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Attention 1Password Users: A Solution to SquareSpace Login Problems!

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January 18, 2010 - 5:26am

Hi folks,

For those 1Password users out there, you may have noticed that my site doesn’t properly support automatically logging in with your account saved in 1Password. Twitter follower @robdeloach pointed this out in a tweet this morning, and I responded that it simply wasn’t properly supported.

Fortunately a little digging (ok, one quick google search) turned up a solution. According to this post on the SquareSpace developers site, all you have to do is disable auto-submit for that login inside of 1Password. Launch the 1Password software, and find your login for this site. Click the Edit button, and change Submit to Never.

Fixing 1Password login to SquareSpace sites

(It appears you actually need to quit 1Password for this to take effect.) Next time you’re logging into this site, 1Password will automatically enter the login name and password; it just won’t click the Submit button for you. You can click it yourself, and you’re in!

Hope this makes things easier for everyone.

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That works. Thanks for checking in to it.

I can’t even get 1 password to save my login for this site…

f p,

I’ve had that problem with some sites too… not this one, but I’ve seen it. You can manually create a login in 1Password though.

1. Open the 1Password app
2. go to menu bar File > New Login
3. Enter any name you like ( would be obvious)
4. For the site, enter
5. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields
6. Important!! per the article above, set “Submit” to “Never”
7. Save and quit.

Now it should work as expected! Remember that you’ll have to hit the return key after 1Password enters your login/password, again per the article above.


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