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20mm T2.0 Cine Style L-Mount Full Frame Lens for $499

Photo Moment - December 11, 2020

Cine style lenses are all manual, have clickless aperture, and are geared for follow focus systems. They can cost an arm and a leg, but this one from Viltrox proves that they don't have to.

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Focus Breathing Test

I neglected to include a focus breathing test in this video… so, here's one!


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Comments from YouTube

Great review. Something looks different about the image in this video. The colour and exposure are hotter than usual on your channel.
This video is HDR, that's why. Not my best HDR grade — early days of doing it. I've gotten better ;-)
Great video thanks - just bought the lens
Gréât video thank you, but I was wondering if you could tell the differences with Sigma Cine lens 20mm? In term of distortion? The Sigma lens cost 5000€!
I don’t have that to compare, sorry. One would hope it’s a better lens though!
but have been TTArtisans 21mm 1.5?
I'm looking at this lens for real estate video. Does it let in enough light for interiors. My other option is the Sigma 20mm 1.4 which is double the price. I wouldn't mind getting the Viltrox and pairing it with DJI's 3D focus system I'm worried about the amount of light this Viltrox let's in
T2.0 pretty damn bright. I don’t know of too many lenses that wide and that fast.
Great Review! Do you know if there is a version for Super35mm?
Not that I know of. I think they focused on the full frame market, but check their website, or amazon or B&H — I did notice different availability between Amazon and B&H, so be sure to check both.
@PhotoJoseph I´ll take a look! thanks!
Great video, Joseph. Been away for a few months and your review quality has improved exponentially! Love the real examples and the pacing. Beautiful stuff keep it up!
Much appreciated!
Do they make a photography version ?
I think they do, but possibly not in L-Mount. Check their website or search AMazon and B&H. I did notice that B&H has different options than Amazon does.
Hi Joseph, what about focus breathing?
Well well… I didn't test that. BUT NOW I DID and just uploaded a whole new video. You get the credit (or blame, haha) for that:
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