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Nik Software’s snapseed—Now for the Mac

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January 21, 2012 - 11:00pm

I’ll do a proper look at this later, and be sure to talk about how to best integrate it into an Aperture workflow, but just in case you haven’t seen it yet… Nik Software (the maker of my favorite plug-ins for Aperture, and no, I’m not paid to say that!) also makes one of my favorite iApps, called snapseed, available for both iPhone and iPad.

Guess what… now they have a version on the Mac.

It’s just awesome. I think it’s one of the easier 20 bucks you’ll spend on the App Store this week, because you’ll just have SO MUCH FUN with it. Check it out!

Click to view snapseed on the Mac App Store

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I’ve been wondering if this is worth buying for us Aperture users, if there’s anything it does that Aperture can’t do?

Also, it’s my understanding that you’ll have to be a bit manual about it:
1) Export from Aperture
2) Load the file into Snapseed edit it.
3) Save from Snapseed.
4) Import back into Aperture.

As Klaus I was wondering the workflow with aperture and it it’s a good program to buy, every day you see 30 new apps with filters and stuff, so is there a real diference between this one and the others? would love a video or more in depth post about it, I tend to follow your advise and always turns out right!


Klaus & Javier,

I have a possible workflow that will make things a bit easier here, sent in by another reader. I’ll test it out today and if all looks good, I’ll do a post on it.

As far as what it can do that Aperture can’t… textures are one thing that are quite difficult and limiting in Aperture, and in here I believe they are procedurally generated so unlike my own presets, they are constantly changing. Then of course there’s the simplicity of the app and the fun exploration style. I don’t look at this as an app to achieve a specific look you’re after as much as it is to explore a general idea and see where your clicks take you, then dial that in the way you want it towards the end.

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What the heck, I’m gonna go for it.

Joseph, contact Nik and tell them to send you your commission, you got me convinced :)

haha thanks Klaus ;-)


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Joseph, I am still hoping for the workflow. I have been patiently waiting. ::grin::



haha nothing like a subtle reminder… OK, I’ll do it now.

In the meantime… if you have’t yet, this is what I am working on…

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Sounds good Joseph - I was just about to let Joel know that him and I are both members of the “patiently waiting”-club :)

Thanks for the article, sorry I missed the live show!

I did check out the ibook. Downloaded it and showed it to my wife, but not before I practiced my demo- my expertise with iBooks 2 was pretty shaky! It was a bit embarrassing, my demo that is, not your book.

I’m excited to play with it a bit, but I’m busy “playing” with FCP X the last couple days, making videos of several events captured earlier in the month. I like FCP X better each time I use it, so much better for my needs than FCP 7. Good lord, I hope I don’t start another religious war! ::grin::

Thanks again!

Hi Joel,

Sorry you missed the live show too! But I’ll have the video up for download soon, so it’s not a total loss :)

Glad you like the iBook. It’s really coming along… there are some wicked cool features in there. I will publish an update possibly tonight, definitely by tomorrow.

FCPX? No religious war here, but I may have just cost you another $35… if you haven’t already, check out the training I did for that through video2brain. Go to and click Final Cut Pro X. :-)

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There you go everyone; post is up AND a Live Training done on the topic. I love it when a plan comes together ;-)

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Joseph, I was referring to the FCP7 and FCPX religious wars. ::grin:: Thanks for the link.

My snapseed video tutorial download is in process. Glad I could help add to your inspiration.

Ciao. Joel.


I knew what you meant ;-) When I did the training, I did my share of public griping about it. Not because of the workflow changes, but the bugs that made it very hard for me to do the training videos. However most bugs were squashed in the dot-release — just after I finished recording, naturally!

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