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Intermediate Tips

Importing to Aperture as Referenced—with Drag and Drop

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September 11, 2010 - 12:11am
By now you all know that you can drag-and-drop files into Aperture to import them. That imports them as Managed (meaning the master file is stored inside the Aperture Library). But did you know that you can drag-and-drop files into Aperture and have them imported as referenced? It’s a simple trick, and you already know how…

Aperture 3 Vaults; What’s Backed Up, and What Isn’t?

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June 16, 2010 - 2:28am
A user recently asked, “I am realizing that Referenced images are the way to go for my RAW wedding workflow. I don’t know much about Vault. Is this something I use even if my images are Referenced or is this just for Managed images?”. Great question. The Vault can be very useful, but as most users already know, if you’re working referenced, then the Vault doesn’t back up your photos. So what good is it? Learn all about Vaults, and what they do and don’t do in this post.

A Comprehensive Look at Thumbnails, Previews, and More in Aperture 3

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May 17, 2010 - 1:08am
Understanding Previews and Thumbnails in Aperture can greatly enhance your experience. This is one of those “the more you know…” topics. Do you need to know this? No… Aperture is designed so that you don’t have to think about it. But if you do know it, then your overall understanding of Aperture will go up several levels.


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