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Godox Studio Flash QT1200 II & P120L Parabolic Softbox

Photo Moment - March 13, 2019


It's here! I've got my hands on the Godox Studio Flash QT1200 II, so let's get into it. This is essentially a video user guide (manual) exploring all functions of the strobe!

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It's here! I've got my hands on the Godox Studio Flash QT1200 II, so let's get into it. This is essentially a video user guide (manual) exploring all functions of the strobe!

From the LIVE show, the Q&A starts here: — or you can watch the entire LIVE, unedited show, too:
My QS600II/P120L serve me justice...especially 'side' light bouncing....WOW!
basic idea for N1 and N2 is that first shot illuminates the subject and second illuminates the background, then you can create a mask in photoshop "subtracting" both shots and "cutting out" all the background. Its not new feature, Fomei has Double picture, I think Multiblitz had something similar. Its much better than using croma-key backgrounds, because 1) you don't have green or blue reflections and 2) you can cut out also transparent objects (think about hair or fishnet or something alike). I think time between S1 and S2 is much longer than N1 and N2, but there I can be wrong
Hi PhotoJoseph. I was just about to by a pair of the QT1200 II strobes until I saw your video. Has Godox fixed the high speed synch problem?
I know exactly what this is. You need to set your camera flash in settings to run high speed sync.
That will fix the banding. I have a Sony A6000, Nikon d810, and Nikon Z6. All three you need to change the flash settings to do high speed sync. With the Nikon d810 you need to also ease the rear shutter in addition to changing the flash speed in settings.
Does it need a lot of watts, such 1200QT ?
It needs whatever the battery delivers… honestly I don’t really understand the question.
Oh I see. 400 isn’t much in a modifier this big but you can use any light if you’re willing to increase your ISO to compensate. I can’t tell you exactly what settings you’d need. If you want this modifier, get it, make the most of it, and when you can, upgrade the light itself.
About masking.....if you have 2 x flesh you can setup first one for N1( first flash)and next one for N2 {second flash} and you can have faster recycling time . They should flash every second signal but never together.
Fun to watch
Very great review. As much for the content as in the form.
Just one question: The P120L is described by Godox as less temperature resistant than the P120H.
Did you not encounter any problem using the L version with a very powerful - and probably hot - flash like the QT1200?
Best regards
Not at all. I don’t think that’s a concern on any strobe unless maybe you’re firing stroboscopic repeatedly. I could be wrong and it’s worth asking, but that’s my take. The light has a very good fan and I’ve never felt it get hot.
Thanks you very much for this quick and complete answer.
hss only work at 1\1 and 1\16 power output because it is hypersync and not High speed sync
Interesting… Godox is insisting that this is only compatible with older cameras because it’s not certified for anything new yet. What camera models have you verified that high-speed works at full and 1/16 power?
@PhotoJoseph am on a d700 it is in fact an old camera also I always set the camera sync speed at auto fp250 and not auto fp320 has there have always been some sync issue with my xt1n maybe you want to experiment with that also
But are you using it at shutter speeds above 1/320? That’s what high speed is all about
@PhotoJoseph yes of course in camera setting just put it in auto fp250 and not auto fp320 use any speed above 1/250 and it will get into hss .... that is for the nikon d700 or any nikon having the same setting godox trigger do not sync well at autofp320 in camera setting
In exterior? Comoetition With the sun? What do you think,?
any solution with the problem you are experiencing? I am going to buy godox but this issue you have got me thinking in buying qt 1200 ii or qt 600 ii
Yesss that thing is happening to my G9 too! That banding is annoying lol. I can only go 1/16th to make sure it's useable beyond 1000ss with my AD200
More power after 1/16th, the better. But it means I can't use lower powered shots with the lights. Please keep us updated with what Godox tells you as far as solutions go.
I will. They have responded and are looking into it.
@PhotoJoseph good thing lol. I almost end up giving my camera for repairs because they were thinking maybe it was because of the shutter. But when placing a godox speedlight directly onto my hotshoe, it works just fine on all shutter speed and light power
Your not, by any chance using an electronic shutter?
@Richard Bierman no, mechanical shutter
@PhotoJoseph is that the Zomei tripod in the HSS banding example?
@PhotoJoseph do you find the horizontal center column useful? i'm looking at that and vanguard alta pro 2+ 263AB (prices are close on Amazon)
VERY useful. If you want to do top down photography it’s priceless.
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