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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, now featured on the PhotoJoseph LIVE YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

ATEM Master Class — FOUR+ HOURS!!

Photo Moment - June 10, 2021

I recently hosted a four hour (++!) long webinar for Blackmagic on the ATEM. Consider this a Master Class of sorts… there is a TON of information in here. This is a very lightly edited version of the live event.

Need an ATEM Mini?


Chapter markers are embedded in the video, but here's the list, too:

0:00:00 - Introduction & Agenda
0:12:26 - Introduction to the ATEM
1:09:38 - Setup & Switching Basics
2:10:51 - Multi-screen Options
2:26:28 - Macros
2:50:40 - Chroma Key (green / blue screen)
3:39:08 - Camera Control
3:47:45 - Recording ISOs (including bRAW)
4:01:04 - HyperDecks
4:12:51 - Streaming Bridge
4:19:23 - Web Presenter HD
4:21:58 - bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck
4:31:22 - iOS ATEM controllers

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Comments from YouTube

Great Show. Thanks for it. I watched the whole show in one piece 🙂. One question came up and I hope you have an answer for it: I have an ATEM Mini and look for a way to switch ON THE HARDWARE from camera1 to camera2 and while I am switching I want to turn on the picture in picture automatically. When I switch back to camera1 the picture in picture should be disabled again. so I have always for one camera a pip and for the other one not. Is this possible?
Only with macros
@PhotoJoseph LIVE Is there any way to start a recorded makro automatically when I switch with the hardware button to an other camera?
Hi - just started watching this and it looks like a really great through that I'm looking forward to absorbing! Quick question about the webinar though. You say it happened over Zoom? I've found that Zoom is still always SD at the moment due to restricted bandwidth - did you do it in SD and then recreate it for YouTube using the in-camera recordings and so got HD? Or did you have a special premium account that let you use Zoom in HD? I ask because I have a webinar coming up that the client would like to use Zoom for but SD won't really cut it. Thanks!
Should have watched further into the video - I see this question is already answered at 57:45!
minecraft slime sound around 1h 19 min
Just brilliant !
Hi, I am using the ATEM Television Studio HD which has HDMI and SDI outputs. My camera is a Canon XF-105 and it has SDI and HDMI outputs. I am using the SDI output it is 1080i, which is what I have the ATEM set to. Works great. My question is... is there much of a video delay over a 50 ft coaxial cable with the SDI? Will I run into delay issues as I add cameras and if so what do you recommend? Right now for the Zoom/Live meeting I am using this equipment for, only requires the one camera. We have done 2 meetings and one more to go on thursday nov 18, 2021. I am an AV tech for 30 years but new to the ATEM and Zoom setups as of a few months ago. Thanks for any help and your excellent video.
My first question would be, “why 1080i and not 1080p”? Coming from broadcast you’re of course used to interlaced but in the world of online video it’s all progressive. As to delays based on SDI cable length I’ve put cameras side by side on very short and up to 50ft cables and never noticed a difference. As to latency on any given camera, the only way to know is to test. In theory SDI should be real-time (it is on Blackmagic cameras) but it depends on how the camera is handling it. HDMI is always delayed. Again Blackmagic cameras have the lowest delay — it seems their experience in broadcast has trickled through to their non-broadcast cameras which is great. But anyway you have to test; every camera is different.
Driving Gary Crazy.
Who, me? 😁
How to figure out video delay n fix wireless HDMI and wired HDMI ?
You can’t “fix” delay but you can compensate for it. Visit
Is there a way to use the features of atem extreme but not the encoder for streaming? Instead send the signal to another output to stream in 4K?
Not in 4K, but you can send the Program out to anywhere. If you want 4K switching, look at the ATEM 2 M/E
@PhotoJoseph LIVE thanks sir.. I’m loving my atem extreme and your video plus your others are extremely helpful…
Is it me , or is the audio changing @ 1:14:00...?
Don’t think it did
Wow! Thank you for providing this level of helpful information.
Good video!!!. I need to use my Atem Streaming Brigde by internet, but i dont know how to configure in my modem, do you have a tutorial about that?
I don't… it's different for every network but basically you're opening ports on your router. You need to look up how to do that for your router.
I love how this satisfy the need to know "everything" about it
thanks for watching!
what they don't say about this device is you need HDMI cameras, which are really expensive.. A USB camera will not work with this device . I fell into that trap and now have a 500$ book end or paper weight, call it what you want but good for nothing without the HDMI cameras,
I’m not sure how you can say “they don’t say that”. It has four (or eight) HDMI inputs and no USB inputs. It’s very clear. I’m sorry you feel this way, but ISB cameras are nowhere near the quality of a proper camera with HDMI output. If that’s not an option, return the ATEM!
@PhotoJoseph LIVE i can return it?
Uh, you didn’t buy it from me, mate. Talk to the store you bought it from!
On the BM design hyper deck studio hd pro can you record at the same time of dropping down graphics
from the same device? no. The HypderDeck can be a playback or a recording device, but not both simultaneously.
Amazing .... 2 hours on Sunday and 2 today .... I love the content and your style!
haha thanks Pedro!!
is the recording 1080p or 4k?
1080p. None of the ATEM Mini line-up does 4K.
I’ve watch this video so many times even before getting the extreme ISO
haha thanks Edgar, I hope you're happy with your purchase!
@PhotoJoseph LIVE worth every penny
@PhotoJoseph hope you can help me figure this one up. I was setting my stream with my atem mini pro iso and I rent the bmpcc 6k pro to be my main with 2 other long that came via sdi to the sdi/hdmi bridge converter. It happened just before the gig, I started to control the cam via the software but it changed the settings to 6k raw and didn’t let me changed it to HD, and then I couldn’t record in the atem in my hdd T5… it just didn’t start recording. So no program iso recorded. Only each cam independently. And I don’t know why? Not even sure when or why it changed the settings to record in 6k raw. Thanks for any tip.
Hey Juan, wow that's a bummer. I don't know why it switches but I have noticed that when you first connect them, it defaults to 6K. But if you were able to live stream, then that means the signal getting to the ATEM was actually 1080p — the hardware can't scale from 4K or 6K, so it wasn't receiving that. I think the cameras default to 6K internal and 1080p output when you connect to the ATEM. With that said, I don't think the camera setting is what blocked recording to the T5. I would say there was something else wrong with the drive. I assume you tried things like disconnecting the drive and reconnecting, but honestly I can't think of any good reason that it wouldn't record.
@PhotoJoseph LIVE thanks. I wasn’t streaming, the whole idea was to record iso to do the post faster, but the braw coming at 6k killed my workflow and it just didn’t record. And yes I tried unplugging, switching to another T5, but it didn’t work. Back to testing but not on live situations.
bizarre. If you figure it out, please let me know!
Hi. I'm planning to buy an Atem Mini Pro for my church. I want to know a thing that i haven't quite understood yet:
i would like to apply a logo to every scene on the lower right angle, and i think the best option is to use downstream key (that's what i understood all over the internet). Now the logo is a png with its own transparency. If i set everything and it work etc etc etc, when i will shut down the atem will it retain the png into media pool and leave it active into media player, or everytime i turn it on i have to set it manually? Because i'd like to have my volunteers to be ready as soon as they turn on the video switcher (i'm going to stream directly from the atem). Thanks for your help.
I just responded to your question on the other video
LOL I don’t know… I answer hundreds of questions. You should have received a notification.
Live replay?
What is the question?
@PhotoJoseph LIVE during live streaming. Can you assign a input to be recorded in real time and then queued for instant playback. Kinda like a sports instant replay
Ah, not within the ATEM natively. It has no ability to record or even store video. But you can do this with an external recorder; the HyperDeck supports this. In fact… that’d be an amazing video to do. Thanks for the idea!!
Coolz! Love to see that video! You can thank me with a ATEM ISO Extreme
great stuff
Thank you!
Good day sir. I most say this mind blowing job you gat here. I enjoy every bit of it and am learning so fast. But an having issue controlling my color wheels both on hardware and the software. I have 3 black magic pocket connected to my Atem Mini Extreme Iso. if I make gain, focus or add lack i will see it moving but am not seeing the effect or changes on the picture. Please I need a help. Thank you sir as I look forward for your response....
Make sure your ATEM and the cameras have the latest firmware. The controls move even if they can’t control the camera, so if it’s not working, then the cameras aren’t getting the message.
Good day sir. I most say this mind blowing job you gat here. I enjoy every bit of it and am learning so fast. But an having issue controlling my color wheels both on hardware and the software. I have 3 black magic pocket connected to my Atem Mini Extreme Iso. if I make gain, focus or add lack i will see it moving but am not seeing the effect or changes on the picture. Please I need a help. Thank you sir as I look forward for your response....
Make sure all cameras and ATEM have the latest firmware
Such an amazing resource to get started with the ATEM Mini ecosystem! And what a marathon of great info, hope you had a chance to recover, haha :-D
Haha I’m teach for another one!
Not sure if I missed it, but I can’t get the hyper deck to record what I’m switching, just keeps the multi view full. I have the studio had plus
Whatever is set to go out of the Program output is what the hypderdck will record. The deck has as monitor on it; what you see is what it captures
@PhotoJoseph LIVE got it! You’re awesome.

Also, if I don’t have internet, would I still be able to recall the macros, or does that all get blown out once I unplug the Ethernet cable? I don’t have a laptop, so I’m wondering just in case I have to go somewhere
The macros don’t require internet but they do require a computer. They aren’t actually stored on the ATEM.
You have not done Audio any justice in this Video... Remember all the detail comes from Audio..
I will do more on my next one
On delay.. I have worked in broadcast for 40 years as an Audio director.. The only fix that works for mixed camera delays is to delay all camera vision to one time line and then delay your audio full mix to match.. Delay is a vision problem not an audio problem the fix has always been passed to Audio directors
Yeah but delaying video is a lot harder than delaying audio. Most mixers have delay built in. I’ve never seen a video delay setting in any device I’ve ever worked with.
what is the recommended length on HDMI cable to run with these switchers and if you needed to run longer cables is there a solution for that as well
Run fibre HDMI
Excellent video, thanks! I was wondering if you knew how to enable the corner beveling? Is there a reason it's always greyed out?
Only supported on some hardware.
@PhotoJoseph LIVE interesting, I'll look into it some more and see what I need. Thanks for the answer
1:44:00 - Bad USB quality? Since you only have a USB-In in your PC/Mac you have to go USB anyway. You could go Atem mini HDMI1out -> CamLink -> USB(PC). May be the quality depends on length and type of your USB-cable.
Sony Master race
I know this is a bit dated but if you are still wondering about the HDMI question at the beginning. I have used Fiber Optic HDMI in 250ft and 300ft without any issues with an ATEM Mini Pro and various cameras.
Yep I did a video on that recently
Wow I am down under in Oz, and I have watched the whole show in three sessions, what a fantastic job you did you must have been exhausted by the end. Thank you
I’m trying to send an audio mix to my stem via the mic 1 input but is giving me a loud ground noise and rattling sound only. How do I get a clean audio signal? Using the extreme iso
Set the mic 1 to line level in the ATEM software settings
Greetings from Kuala Lumpur! I just jumped directly into Extreme ISO from zero. Superb Master Class. 🙏🏼
How do you get high quality recording when you are recording from obs to your computer using a template mini pro? My video quality is super compressed even at 30mbps on bmpcc6k
This was great - watched the whole thing over a few days. Thanks for sharing!
Por qué no veo un video así en español?😔😔
This was SOOOOO Awesome!! Thank you so much!
Greetings i have 4 lavaliere mics how do i assign each one to a different audio track to edit later along with my video? What other devices are needed such as mixing boards or audio interfaces?
An absolutely excellent video, question for you, you talk about the delay over HDMI with the Hollyland video senders, if I Used these for all cameras and they were all on HDMI senders, there should all be in sync? It’s only if one is on HDMI and the others won’t be in sync?
It would be great if you did a video customizing the 810 Mini software control for these streaming platforms not native to ATEM 810 software control software.
I am intrigued at your setup. I am using the ATEM 2M/E Switcher for all my inputs. I have the ATEM Extreme ISO. I am presently using it to display the 1M/E and 2M/E multi view. How do you use your switcher and your ATEM EXTREM ISO .
Ohhhhh yeah
Thank you very much
Just purchase the atem mini extreme iso yesterday and tried it today by following this video. i was suprise after 30mins of basic setting up, underneath the device gets too hot. you can even cook an egg on it. any idea how to solve this??? tnx in advance
It does get hot, but as long as the ventilation on the sides is not blocked, that's fine. You could raise it off your desk with something like this which also gives it more airflow underneath:
We raised ours. It does get hot.
Hi Photo Joseph,
Good day,

Do you provide certificate for this course?
No, this is not a certified course. I don't know that there is one for the ATEM.
What Ssd you used? My atem extreme iso always freezes when recording ISO.
oh no! I use an old Samsung T5. There are newer models; I'd try one of those.
@PhotoJoseph LIVE I tried 3 T5 and a GSpeed. They all freeze :-(
@Miguel Barriga have you found out whatr´s the reason? should it have something to do with encoding specs?
Have you tried different cables with all these different drives?
I watched the whole show and there is a ton of information packed there! I was trying to clear my mind on some topics and...still confused. I am looking forward to purchase an Extreme ISO, but given BMD track record of getting a new device line every six months and lowering the price of previous models, I am wondering about the new models to make it obsolete (Got my ATEM Pro ISO 40 days before the Extreme models were released).

I am also pondering on the hyperdeck as a media player for the Extreme ISO vs other options based on Raspberry Pí plus VLC Playoutbee. My goal is to use them for non mission critical streaming. Any thoughts on these?
I wouldn't quite call this a "Master Class" but there is good information in here. There are quite a bit of things you didn't cover in four hours.
It could have been 40 hours and I wouldn't cover everything.
@PhotoJoseph LIVE It was most definitely as mater class!! I appreciate you.
@PhotoJoseph I enjoy every bit of this video. I learnt a lot. Because of you and others like you I started using Blackmagic equipment. Love your videos, very informative.
Thank you Cliff! I hope you’re seeing the series I’m doing as well?
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