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UPDATE: DxO 50% Off Offer Now International

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November 17, 2015 - 5:00pm
UPDATE #2, 2015-11-17: According to readers, this offer is now available internationally and for all DxO apps, not just Optics Pro — and is valid through December 25th! If you're in the U.S and don't see the sale in the U.S. store, try the International Store.

DxO has a promotion going on right now to get 50% off DxO OpticsPro, running through November 1st. You just need to enter the code WELCOMEBACKOP at checkout to get it. I've become a big fan of OpticsPro lately, as it's become my go-to alternate RAW decoder for particularly challenging files. Combined with the PRIME noise reduction (available only in the more advanced ELITE edition—normally $199; $99 with this offer). Plus if you have DxO ViewPoint 2 ($79) installed, you can access the perspective correction tools directly in OpticsPro. It makes for a great solution.

This was shot on a DxO ONE at very high ISO; OpticsPro will correct and enhance the image, reduce noise, and with ViewPoint installed, easily correct the perspective

Keep in mind that there's also a bundle for all three apps, Optics Pro 10, FilmPack 5 and ViewPoint 2 (ELITE edition) for $289, and the discount doesn't apply there. If you're just interested in OpticsPro then obviously the discount is awesome. If you want OpticsPro and Viewpoint, the discount still works (total price now $178). However if you want all three apps, then the bundle of $289 is still a better price than buying OpticsPro on discount and the other two at full price (that'd be $307 total).

Buy now from DxO direct

Check out this introduction to DxO Optics Pro video recorded by… yours truly!


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Thanks for the heads-up! I snagged the Elite version at the last minute.

I just got an email (here in Austria) from DxO where they advertise the sale (valid until December 25th)

This offer is now also available internationally:

Just purchased the Elite version for € 199 instead € 407 :-)

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