) or MM just can't work out the animation you are attempting. Good luck getting Apple to listen to your feature requests… are they talking to you at least? Typically Apple is terrible with regard to pro-user consultation (FCP7 anybody?)
p.s. it was super cool when Keynote allowed Apple Quartz Composer files to be imported like images. QC allows for any kind of 3D animation you can imagine practically. They dumped it, around the same time I was asking them to enhance their support for QC in Keynote, possibly so it would work on the web in iCloud.
I think there’sa as huge amount of potential in Keynote if Apple wanted to push it in new directions.
Great video loved Joseph. Would love more of those.
Hey Joseph. Just found your channel. New subscriber! :) I'd love to see more tutorials on animating with Keynote (if you're keeping track of votes) :) Thanks again, and God bless!
This is great! Please show more. One of the best videos I've seen in a long time! Great job!
Anyway to do this with iMovie? I haven't stepped up to FinalCut. Damn impressive BTW! Exactly what I'd like to be able to do in iMovie.
I don’t know if iMovie will read the ProRes 4444 file. You’ll just have to try it!
@PhotoJoseph Thank you Joseph - I'll give it a try this weekend.
Tom Payne ALSO — recently discovered that this broke in Catalina. It will be fixed soon.
Holy POOP it works! Works almost exactly like Joseph shows in FinalCut. GAME CHANGER! Thanks so much Joseph! Only tested a text overlay and inserting a Flaming graphic but WOW. Haven't upgraded to Catalina yet (and now will not until this is fixed). I found one other guy who has been using Keynote in a similar manner as Joseph but his entire focus is using it with iMovie. Wish I had known this earlier - TY again Joseph NEVER would have thought of something like this.
Tom Payne that is AWESOME! Thanks for letting me know and I’m stoked you found this!
By far the best tutorial on keynote for motion graphics. Your tips to improve workflows were awesome. I’m sure I would never have known I could change the animation/text in the file itself. Best tip
This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this!
pure gold with that transparency bg
This is brilliant! Your explanation is top and the video is very well done!
But i am not a mac user. Do you know if powerpoint or google docs support this feature aswell?
Thank you. Unfortunately I have no idea, but I seriously doubt it. ProRes is an Apple technology that others have to license. Since neither company make pro apps, I doubt they support a codec that offers alpha channels.
@PhotoJoseph Hey Joseph i just tried it. Powerpoint gives you an Option to do a transparent Background, but I didn't get it to work. You can export it as mp4 and it works as a movie in the editor. But I couldn't get the white Background to be transparent.
Google Slides gives you the Option for a transparent Background but there's no Option to export it as a Video. So there's no point in it at all.
You've inspired me to learn more about creating graphics in Keynote. But, in my case, I'll gather them into a Motion Title where you can choose which graphic to use. One Title, many graphics on hand. Right there and handy in Final Cut. Here's my tutorial on how to do it:
Been using KN for titles for a long time now. This is brilliant
I’ve been trying to use keynote for this same reason but I just couldn’t figure out how to make the background transparent! Thank you so much!
Awesome, glad I could help!!
🙏👍 - and YES PLEASE, I will like to see more 🤓
That’s one vote!
Great tutorial and thanks for recapping and summarizing at the end so I can quickly refer back to it if needed!
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