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Paid Membership

Paid Membership

The subscription payment options

We now offer a paid subscription to, allowing you to maximize your value while supporting the site on a regular basis!

What you get

With a monthly or annual subscription to, you get…

  • Unlimited streaming of all Live Training videos!
    • These are normally only free to watch live, but as a paid member you will be a be able to stream them at any time.
  • Discounted downloads of Live Training videos
    • If you want to own the video or watch it offline, you will be able to purchase for a significant discount — just $1!
  • NEW! The “Business of the Business” interview series, where I talk with photographers, filmmakers, YouTubers — people in the content creation business — about the business side of their business. How they grew and grow, how they market, how they make money.
  • NEW! Access to a private Facebook group, where we can discuss anything you want, I am far more likely to respond quickly than to public posts, and most importantly, where I will go live at random times to talk about whatever you'd like!
  • 20% discounts throughout the store
    • All other store items (workshops excluded) will be discounted for paid members. If there's a sale, you'll get your discount in addition to the sale discount!
  • A warm fuzzy feeling that you're continuing to support the site on a regular basis.
    • As membership and therefore funding grows, we will be able to bring in more and more authors. Site authors are paid primarily from membership funds, so the more members we have, the more the authors will get paid, and the more authors we'll be able to afford to bring on.
  • To help keep ads off the site!
    • As you've undoubtedly noticed, we still do not have any third party advertising on the site. We occasional have sponsored posts, but you don't see ads for whatever the last household item you googled or looked up on Amazon showing up here. We don't like sites that do that, so we don't do that. 

What it costs

Less than one super grande triple machiottafrapacafečino! And, this is better for your waistline.

  • Monthly — $7 per month
  • Annual — $70 per year (so, two months free)


You can cancel at any time, of course. Once you cancel, your membership will stay active for another seven days (or until your membership expires; whichever comes first). Does that mean you can sign up, binge-watch all the Live Training like it was House of Cards, and then cancel? Yeah, sure… we hope you won't do that, but we won't stop you. (please don't do that)

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please reach out via the contact page. And thank you for supporting the site!


Paid Membership

The subscription payment options

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