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The Secret to DaVinci Resolve’s Global Collaboration Tools

Photo Moment - October 10, 2023

About a year ago, I embarked on a mission to create the perfect DaVinci Resolve editing system and workflow — one that transcends the limitations of platforms and geographic locations. Today, I believe I've come pretty close to achieving that goal with what I call my Global Collaborative Workflow. This editing system enables seamless collaboration with editors worldwide, regardless of their location or the devices they use.

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Objectives of the Perfect DaVinci Resolve Global Collaborative Editing System

  1. Global Accessibility: My primary goal was to allow editors, including myself, to access projects and media from anywhere in the world with minimal effort. The result? A system that is entirely platform-agnostic, be it Mac or PC, desktop, or laptop.
  2. Local Performance: Working with high-resolution footage, I couldn't compromise on local performance. The system had to handle multicam 4K ProRes and 6K RAW footage efficiently.
  3. Automated and Fast Backup: An automated and swift backup system was crucial. Waiting for media to back up the day after a shoot was not an option. And, the backup needed to be both on-site and off-site.
  4. File Accessibility: I wanted access to all my files, including originals, from anywhere in the world. No more scenarios where a needed file is sitting on a distant hard drive with no immediate access.

The Global Collaborative Workflow

Blackmagic Cloud Project Server

With the release of DaVinci Resolve 18, Blackmagic introduced the Cloud Project Server. This cloud-based project server allows access to projects from anywhere with an internet connection. No server setup is needed—just create an account, log in, and start collaborating. The cost is a mere $5 per month for a project library, accommodating multiple projects and collaborators without additional charges.

However, there's room for improvement. Project-level restrictions and automated backups are areas that need attention. The absence of an offline mode can be limiting for those without constant internet access.

DaVinci Resolve Cloud Library interfaceDaVinci Resolve Cloud Library interface

Blackmagic Cloud Store

Media is efficiently managed by the Blackmagic Cloud Store, acting as a 10 gigabit NAS. Despite being able to use any fast NAS, the Cloud Store offers unique conveniences, such as syncing proxy video only, plus all types of non-proxy-able media (audio, graphics, etc.) to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Various Cloud Store models are available, with the Cloud Pod being a cost-effective, BYO storage solution. The Cloud Store Mini, which I use, boasts eight terabytes of NVME storage and a ten gigabit network connection. For larger-scale needs, there's a model configurable up to 320 terabytes.

Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini monitoring interfaceBlackmagic Cloud Store Mini monitoring interface

Synology NAS for Comprehensive Backup

To complete the backup puzzle, I use a Synology NAS RS1221+ with a ten gigabit card installed. Configured in RAID 6 with eight 16-terabyte drives, it offers high-speed storage and robust data protection. A Netgear XS505M 10Gbps network switch brings everything together at maximum performance.

The Synology NAS provides a nightly backup of the Cloud Store, manages overflow media, and serves as a local backup. For a comprehensive backup strategy, Synology Drive ShareSync or Cloud Sync can be employed to synchronize data to another NAS or a cloud service like Dropbox.

Synology NAS RS1221+, RAID 6 with eight 16TB drivesSynology NAS RS1221+, RAID 6 with eight 16TB drives

Achieving Persistent File Access

The final piece of the puzzle is persistent file access. Logging into the Synology from anywhere in the world allows browsing and downloading of files. Additionally, Dropbox ensures selective sync, enabling access to files on-demand directly on my computer.

Synology NAS RS1221+ Cloud Sync OptionsSynology NAS RS1221+ Cloud Sync Options

In conclusion, this Global Collaborative Workflow has transformed my editing process. Collaborating seamlessly with editors worldwide, maintaining high local performance, and ensuring robust backup and file access, it's a system that comes close to perfection.

While there are areas for improvement, the overall functionality and efficiency make it a nearly perfect solution for my editing needs.

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Great video. Just starting to get into Content Creation, live in Canada with 1.5gig Internet connection and fast machines. But am hiring an editor in India with 50 MB/s average speeds and wanting her to work "off of" the media I have locally. Do I need to invest in the Cloud appliance? Can't I just use my existing Synology 1522+ NAS for this instead? What about my local machine. I get that I have to leave it on...
@MohammedSheikhdotcom makes sense. The new sync feature and free 2TB should work but keep in mind that’s only for the media, not your other assets (graphics, music). That all still needs to be shared somehow. Dropbox is great for that.
Apologies I mean 50mbps… okay so will work off of proxies, and set to local sync … but I don’t need their cloud nas device right? I can just use my own local storage? And the free 2gig plan should be enough to edit the proxies? Sorry if I’m not making sense, trying to figure this out. Appreciate your reply and time.
The editor has 50MB/s internet or mbps? 50MB/s is 400mbps which is quite good but regardless you don’t want to work off media across the internet. It’ll never work. Just use cloud sync and let them edit from proxies or originals but it needs to sync locally.
We need you to talk about the Atem HD8 …(5hours..) 🙏🏼
LOL are you saying you want a long webinar on the new ATEM hardware?
Hey Joseph. This is a great video, but I must be in a different situation from most. I want to be able to have a collaborative system in my home for ONLY ME as the collaborative user. In other words, I am the sole editor of all projects, among 2 desktop computers, a Surface Pro, and the iPad Pro version. I have the Cloud Pod, with two 4TB SSDs connected. I try to use the NETWORK tab with the DaVinci Resolve Project Server, but cannot seem to get this going, no matter what. I have tried several different configurations, because the Blackmagic manual does not go into any depth about using the network version of the Project Server. I don't mind paying for the Cloud Project Server when I need it, but I only need it when I have a remote photographer in another state with the Blackmagic Camera App, for uploading footage on the fly. Any other time, I am the camera operator. I just want to be able to use the project server in my house on all four devices. Can you please explain how this is accomplished. I saw a video from Creative Video Tips channel, but it references V17.4, and the current one is extremely different.
Network requires setting up DaVinci Resolve Server on a computer. It’s easy enough to do and the installer is included with the Studio installer. Cloud eliminates the need for you to set up the server yourself because it’s in the cloud.
great ! but if I may, a diagram is missing that shows the networks and flows.
Thanks for your feedback. I hadn’t thought of a diagram but that’s interesting. 🤔
Great and informative video Joseph. Thanks for making this.
My pleasure! Glad you enjoyed it.
What types of videos do you make that require this set up? I have 3 Synologys. Definitely took a while to learn about and set up over a vpn, Sharing data between them in different locations
Most what you see here on YouTube. Everything I talk about here is for this! Remote editor and localization team have access to what they need. It’s pretty great.
Cool ❤
Love this New chair look!
Yeah, sadly
@PhotoJoseph thanks for the update.. I’ll check that video out. goodbye cool chair.
Haha thanks. That’s the “old chair” (that part was filmed back in May) but with a new grade (nearly every grade is different from that set). I need to design a whole new set now though. That chair is gone! 😢
OMG, so much information in short time, this will take time to process, but anyway, well done 👏
Thank you! Feel free to watch over and over and over 😏
Well done! =)
Thank you sir!
Does the BlackMagic NAS have an underlaying OS, like the Synology and others have a linux running in the background, this would make it pretty easy to write a script for backup.
@Chris Hocking Yeah, it must be a linux kernel, with 'standard' NAS. Sure they customized it, but the core functions like rsynch would still be there, all that is needed to run auto backups. Question is just, how to get in. Most small linux boards have some way to root the device...
I believe they're using the same OS as their cameras and switcher hardware - which is a custom built OS. I'm sure it's built upon UNIX/Linux.
@PhotoJoseph where there is a will there is a hack. Pretty much all NAS systems have a linux under it, its just a matter of getting access. Try to SSH to the your IP of your device and see what happens ;)
Nothing published. I’m not aware of any way to write additional commands for it.
Perfect... I just need a rich donor
Don’t we all!
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