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A Quick Look at Some of the Changes in the Adjustment Panel

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June 11, 2012 - 8:58pm

Take a look at some obvious changes in the adjustment bricks:

The most obvious is the new Professional Auto Enhance button. This is the single most significant change to the way will start adjusting images. I can’t imagine very many situation where you wouldn’t want to start there, just to see what it does. If it looks good, move on! Next!

Brushable white balance opens a lot of creative possibilities.

Obviously, we’ll be going into this in much more detail later but I wanted to get a quick screenshot up that shows what we’re dealing with.

See if you can recognize the changes.

Apple Aperture
Thomas Boyd

I’m most curious to see if Noise Reduction has any improvement.

I like the new tabbed interface…

@William, yep - same here.

Just upgrade and I don’t like the gray all over we lost the color and this was great to look for album or smart album new takes more time.

Frederic B

I was hoping the “Before & After”, along with lens correction features Lightroom 4 has would have been included. I like the way the latest version processes my RAW files. They have a better “natural” look.

I’m surprised they’ve revamped the MobileMe galleries interface given this is being retired at the end of the month.

Oh no - think I have to finally upgrade to Lion. Does not support 10.6.x

The vignette slider has also changed to a -1 to +1 with less than zero being a white vignette and above being the dark. I like it. The shadow slider is pretty potent actually. The effect is much more natural than before - at least that’s how I see it.

I would have liked to see some lens distortion correction.

I like the new interface though - clearer and easier to use.

I am I’m surprised that they are missing advanced functions under the shadow / highlight tool.
I do not want ipohto interface :)

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