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Aperture 3… It’s Alive!!

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February 10, 2010 - 12:06am

Like the rest of us I’m downloading the trial now… I will be reporting back throughout the day!

Apple Aperture

Downloading it also, but looking at the web site, Raw support is far improved but still no GF1 (my new baby)

Just installed it, the trial version. Figured out to late that with 3.0 Trial I can’t import my 2.1.4 Library. So have to wait til Thursday when the package arrives.

Well, about time! My upgrade path will be a bit more expensive than most people’s. Just ordered a Macbook Pro so I can run A3 since I am currently running a Powerbook G4 on Tiger. Apple assured me I could move over my apps. I hope so!

I’ve never had any problems even with my oldest apps after the transition from G4/G5 to Intel Macs. You’ll love your new mac :-D

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