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My Custom GH5 Settings (Downloadable!) — PhotoJoseph’s LUMIX GH5 Custom Function Configuration

Photo Moment - August 01, 2017

In today's Photo Moment, we'll explore my personal GH5 settings. I'll explain my thinking behind every option I set up, and you can even download my file from


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Hey Joseph, Are these settings still up to date with the GH5 2020 firmware?
Also, i just purchased a gh5 with v-log in it, i wanted to reset the settings to default but im afraid the damn v-log would disappear and i dont have the code to reinstall it again in that case, my question is, would a reset erase the v-log?
Reset does not erase V-Log key.
I know the menus and stuff are pretty much the same in the GH5, but is safe to install this setting, in 2020, after installing v-log and 2.7 firmware?
If it's not compatible, it won't load.
I just had tobsubscribe and hit the damn like button, i just come across this video and knew that this guy is just amazzzzing
haha… I like you too!
is the download for your settings free or is it included when you sign up for the GH5 training? Thanks.
Free but it’s very old and I think won’t work with the latest firmware
@PhotoJoseph Are there any plans to update the settings file previously provided?
Great tutorials and a great tutor. I particularly like the conversational style and the ease with which the details are explained in each video. I have a G85 and I have found the turorial on GH5 to be very useful in understanding the functions and applying them to get better at using my camera to the fullest extent. Thanks.
Thank you for saying that, I appreciate it!
And, Yay! I have so I'm headed over there to watch your course. Thanks.
Hi, thanks for the video. I can't find your file on the page that you said it was on. Can you kindly point me to the file.
Thank you. although it's a pretty old file now that may actually no longer work with the most recent firmware.
@PhotoJoseph Okay. Thank you. I think I'll just watch the course and make my own setting.
I just got a new GH5.
Nice! Enjoy the camera!

How good is GH5 for take picture?
Excellent. Scroll my Instagram profile @photojoseph and look for photos tagged #GH5
How should the luminance level be set? Do You choose 16-235 or 0-255?I do not know what will be better?
Are these settings downloadable only if you buy the course? If so, it would be good to make this clear.
Nope, free to anyone
(But I’d still appreciate it if you buy the course 😁) The settings haven’t been updated for the new firmware though; I actually don’t know if they will still work!
thanks for your quick reply - I've just busted my budget buying a gh5. I've updated it to v2.4 - hopefully over the next couple of days I'll try your settings and report back. Thanks again
Stan Willis Sure thing. I’ll tell you what I tell everyone else… you just spent $2,000 on a camera. As soon as you’re able, spend a mere 5% of that cost to learn how to get all the value out of your $2,000 investment. Not one single return on the training. Not a one.
I have made several attempts to install your settings on my gh5 and the camera cannot locate the settings file on the sd card. Is this because v2 settings don't work with the Gh5 upgrades or? Thank you
Yeah that's exactly it… I need to update the settings file for v2 firmware.
PhotoJoseph thanks. Will look for it
I very much like your videos and will likely subscribe to your paid site. Question - as a video shooter, I bought my GH5 for video. Whether I use panasonic or olympus lenses or any of my rokinon primes, when I shoot video, the built in screen jitters terribly - it's never smooth like my other video cameras (JVC GLY-300s MFT so I can share all lenses with my GH5 - although the GH5's screen and EVF is 5000% better). Is this normal for the GH5 or am I doing something wrong or have a faulty camera? I have reset the camera before. Thanks for any help.
Thank you for the support. Jittery? Never heard that before… can you record video of that (just with your smartphone) and post it, so I see what you mean? Is it only while recording, or always? With IS on and off? Thanks
I've not tried to turn anything on or off. I will troubleshoot it later today (meetings and client stuff) and then get back to you. If it stutters like always no matter what I turn on or off I will take a phone video for you to see. Thanks for the quick reply.
Mike Felker no doubt. And it should never do that, but let’s see what you can figure out and take it from there.
Will this downloaded settings file work with GH5S?
No. I tried myself and 👎🏻
PhotoJoseph could you upload a settings file for the GH5S if you have time?
Great instructor!
You should wait to answer questions after your basic presentation. To many interruptions makes it confusing and you lose “focus” . I the viewer gets frustrated and leaves the presentation.
My Q-Menu looks way different.. :/ I can't see VRF and that stuff..
The menu is customizable
How do I get to Bulb mode? When I go to Manuel Mode then try to change shutter speed it is greyed out after 1second?
I found out that if you have shutter in silent mode you cannot get to bulb mode in case anyone else ever has this prob.....
Hi. If I want to make photo in one shoot mode, I can't to make RAW more than 1920 x1440 (3:4). Why????? JPEG is good .... Raw is 1920X1440 always....
+TV Kids Channel That’s weird… where are you seeing this size? I don’t recall that the GH5 can shoot any alternate sized RAW files
I can see the size after downloading to file's propperties... And I selected "only RAW"in GH5 menu. Why photo's resolution is so small? I read in canera's instruction what resolution must to be something 5000 x4000 when I selecting "only RAW". Please help😭 When I select 6K photo on the left side of camera, than all good (raw resolution is large).
+TV Kids Channel Open the RAW file in an app like photoshop or Lightroom — a proper raw decoder. I’m sure your PC is revealing the size of the embedded JPEG and not the actual RAW file. 6K photo doesn’t shoot RAW, by the way. You may want to check out my — that will help you to understand more of these technical abilities.

Since yesterday I am a proud GH5 owner. The body is the most "pro" looking mft camera I know of and the look and feel is impressive. As a photographer though I must admit I have never struggled with the user interface as much as with this camera. It is very different to what I am used too.
I bought the camera because I want to shoot more video which leads to my question.
I want to have as much edit control over the footage as possible like f.e. color grading , contrast and all the other settings I am used to change on my raw files. The video editors I tried so far only have the most basic settings and by far less possibilities to what I am used to with pictures. I am sure I would be very happy with Premiere Pro but this software is way to expensive for me. For a windows user the only program which comes close to premiere is Davinci Resolve but this software is very difficult for a newbie like me. Is there a capable alternative for Windows which I have overlooked? Is it worth to climb the steep learning curve of Davinci Resolve ? Any suggestions ?
I know this is a very long post, thank you for reading it! :)
If you want pro color work, Resolve is your friend. Premiere is very good too and not too expensive on subscription. A pro camera needs pro software, and pro gear isn't cheap, sorry!
there's any way to shoot a photo with a 1st curtain flash and then other at the 2nd before the shutter ends taking the photo? Pls help Gx8 user
+SkateTube interesting, but no. You would have to fire the flash manually one of those times (which would mean a long enough exposure to do that)

Can I ask which the better autofocus setting can I use to film wildlife (fast moves) and landscape? I saw so many video that brain is getting confused

as for exposure I decide to it in auto so I can play with dof easyly abvious in low light condition I will play also with exposure


+Ugo Merlini Shooting still or video?
For shooting video
+Ugo Merlini As Panasonic advised… single area, custom off
Jospeh, May i ask why my GH5 always auto exposure even i used menu setting? i try a lot difference setting like you and search the problem in internet but no one can answer my question,hope u may help. thank you so much.
+Casper Cheng I don't understand the question. You're saying you can't get it to do manual exposure? Is he mode dial in M? Or if you're doing video, is it in M mode?
in the video mode, i am using manual exposure ( but even using the manual ,the monitor and the footage will auto brighter suddenly) ,thx
+Casper Cheng I'll bet auto ISO is on.
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