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LUMIX GH7 — Internal ProRes RAW, 32-bit Float audio, and PDAF!

Photo Moment - June 05, 2024

Discover the revolutionary features of the LUMIX GH7, including ProRes RAW internal recording, phase-detect autofocus, and the world's first 32-bit float audio recording. Perfect for advanced filmmakers and YouTubers.

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The LUMIX GH7 is making waves in the filmmaking community with its advanced capabilities and innovative features. Here’s a detailed look at what makes this camera a standout choice for filmmakers of all levels:

Key Features of the LUMIX GH7

  • ProRes RAW Internal Recording
    • Formats & Resolutions: Choose between 16:9 Full HD, 17:9 Cinema 4K, and 17:9 5.7K.
    • Frame Rates: Options from 23.98 to 59.94, 25 and 50p, and true cinema 24p.
    • Bitrates: Range from 121 Mbps to a whopping 4.2 Gbps.
    • Codec Choices: ProRes 422, 422HQ, ProRes RAW, and ProRes RAW HQ.
    • Top Format: 5728x3024 pixels in a 17:9 aspect ratio, generating a 4.2 Gbps data rate.
    • Recording Limits: No time recording limits.
  • 25.2 Megapixel BSI Phase Hybrid CMOS Sensor
    • Backside Illumination (BSI): Larger pixels for better low-light performance.
    • Dynamic Range Boost: Available across the full ISO range, starting at ISO 500 in V-Log.
    • PDAF with Subject Detection: Human, Animal, Car, Motorcycle, Train, and Airplane detection with various priority settings.
  • 32-bit Float Internal Audio Recording with XLR2 Interface
    • Inputs: Dual XLR and a dedicated 3.5mm input.
    • Capabilities: Four-channel 32-bit float audio recording simultaneously.
    • Audio Metering: No peaking, ensuring high-quality audio that can be adjusted in post-production.
  • Realtime LUT
    • Creativity: Shoot photos or video with a custom look baked in, avoiding post processing time and ideal for social media.
    • Customization: Program any of the 22 hardware buttons or five software buttons to trigger the Realtime LUT menu.
    • LUMIX Lab App: Create custom LUTs and transfer them directly to the GH7.
  • Proxy Recording and Adobe Integration
    • Simultaneous Recording: Shoot up to Cinema 4K ProRes RAW HQ, and 720p or 1080p proxy recordings simultaneously.
    • Remote Editing: Automatically transfer proxy video, and JPEG or RAW photos to for real-time editing.

Additional Noteworthy Features

  • Streaming Capabilities
    • RTMP/RTMPS, RTP/RTSP: Single-camera live-streaming to any platform via internet or local network.
  • Leica Monochrome Profile
  • 8-bit Video Recording Modes are back
  • Enhanced EVF: Slight upgrade to 0.8x magnification.
  • Noteworthy features carried over from the GH6: RAW data output for ATOMOS or Blackmagic recorders, up to 4K120p or HD300p high frame rate recording, external SSD recording, timecode input, and more.

The LUMIX GH7 is an impressive update to the GH line, bringing together cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features to enhance your filmmaking experience. Whether you're shooting in ProRes RAW, capturing pristine audio with 32-bit float recording, or leveraging advanced autofocus and subject detection, the GH7 is equipped to handle your creative needs. Stay tuned for more in-depth videos and tutorials on the GH7, and make sure you're subscribed or following so you don't miss any updates.

With these groundbreaking features, the LUMIX GH7 is set to become a favorite among advanced hobbyist filmmakers, YouTubers, and professionals. Ready to take your filmmaking to the next level?

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LUMIX GH7 price and date: GH7 $2,197.99 and XLR2 $497.99 EARLY JULY
@@photojoseph Thank you
No, there is hardware unique to the GH7 for the XLR2 interface.
Do we know if the XLR2 would become compatible with the G9ii? Thank you
@@DavidGriffin the native ISO is in the video 😄 C’mon, give me the view, man
What's the native ISO?
I asked B&H Will the gh7 record 4channel 32bit float w this xlr2? The reply is Technically, yes, it's 4 channels (two XLR, plus the stereo input). Unfortunately though, it can only record up to 24-bit, not 32-bit.

Regarding a manual, from what I can find, one is not published yet as this is a new item that has yet to be released.

Please let me know if you require any further assistance.

Thank you for choosing B&H. So i asked to clarirfy and received Thank you for contacting the Sales Department at B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio.

Since this XLR adapter can only handle up to 24-bit, even though the GH7 is capable of 32-bit float, all that would pass through to the camera is 24-bit.

Please let me know if you require any further assistance.

Thank you for choosing B&H.
So i sent a message asking how to get 32 bit float and waiting for a reply. Am i missing something or misunderstanding . Do you need something else besides Gh7 w DMW-XLR2 and a mic and memory card correct? So confused
Thank You . Update .Thank you for contacting the Sales Department at B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio.

I agree, it is strange that the XLR adapter can only do 24-bit when it's made for the GH7, which can do 32-bit float. I've reached out to a few people to see if the information we have is potentially a typo. I'll reach back out when I hear something.

Sounds as when you ask a question a rep just rereads the description back to you wich makes it feel like they think i cant read correctly .Thanks again for clarity👍🏻🎉
That person is wrong. My video is right; it’s been vetted by Panasonic and everything stated in there I personally tested as well. You can capture 32-bit float on all four channels using the XLR2.
I haven't been excited about a camera for a long time. This actually looks (and SOUNDS) interesting!
I knew you’d love this one!
Might be time to upgrade from the gh5. I did find a feature in the S5 I now can’t live without, the zero stop zebra. Any chance that made its way to the gh line?
yes, definitely. That's such a powerful feature and is all the current LUMIX cameras!
Thank you for the always great reviews PJ! Question: if I don’t want to use the phone app as remote and want to trigger record video from 100 feet away from the camera what are my options on the GH7? Thank you for the info in advance .
@AANasseh I’ve used the cheap triggers a bunch. Never tested mine at that range but it shouldn’t be a problem.
@@photojoseph Thanks PJ!. Yeah… just trigger… wasn’t sure if Panasonic also has Bluetooth remotes like Sony does as their only remote I’ve seen was wired. But I think you’re right, the Amazon triggers might work.. hopefully long range enough. The tally helps though.
Do you need to see through the lens from that distance? To trigger, you can buy cheap wireless triggers on Amazon for any camera brand. If you need to see as well, then get a wireless HDMI setup. That range is no problem.
I forgot to specify that I meant wireless remote for run and gun shooing!
I have the G9II. I will probably not use Pro Res Raw. But if Lumix will offer the $500 extra trade in like they did on the G9II I might get the GH7
Does the XLR2 also work on the GH6 and likewise does the XLR1 work on the GH7?
I have not tested but I assume they will function — however you definitely won’t get 32float on GH6 with XLR2 and you definitely won’t get 32float on GH7 with XLR1
Cool ❤
I concur 😅
Excellent video, very tempting CAM :)
Music levels a bit high in between IMO. Awesome camera. Will start saving :-)
Fair enough. Hope you can get one!
Gh7 simply want the Gh6 should have been. I give it 3 months until the hype dies.
@@photojoseph I use Lumix an always will. What made the GH5 so good at the time and talked about so much was due to when it came out the cameras that came after was the GH5s in 2018 then the GH5 ii in 2021. Users got time to use the camera fully . The S5 came out in 2020 the S5ii came out 3 years later. Again users got time to use the camera fully. Lumix as released 6 cameras in the space of 2 years the GH6 came out in 2022. What camera manufacture has done this that you now off? I have read lots of comments of users of the GH6 feels they have been forget about, the GH6 has always been discontinued. Any one who has the GH6 won't make money back as the GH7 is out. Like I said it's great for new gear junkies and YouTubers like yourself as you get to make review content about something new. But for those who do weddings or client work with Lumix cameras they may not feel they need to get the GH7 right away or any future cameras that Lumix release.
Ok… really strange comment. Every manufacturer of every product (cameras, cars, phones, espresso machines) releases new models on a regular basis. It’s how they stay in business. Just because something is released doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Not really sure what you’re even saying here.
@@photojoseph it is camera and has good specs. Just think how Lumix are releasing cameras every year each one will just be a blur. Of course it's great for the new gear junkies but for others they probably not rush to get the GH7. S
It’s a camera. There’s always hype. And the hype always moves on. But it’ll still be a great camera.
Great Video Joseph! I hope Lumix bring firmware updates to all the Lumix Cameras (GH5, GH5s) to allow the DMW XLR2 Audio adaptor to be used?
@@photojoseph Thanks Joseph. This is Shark by the way. Stunning video. Love the production design you have in Europe now.
I don’t think that’s technically possible.
Is there a chance that the S5II series will get these new features too?
Panasonic doesn't disclose what dedicated hardware may or may not be required for specific features, but my money is on "no".
Thanks Joseph. Studio is looking great. I really hope that Panasonic sees fit to include BRAW internally. Their implementation of it externally equals Blackmagic use of it in their own cameras. This also bodes well for the next iteration of the S1H. I’m sure it will have these features and more. Always impressed with Panasonic.
Yeah, I think that is a more needed option. Blackmagic is funny that way. Actually, Grant is funny that way. I think he sees supporting ProRes as a possible cannibalization of their cameras and recorders. On one hand, I see their point but on the other hand, I think it’s BS.
@@photojoseph In that case, really hope blackmagic supports ProRres RAW in Resolve. If every camera eventually has it they have to start supporting it surely.
I don't think we'll see BRAW internal on the GH6. As I understand it, it comes down to processing power and requiring a dedicated chipset that BMD has in their external recorders and in their cameras. BRAW is actually a lot more processor intensive as it's not true RAW. Probably articles on the web that can explain it better than I understand it. Regardless, yes this GH7 definitely bodes well for future cameras!!
The GH7 looks fantastic. Can you record 32-bit float audio through the mic jack on the camera? Or do you need the XLR2 unit?
Everything in that text is correct but it’s missing 4ch 32-bit. And yes I tested it — it’s in this video. Look at the LCD display at 3:39 in this video. You can see that it’s set to 4Channel and 32bit. Then at 3:49, I’m lowering channels 3&4, which are the 3.5mm input.
@@photojoseph Have you actually tried???
@@photojoseph that's not what PANAONIC says :Audio format MOV
Linear format: LPCM (2 stereo channels 48 kHz / 24 bits, 96 kHz / 24 bits*)
Floating point format: LPCM (2 channel stereo 48 kHz/32 bit*, 96 kHz/32 bit*)
* By attaching a Φ3.5mm microphone or the DMW-XLR2 (sold separately). ** With DMW-XLR2 (sold separately).
No -- you need the XLR2. The internal mic jack can't do 32-bit float no matter what. For 32-bit, the audio must pass through the XLR2.
Can you make a video about the Arri CLog3 coming to GH6 and GH7?
I thought the old GH6 sensor was FSI (front side illuminated). Has Panasonic stated or told you that it's now BSI? They told me it was a different chip but they refused to talk much more about it.
They did tell me it’s BSI, it’s in the PR material. Surprised they wouldn’t talk about it; whoever you were talking to must have been unsure if that was public or not. To be honest I don’t know much about it — if a sensor isn’t BSI does that mean it’s FSI? Maybe; I really don’t know.
I loved the output of my GG6 but disliked the feel of it in the hand (i.e., the fan "bulge"), so no GH7 for me, no matter how good. My G9M2 is just fine.
Glad you have a camera you love! The G9II is great and I also like the feel of that one a lot.
Nice! I got a GH6 primarily for Shooting Anamorphic. Got Great Joy Lenses. Wonder if the GH7 is worth an upgrade
You’d see improvements in low light performance and of course if you’re shooting on board audio that’d be huge. If you want to shoot internal raw then obviously with the GH7 you have that option now. But if you don’t care about the new things then no upgrade needed.
Is there an OLPF in front of the sensor
Micro43 is alive and kicking. Impressive. @photojoseph I'd like to know if SRT can be in the picture any time soon and network control and connection are other aspect I'd like to know more about. Great video as always but can't wait for more content on this camera.👏
@@photojosephI totally agree with you. USB-C is there in case of need of a hard wired connection…that would be a significant upgrade.
No mention of SRT; don’t know if that’s in the plans or not. I do think it’s time to talk about lumix tether app for network control some more; it’s been a while!
Prob be no prob sync in post😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂BOOM BADAZZ🎉Thank You
32bit embeded in video file everytime you stop recording. I hate all recorders 32bit because you cannot trigger start stop w shutter or record button.basically you covered everything . Thank You
not exactly sure what you're saying… but you look happy so let's go with that ;-)
So xlr2 is pointless on a s5ii as it doesn't support 32bit
Correct. For the S5II, you still have the XLR1 available.
Nice quick review sir. As expected I guess lol. So like many of us I watched the Lumix live event and was like meh. Was Kinda disappointed. then watched yours and now my GAS kicked in. Dang. QQ... Will the new XLR2 work with other Lumix cameras?
@@photojoseph I think you meant GH7 lol. Anyway OK, so it's not processed internally in the XLR2!!! bummer... Also can you tell Panny we want internal BRAW as well. I would dare say that a large % of Lumix users use Resolve 😁
haha oh no, the live show wasn't satisfying? Glad I am here to give you gas. Um… 😅 And no, the XLR2 won't provide 32-bit float to any older cameras. There's hardware in the GH6 to support it that doesn't exist in other cameras.
32 bit float a game changer for video users
@@photojoseph smart move
Yep. I record nearly everything in float. It only takes one errant peak to destroy a whole recording.
I heard that the internal RAW was only with a $200 unlock code. Also, that when using 4 channels of audio (which would require one channel through the camera), 32-bit float recording is no longer an option.
The $200 paid upgrade is for the addition of Arri Log if you decide you want that look
You got it. And it’s just this video. No other ones yet.
@@photojoseph Ahhh, so the 3.5mm jack is a stereo jack for 2 mics. GREAT! Didn't see your other video yet.
Both incident. No unlock code for RAW and if you watch the section of my video on the XLR2, you’ll see that it has its own 3.5mm input. All four channel of audio have to go through the XLR2 to be float. If you toggle to XLR+internal then you do lose float but there’s no reason to do this. That option is there for XLR1 users.
Excited about this camera! At G7 event now, the 32Bit float is awesome outside of all the other wow
Yeah! XLR2 is $497.99
@@photojoseph - Totally! It’s good that you posted info about the adapter, i was wondering about it and cost.
32-bit float is probably the best new feature!
Excited about this camera! At G7 event now, the 32Bit float is awesome outside of all the other wow
Now that is a camera 😍
I concur!!
This Camera has What i need
Good question. Have you looked on B&H? They usually have links to manuals on the products pages. I haven’t looked for one and I don’t know if they’re usually available before shipping, but that’s where I’d start.
@@photojoseph is there a chance i can take a peak into the manual or do i have to wait for the release?
Glad to hear that! It's pretty awesome
Olympic's in LA, Proxy for media. ? They wanted me to run the data for Park City Olympics.
Perfect! All you need is a reliable connection. If it's mission critical reach out to the guys at Sclera Digital. They do the bonded cellular modem backpacks (rental only) and they are amazing.
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