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The 5DayDeal is Here!!!

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September 10, 2015 - 9:00pm

If you saw this last year (or the year before), you'll remember how insanely awesome this deal is. And this year, it's even better. This year, we're up to $3,300 in software for 96% off. This is an epic deal that can't last… in fact, it only lasts for five days.

If you know all about it and want to skip the rhetoric… go get 'em, tiger.

Skip the lines; buy it now

So what's the big deal?

Here's how this works. Once a year, the 5DayDeal team puts together a collection of amazing photography educators and convinces them to contribute some of their most valuable material to the 5DayDeal. They then sell this huge hunk o' photographic goodness for a massive, incredible, ridiculous discount.

This year, the bundle has grown to over $3,300 worth of photography related training videos, ebooks, presets and more for just $127 — that's over 96% off, a savings of well over $3,000.

Oh and if you bought it last year, no worries… there isn't a single repeat. It's all new. And in many cases, totally new. The 5DayDeal team wanted original, first-time-sold content as much as possible.

And the best part? We're raising money for charity. A LOT OF MONEY. Scroll down to see just how much.

Here's what it's all about

This year, you're buying content from all of these folks…

Which includes all of these goodies…

Which in turn donates money to these organizations…

(btw you can choose which you want your share to go to, or let it be evenly distributed)

How much money to charity?

Good question. Let's look at last year and what we hope to do this year…

In 2014 you helped us raise $250,000+ for Charity in just 10 days! Thank you! From September 10-15, our goal is to raise $300,000+

So, you know… quite a bit.

What's the catch?

That's easy. This only lasts five days. That sounds like a long time… but it isn't. You're thinking you'll wait until later… but don't. EVERY YEAR we get these emails… “oh I forgot, but you can extend it for me right?” or “hey you know me, I'm a regular customer, just do it for me” or a favorite, “it only ended five minutes ago, just open it back up!”. I wish we could, but we can't. The deals are signed, the ink is dry, and when the deal ends, it's gone forever.

But how long do I have to download?

Until October 25th. Which really seems like a long time, but again, don't delay. Once you buy, start downloading. It's a LOT of content. I downloaded everything and I think it was 35 GB. So you may need some time. Of course you don't have to download it all (it's in sensible chunks so you can ignore what you may not want) but again that deadline can't be extended. So just get it started. I used a different browser and set the download folder to a unique folder and just clicked 'em all. 

Ready? Good…

Click here to save 96% now!

Want to know more?

Just in case you're not convinced, I'll be looking at a bunch of the content and talking about it here and in my newsletter. But so I don't bug every single subscriber, I have a special list just for the 5DayDeal. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter and be sure to click the “5DayDeal” segment. If you're already on another segment, you can add yourself again; don't worry you won't get double emails. 

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