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Lightroom’s Dehaze Tool — To Haze, or to Dehaze?

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August 8, 2016 - 9:00pm

Adobe Lightroom's Dehaze tool is quite powerful. Not only can you remove haze, you can add a very realistic haze as well!

The Lightroom Dehaze tool

In response to my request for good Dehaze samples in Live Training Session 209 — Lightroom for Aperture Users: Develop part 4, reader and contributor Florian Cortese [ and Facebook] offered up two sample images — one where the image was dehazed… and one where it was, er, hazed! I think these are beautiful examples of what the tool can do.

In this example, considerable haze was removed using the Dehaze tool, set to +100 (photography © Florian Cortese)
But in this example, haze was added by setting the Dehaze tool to –32! (photography © Florian Cortese)

Thanks Florian for the great examples!

Adobe Lightroom Classic (pre-CC)
macOS Windows

Joseph, My pleasure.  Glad to help out.  And thanks for the plug!  BTW, thank you for these training sessions.  I always manage to  learn a new trick or two from them.



Florian Cortese

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