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YoloBox vs ATEM — Which one is better (for you)?

Photo Moment - March 31, 2022

I've made countless videos on the Blackmagic Design ATEM, and a complete deep-dive tour of the YoloLiv Tech YoloBox — now it's finally time to compare them feature-for-feature!

(This is the edited version of a live show. If you want to see the original live version, go here)

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Comparison Chart

This chart was created March 2022. Updates happen constantly… if you spot anything out of date, let me know in the comments and I'll update the chart!

CategoryFeatureYoloBoxYoloBox ProATEM Mini Pro ISOATEM Mini Extreme ISONotes / caveats
HardwareBuilt in screenYes
(7ʺ 350 nits)
(8ʺ 400 nits)
HardwareHeadphone portYesYesNoYes 
HardwareBuild in SD card slot (for recording)YesYesNoNoCan connect USB drive to ATEM
HardwareBuilt in SIM slot / LTE modemYesYesNoNoCan connect smartphone to ATEM, with failover
HardwareUse cellphone for streamingYesYesYesYes 
HardwareBuilt in WifiYesYesNoNoHowever WiFi for streaming should be avoided
Hardware¼-20 hole for tripod / on camera mountingYesYesNoNo 
HardwareStandalone (all-in-one)YesYesNoNoTechnically ATEM can be if pre-configured, but with no monitor you’re streaming blind
SetupmacOS and Windows AppsNoNoYesYes 
SetupNo software neededYesYesNoNo 
SetupFirmware UpdatesYesYesYesYesYolo is an android computer, can have more features added
SetupDirect mouse / keyboard supportYesYesN/AN/A 
SetupSave / Restore SettingsNoNoYesYesComing to Yolo?
OutputsHDMI / Program OutYesYesYesYes (2×)ATEM can output any single source, Program or Multiview
OutputsMultiview OutSort of; mirrors displaySort of; mirrors displayYesYes 
OutputsUSB; use as WebcamYesYesYesYesLimited functionality on YoloBox
PowerBuilt in batteryYesYesNoNo 
PowerAC Power IncludedNoNoYesYes 
PowerPower with USB batteryYesYesNoNo 
InputsHDMI Inputs2348 
InputsBuilt in scalersYesYesYesYes1080/720, not UHD (Yolo & ATEM)
InputsUSB camera (webcam) supportYesYesNoNo 
InputsDedicated Audio inputs11× mic1× line2 (line or mic)2 (line or mic)All video / USB inputs are also audio
Media & EffectsPlay videos without an additional devicesYesYesNoNo 
Media & EffectsPlay PDF without an additional devicesYesYesNoNo 
Media & EffectsLoad graphics without a computerYesYesNoNoStill need a computer to put graphics on SD card but you can have SD cards full of graphics
Media & EffectsBuilt-in title generatorYesYesNoNo 
Media & EffectsBuilt in scoreboard featureYesYesNoNo 
Media & EffectsBuilt-in Countdown clockYesYesNoNo 
Media & EffectsBuilt-in scrolling captionYesYesNoNo 
Media & EffectsColor generatorsNoNoYesYes 
Media & EffectsFade to BlackNoNoYesYes 
Media & EffectsColor bar generatorNoNoYesYes 
Media & EffectsCapture Still to immediately use in productionNoNoYesYes 
Media & EffectsDownstream keyYesYesYesYes 
Media & EffectsUpstream keys (Luma, Pattern, DVE)NoNoYesYes 
Media & EffectsChroma Key (green/blue screen)NoYesYesYes 
Media & EffectsPicture in Picture (PiP) viewYesYesYesYesMore control on ATEM
Media & EffectsSplit (side by side) viewYesYesNoYes 
Media & EffectsSuperSourceNoNoNoYes 
Media & EffectsVariety of Transition stylesYesYesYesYes 
Media & EffectsChange transition rateNoYesYesYes 
Media & EffectsCustom transition controlNoNoYesYes 
Media & EffectsStill Store / Media poolYesYesYesYesATEM 20 max; Yolo no hard max. Graphics only on ATEM; Yolo stills, video, PDF, etc.
Media & EffectsLoad media from SD CardYesYesNoNo 
Media & EffectsLoad media from any computer on the networkNoNoYesYes 
Media & EffectsLoad media direct from PhotoshopNoNoYesYes 
AudioProgrammable audio delayNoNoYesYes 
AudioMulti-input AudioNoNoYesYesYolo audio only from a single source
AudioEqualizer and advanced audio processingNoNoYesYes“Enhanced Audio Interface” coming?
AudioIndividual input audio levels controlYesYesYesYes 
RecordingRecord ProgramYesYesYesYesATEM requires external USB drive
RecordingRecord ISOsNoNoYesYesATEM includes Resolve project
RecordingRecord in-camera ISOs (bRAW), auto matchNoNoYesYesBMPCC cameras only
StreamingStream to multiple destinations at once without additional servicesYesYesNoNoUsing YoloLiv free restreaming service
StreamingSchedule a live event without a computerYesYesNoNoYou can do “live now” with ATEM, but can’t set title, description
StreamingStream to custom RTMP or RTMPSYesYesNoNoCustom on ATEM only by modifying XML (link to old video)
StreamingFacebook and YouTube comments monitor & overlayYesYesNoNo 
Streaming480p, 720p, and 1080p streaming optionsYesYesNoNo 
StreamingVarious Bitrate encoding choicesYesYesYesYesSlider on Yolo; presets on ATEM
StreamingCBR, VBR, CQ streaming optionsNoYesNoNo 
Device ControlControl from a computer anywhere on the networkNoNoYesYes 
Device Controlbitfocus Companion / Stream Deck controlNoNoYesYes 
Device ControliOS apps controlNoNoYesYes 
Device ControlQuickly access controls via hardwareNoNoYesYes 
Device ControlMacrosNoNoYesYes 
External HardwareControl external Record, Playback (HyperDeck)NoNoYesYes 
External HardwareCamera control (exposure, color, focus, power zoom, etc.)NoNoYesYesBMPCC cameras only

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ther BIGGEST downfall for The Atem is that it can not stream directly and you need stream key. This is a HUGE problem in instagram and tiktok as they don't provide streamkys unless you have certain amount of followers and even then you need a PC to use tiktok studio. This is hugely limiting for people needing to use instagram and tiktok over Facebook or youtube. Big L for the Atem
Can i record internally in 4k ( on a sony a7iii) and at the same time stream clean in 1080p with either of those two switchers?
No idea; I’m not a Sony shooter sorry
A limitation I have found with the Yolo Pro is that I cannot change the RECORDING quality to a higher quality. With the ATEM, I can have TWO different settings…I can change the internal settings to create a high quality recorded file, and then a lower quality version for the streaming setting. The Yolo does not seem to have this functionality. I’ve been waiting forever for Yolo to do this, but nothing yet.
That is true. Definitely worth asking for (although they’ve heard it before, but the more people that ask, the better!)
hi sir Arjun From Mangalore, I have one problem with yolobox, My Upcoming YouTube Live Stream event Is Not Showing up in yolobox.
I already created 3 event on YouTube in my pc, but I'm not getting upcomming event list in yolobox, there is only option is creat a new streaming or monitor mode, please advise me how to do this.
We talked on email — create the event in the yolobox first. Cheers!
I feel like you were comparing this based on your very specific personal use
I don’t see how you saw that… I compared nearly every single feature on each device that there is. I provide the information with insight so you can make an informed decision on which is best for you.
for me, i understand than YoloBoxPro is best for Stream, and AtemMini Pro Iso is best for Recording used for Post-Prod.
Seems to me that the color generator function could be accomplished in the YoloBox by pulling up a graphic of the generated colors.
Joseph kindly give me , can use both paired during my steaming
YoloBox Pro – Green background, Lower third, Count down, Audio out to
RODECaster Pro Integrated Podcast Production Console, Bundle with 1
SUPER helpful video, I have the OG Yolobox and I would love them to update the option to can be managed by stream deck for having a físical buttons 🙏🏼
Great video. Do you have a video explaining your setup? How are you switching cameras live with the stream deck?
Somewhat; it was part of a live show testing the new 4K setup. I explain a lot of it here:
Hey Joseph quick question.
Have you tried using the Mevo starter with the Atem mini pro iso by just using a USB C to HDMI cable? I do see folks using expensive converters to get it to work but those are like $200+ for each camera...
Can't a simple USB-C / HDMI wire just do the trick? Or even those smaller USB-C to HDMi converters that don't require power.
If you haven't done so can you test it out asap? I want to by the Mevo starter but want to use it with the Atem mini pro ISO. Thanks!!!
@PhotoJoseph Ah ok! Thanks for the reply!
Hmm I'm in the market for 2-3 cameras.

My main Camera is a Fuji X-T4
I need 2 Overhead camera's & 1 wide side shot Camera.
Was thinking if the Mevo. (3)
My next option was to buy 2-3 Sony ZV1 or Sony a6400 or try to grab if I can find 2-3 Sony ZV-E10.
The USB output from the Mevo Start (not “Starter”) is not a video output, so no, that will not work. It’s data output, which can be read as compressed video by a computer, however it can’t be converted to HDMI by a simple cable, and converting it would be expensive as you’ve seen. If you need cheap HDMI cameras, look for used LUMIX G7 cameras. Or if it’s in your budget, new LUMIX G100.
Objective comparison based on technical specs.
Thank you!
The YoloBox (not Pro) does not support USB-C Webacam. For a RTMPs Streams the Yolobox needs to send a Mail which seems unnecessary since ai is supposed to be a all in one portable device, but it is even more annoying to put in the stream on the ATEM mini devices, in this both fail.
Once RTMP is setup, it'll be remembered on the device. For the next stream with RTMP streaming, All you need to do is a simple tap. (Correct YB doesn't support USBC-Out. Only in the Pro model)
Thank you so much for such an informative and well-made video. Thoughtful and insightful! I’ve bought a YoloBox Pro when it’s released. I'm still eager to see how I can utilize it within my streaming and video-conferencing work and would be very glad to see more tutorials and how-tos!
Thanks Martin, and noted!
Thank you Joseph. This is exactly the video I wanted to see!
Reading comments made me think it may be a great idea to show how YoloBox/Pro works with ATEM as a combo!! Lots of people are using both units together, YoloBox/Pro working as an encoder and monitor either from ATEM's HDMI Out or USB Out to Yolo's HDMI in or USB in.(in this case, people can get rid ofcomputer OBS or ATEM software, which are not beginner friendly)
It does seem to be more popular than I expected. 🤔
AMP user. Got my YBP a couple months ago and it is awesome for what I do.
GREAT VIDEO! I have the Atem Mini Pro and will buy the Yolo Pro now after your comparison and use them both together. Thanks PhotoJoseph!
We're (at my day job) using the Yolobox pro for getting in for live streams that aren't deemed "important" enough for a full live TV news crew. We almost always have to use WIFI (Mifi hotspot). It does ok most of the time, but we pretty much exclusively plan on streaming in 720 or 480.
So if we have 4G cellular hot spot "only", we will not have 1080, just 720 maybe, and usually 480 correct?
Superb as always, thanks. Just a point about 4K input and scaling; I always have my Sony a6500 set to 4K and often have other cameras set to 1080p, with no issues at all on the Atem mini pro or Extreme ISO. But at 00:18:55:00 you say 4K input can't work on either the Atem or the Yolo because the scalers won't know how to deal with 4K. I'm sure this must be a misunderstanding on my part but would love to know for sure. Thanks
Happy to help! FYI if you join the channel as a member you will have access to a private Discord server which could be a good place to ask questions, and of course you’ll be helping support the channel! Details at
@PhotoJoseph Thanks Joseph, it hadn't occurred to me that a 4K camera can output 1080, but it makes perfect sense because it works on older 1080 monitors and TVs just fine. Thanks for explaining.
Most cameras (I can’t speak for yours, as I don’t use that model) will still output 1080p even if they are recording 4K. Cameras like the LUMIX family can record 4K and output either 4K or 1080p. By default most cameras will be set to an “auto” mode, which will detect what the other side wants, and auto-adjust. Neither ATEM nor Yolo can convert a 4K signal; they will just show black if you feed it 4K. So if yours is working, that means the camera is outputting HD.
Can YoloBoxPro record in 1080p while streaming in 720p or 480p?

I usually live stream in a remote area and have low bandwidth.

Q2. Also can it Auto change qualities during a livestream so that on poor connections it still streams but in lower quality and when connection becomes strong it starts streaming at higher quality?

Q3. Will the livestream end if there is a internet disconnection let's say for 5 minutes or more?
Or will it resume the livestream from that point onwards?
And meanwhile I believe Offline Recording will be working seamlessly, right?
@PhotoJoseph Q1: Currently you could only record and stream at the same resolution. We might implement that feature that you can record and stream seprately with different resolution in a future free software update. (Not in near-term roadmap though)
Q1: Hm, I’m not sure actually. Maybe @Feng Zhu can respond.
Q2: The different streaming bitrate options (VBR) handle that need. You can’t change resolutions mid stream though. That’s locked by the streaming platform, once established.
Q3: Also determined by the platform. Most or all services will just stop after a period of receiving no data.
Q4: Internal recording is independent so yes, will continue.
Couple pointers: you can power an Atem from a USB-C PD port, if it can deliver enough current. Blind spot make a 12V trigger cable, that will do this. You can also feed a webcam into the Atem using certain industrial encoders, but yes, we're talking at least 200$ for said encoder. On the YoloLiv, the webcams it can take is limited. It has to support 720p and the YoloBox and YoloBox Pro will only support 720p on that USB port.
Actually for YoloBox Pro, you could take 1080P webcam in the USB port. (YoloBox only 720P)
Awesome. So many options!
@PhotoJoseph I've been using a basic Atem Mini in an IRL streaming backpack. As it only needs 12V 1.5A, I can power it off a 18W USB-C PD port, as long as the power bank supports the 12V profile (not all do). That's really helpful for a mobile or adhoc setup. Obviously remote apps like LiveApp Pro and MixEffect are essential in that scenario for remote control and a DeckSaver of course, so the buttons aren't randomly pressed.
Hi Joseph, Can YoloBoxPro or Atem switch the scenes automatically e.g. after x seconds switch to scene 2 and then after y seconds switch to scene 3?

I use Advance Scene Switcher plugin in OBS to do this for long streaming sessions.
@Feng Zhu if you addedl video follows audio it would expand your audience to people using the Yolobox for recording their own shows and interviews
Cool, Feng!
@Feng Zhu That would be great 👍
Auto-switching is happening in one more update on YoloBox Pro. And will be much easier than ATEM's macros.
You can do that with macros on the ATEM, but not on the Yolobox
Having both has proved quite nice. i use them each quite differently. i have not yet used them both together, but will i am sure at some point. great break down, thank you.
Yeah definitely an interesting combo meal!
Just watching this and your comments are yours to own,. Fade To black allows you to be professional and get into a live stream off of black and end the stream the same way. As far as Bars definitely a need. Making some assumptions a PA mixer will know exactly delay required for your switcher. This looks like a disaster in lip sync IMHO.
Great to have different perspectives!
hi joseph, you can record start ALL BMPCC pockets from the atem software with one click ; -)
@PhotoJoseph ah, that I misunderstood that you were talking about not pockets to turn them on individually - sorry
Yes you can, and I talk about that in this video.
I have the Atem Mini base model, the Atem Mini Extreme ISO and the Yolobox Pro. They complement each other very well as they do different things well. The Yolobox Pro is a perfect do it all device and if I need more than 3 HDMI ports of more advanced audio handling, then I bring along my Atem Mini. For more complex projects, I’m using the Atem Mini Extreme ISO. The Atem Extreme forces me to use a whole bunch of other hardware I have to build around it, but in the end, it gets more powerful. I love the efficiency of the Yolobox Pro.
Definitely all true!
Purchased an ATEM mini pro this past weekend for use with my work machine (MacBook Pro). Works really well. Looking for something to pair with my YouTube editing machine (Fedora Linux). Wondering if your contacts at Blackmagic or Yolo have addressed Linux compatibility with you?
@PhotoJoseph cool, cool—thanks my friend. Great content. Trying to crack the code myself to reach your level.

Thanks for taking the time.
No, and I wouldn't count on a LINUX version of the ATEM software. You can post in the Blackmagic forums; there's probably a discussion in there already and I know BMD does read those forums. But I wouldn't count on it. And there is no software component for YoloBox so there's nothing to make for LINUX.
Great video and comparison. I really wish it was possible to stream in 4K with one of these devices.
No doubt
@PhotoJoseph Yeah, that's a nice unit for sure. Thanks! Hoping as well for a Mini 4K as I'd think that would be a game changer if priced right.
Yep. This was originally live, and streamed in 4K. It takes a lot!
4K hardware comes with a big price tag. it takes a lot more processing power. also, not many have the bandwidth to upload 4K streams. it can be done, but takes some considerations.
I would guess that we'll see a 4K ATEM Mini this year, but that's 100% speculation. In the meantime, the ATEM 2 M/E is 4K (and that's what I use).
Oh how I've been waiting for this.. Although I already purchased the atem mini extreme which is a beast.
A beast it is! But an amazing one ;-)
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