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Aperture 3.4.4 Released

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April 18, 2013 - 1:13am

It’s no Lightroom 5 beta, but it’s an update…

Aperture 3.4.4 has been released, addressing a series of specific bugs and the ubiquitous “includes stability and performance improvements”. There’s a bit of discussion going on in the forum here as well as on Google+ about it. As always, do have a backup before proceeding—at least one user has reported new issues since the upgrade, and apparently the library is updated after the upgrade, which usually means you can not go back a version. I haven’t updated myself yet, and will run a full backup today before I do.

Here’s the fix list:

  • Addresses an issue that could cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly during image import
  • Nikon P7700 RAW images are now displayed correctly in the Import window
  • Thumbnails with version names longer than 250 characters are now displayed correctly
  • Fixes an issue that could cause multiple warning dialogs to appear when web albums are synced after waking from sleep
  • Addresses an issue that could cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly when uploading photos to Photo Stream
  • Shared Photo Stream invitation lists now scroll correctly
  • Includes stability and performance improvements

As always you can get this via the App Store or Software Update or directly from

If you find anything, good or bad, do tell us about it here.

Apple Aperture

Updated without any difficulty so far. My Aperture Library was updated as part of the process.


I did the update to 3.4.4 yesterday. Once the update had been done, I did my standard restart, cleanup etc. One issue immediately emerged. When applying brushes, the application would freeze and crash. It happened on at least a couple occasions. I noticed a similar issue when using the latest Nik Color Efex Pro plugin. I am hoping this was some sort of hiccup and when I resume working on images today, those problems will not persist. It’s odd because my build of Aperture was quite stable. I haven’t had issues with crashes related to brushes in a long time.

So far no problems at all. Upgraded, and have no problems after upgrade. (mountain lion)

David, try sending feedback to Aperture. They got back to me for a similar crash in an older version.

Fixes an issue that could cause multiple warning dialogs to appear when web albums are synced after waking from sleep


Seriously, this drove me to disable my Flickr account syncing as when I woke up my Mac with Aperture still open I’d be greeted by a seemingly endless series of “Could not connect to Flickr” popups that I had to click away one by one. If they’ve definitely fixed it I might just re-enable sync.

Update went super well. After this one another one appeared: compatibility for the the Fuji cameras!!!!!!!


Then no move to Lightroom ;-))

Not sure what went wrong, but after update, Aperture seems to have completely forgotten about PhotoStream settings. The PhotoStream section of the app did show that I was signed in, but no PhotoStream information was available. I had to enable it (it was already enabled in System Settings, but not in Aperture). At which point, nothing happened; Selecting PhotoStream section was impossible for a brief moment, and when I did manage to select it - it was still shown as disabled. I went thru the same process again - enabling PhotoStream, at which point Aperture began sync’ing all the photographs. However, shortly after that, the main PhotoStream disappeared, leaving only shared PhotoStreams visible. After restarting Aperture, main PhotoStream finally showed up and sync’d. It doesn’t appear that any data was lost.

Earlier i reported no problems…..but now i have problems.
Whenever i import an flash-card into aperture, then after import aperture ask if the photos on card is to be deleted. If i say yes, aperture crashes.

Actually, this crash is sure like the sun raising every morning.
Aperture crashes imediately by almost 100 % when “delete files from flash card” and eject.
Further, the eject of card does not work properly, only if i say “keep photos on card”, then the eject work.

Yup have seen this before [cannot recall what version]. Today I
> Upgraded from 3.4.1 to 3.4.4, upgrading iPhoto at the same time (and had previously upgraded OSX to current ver),
> Rebooted,
> A3 library upgraded,
> then SD card in in-built slot in iMac not recognised as a external flash card [import wizard did not launch when SD card is inserted] (but was available for import as a normal mounted drive).
> Rebooted again, and insertion of SD card now triggers import wizard as expected
> But as Kenny above found, when import finished and deleted/ eject offered, OK to this deletes but does not eject [I don’t get the crash though - phew].
I’ve seen a variant of this before in an earlier version - Delete/ Eject did not delete BUT did eject … Seems to be a troublesome thing for Apple.


Just (finally) upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion and am experiencing consistent crashing every time I say “yes” to “delete photos on your camera?” I’ve seen others experiencing this issue via Apple Support Communities, but I haven’t found a solution yet that works. I have
~ deleted/reinstalled Aperture
~ repaired Aperture permissions/database
~ delete the p.list file from preferences

I can, of course, stop Aperture from trying to delete pics from my camera/phone, but I’d rather retain the option. Anyone have any thoughts/experiences/suggestions?

Same here - Import photos then ‘delete photos on card/camera’. Aperture then hangs with a spinning beachball and eventually crashes. It doesn’t eject the card either. Doesn’t matter which camera, or JPG or RAW. To be honest, Aperture has got slower and slower and some days becomes unusable as you’re waiting for it to complete whatever it seems to be doing in the background.

Personally, I’ve found the cleanest way to import my files into Aperture is to drag my images off the SD card, place them on my desktop or ext.HD, and import directly from the drive, not from the card.
The upload seems to be faster, and I’ve found that some files I’ve imported from card to Aperture, became corrupted during import. I’ve confirmed this by opening what Aperture is alerting as an unreadable image or format, I was able to view my files in Preview mode or PS form the SD card with no problem
I can then either import as Managed images, then delete the originals copied onto the HD, or store them on an ext.HD and access them as Referenced images.
This bypasses the whole Keep or Delete alert window.
Further, it’s much faster and efficient to delete files from computer rather than from camera, and reformat the SD cards to keep them from retaining any misc. file info left
the card. May sound counter-intuitive but works for me.


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