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YoloBox Pro COMPLETE Tour!

Photo Moment - December 09, 2021

The YoloLiv YoloBox Pro is an impressive all-in-one switching and live streaming solution with Green Screen, Graphics, PiP and more. But is it perfect? 

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Hardware and Input Ports Tour

Hardware and Input Ports Tour

  • You’ve got three HDMI inputs, each one with a scaler on it. You can bring in just about any flavour of 720 or 1080 into this and it’ll scale to whatever production size you’re doing
  • You have a type of USB port which actually supports webcams
  • An ethernet port
  • An HDMI out which can output your program or can output the same interface, so think of that like a multi-view out and that’s actually how I’ll be recording the screen for you to see throughout this demo
  • A type-c USB port which isn’t really used that much yet right now you can plug a keyboard into it. You can also bring audio in through that, probably a couple other things, but in the future, they will be adding webcam support, so you’ll be able to plug a usb cable from here into your computer and treat this like a webcam
  • There’s a headphone jack two audio inputs one at mic level and one at line level
  • Another USB-C port specifically for charging
  • On the other side, we’ve got a ¼-20 hole for a tripod or that little mount that we saw in the box
  • An SD card slot which is very handy; this is both for recording your show and for loading graphics onto the device
  • A sim card slot; this device actually has a modem built into it so you can live stream with a SIM card

Creating a Live Stream or Monitor Mode

Creating a Live Stream or Monitor Mode

  • Now let’s go back to the main screen and create a show. To do that you tap on the plus on the bottom right corner, and you have two options: you can create a new live show, or you can create what’s called a monitor mode.
  • Monitor mode is just like a regular live event except that it’s not set up to go live anywhere, so you can use this either for practice just for playing around with things in here, without having to set up a live show.
  • Or, you can also use it if you just wanted to do a live stream on the hdmi output onto a projector or something like that.

Add Video/PDF from SD Card

Add Video/PDF from SD Card

  • If I tap on add video source I can now add additional inputs to this. We’re going to start with something off of the SD card. You’ll see that I can load up to two videos off of sd cards. I’ll start by tapping on an SD card video 1 it’ll scan the card and i have one video clip on here called drone. We’ll go ahead and add that in and now that’s ready to go.
  • I’ll add another video source and for this one, I’m going to choose pdf. It’s kind of a neat feature you can actually load a pdf onto your sd card, and then play that from the yolo box.

Adding Split Screen, Side by Side, Picture in Picture Layout

Adding Split Screen, Side by Side, Picture in Picture Layout

  • This time, I’m going to choose the side by side video. It comes up with selecting a source. So let’s go ahead and put me in hdmi 1 on the a side, tap next and then for the b source.I’ll go ahead and though use hdmi three that’s the computer tap next, and now i’ve got this side by side.
  • The same process can be applied to Split Screen and Picture in Picture layout. 
  • I can reposition myself wherever I want, change the scaling of my picture, and even change the aspect ratio.

Green or Blue Screen Keying (Chroma Keying)

Green or Blue Screen Keying (Chroma Keying)

  • So let’s get a green screen set up here, and now we’ll drop out that green screen. We start with the source in this case hdmi 1, and you’ll see there’s a little icon up there of a person in the corner, we’ll tap on that enable keying switch, and just like that the background is gone. 
  • You have 2 different colour key types, green or blue.
  • I can change the similarities which is basically an expansion or contraction of how much is being keyed of that colour, and then there’s the smoothness, how smooth do you want those edges to be.

Green or Blue Screen Keying (Chroma Keying)

  • The background image is something that I can add in here adding a picture of anything off the sd card.
  • What’s much more interesting of course is to use another video source as a background image.
  • I’ll go to add video source, do a picture in picture video, choose the hdmi 3, which is my computer as the main screen, tap on next, and then tap hdmi 1 as the subscreen, that’s my keyed video and there we go.
  • There’s me in the corner, I can make myself a little bit bigger or smaller wherever I want. Now I have a beautiful keyed video, and we’re ready to go.

Graphics Overlays: Importing PNG Files, Custom Lower Thirds, Scrolling Captions

Graphics Overlays: Importing PNG Files, Custom Lower Thirds, Scrolling Captions

  • let’s go on with overlays.Here at the bottom, tap the plus button to add an overlay. There’s three different types: an image overlay, a lower thirds, and a countdown timer. 
  • We’ll start with image overlays. This is going to allow me to pull any image off of the sd card now.
  • This can be a full screen image, basically a photo that will just overlay everything covering the entire image or it can be a png file, which you can then scale and reposition wherever you like.
  • Let’s go ahead and use something like a fancy lower thirds that I created earlier. There’s my fancy lower third, I can change the scaling of that, I can tap that move it around on the scene and put it somewhere else.
  • if i go back into that lower thirds editor. Again you’ll see there’s a variety of different options in here, including one called a rolling caption. If i go into the rolling caption, i can now enter any amount of text in here, and have it scroll across the screen.  

Creating a Countdown Timer

Creating a Countdown Timer

  • You have the ability to create a customised countdown timer for any duration that you want directly in the device. 
  • Tap on the countdown timer, we have a couple themes to choose from. You can change whatever the show start text, the font, the colour, and tap on done. Now I have that countdown timer.
  • When I’m ready to start a show, I can bring that up, you can see that it makes the whole scene dark. As soon as it counts down to zero it automatically disappears. 



  • Next let’s go to the scoreboard. If you’re live streaming a little league game, and you want to keep the score on screen for the friends and family watching at home, you can do that. It’s pretty neat.
  • The first thing I can do is position this wherever I’d like, make it a little bit bigger if I want to, so let’s make it nice and big and put it on the bottom of the screen here. 

Comments from Your Live Stream!

Comments from Your Live Stream!

  • The next one here is comments. Yes you can have youtube comments showing up directly on the device here and then even load them to screen.
  • If i want to show the comment up on the screen, tap on the little bookmark icon there and it loads it up on the screen it’s actually generating a graphic in real time and loading that to the screen. 
  • I can change the font, transparency, the positioning, the scale, and so on a lot of control over where those comments will go.

Encoding Settings: Bitrate (CBR, CQ or VBR) and Framerate (FPS)

Encoding Settings: Bitrate (CBR, CQ or VBR) and Framerate (FPS)

  • Next we have encoding settings. You have 3 different encoding settings options, CBR(constant bit rate), CQ(constant quality) and VBR(variable bit rate), and you’ll see there it says this is the default and recommended,so whatever bit rate you choose and you can choose that down at the bottom.

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What kind of electric brick should I buy for the Yolo Pro. I bought two for my older-right out of the gate Yolos a few years ago and they did not work. So we've been using our computers. Any advice would be helpful. Also, did you construct your YoloPro Base stand? Thanks in advance and great video!
Good on you mate! Subscribed. And We'll be starting our new show with the YOLO very soon Nice Work! Very informative
37:00 i notice that the dji drones also have this 3.5gb file size limit. It might be that they cater to the lowest common denominator of file system format like FAT32.
26:35 an external mixer can be as simply as my micro mixer which is 4 x 3.5mm input jacks with a 3.5mm output and little volume knobs for faders. The whole things is the size of a credit card and is powered by a little micro usb port.
Can you show two cameras at once? Such as have one camera fixed on a scoreboard putting that on the bottom corner of the screen?
Did they get the audio upgrade mixer honed since this vid? or should I use my old trustworthy Rodecaster?
It’s been upgraded many times since this video. It’s worth trying for sure.
Can i just use this to record my phones display using a hdmi adapter plugged into the hdmi in on the yolo box...not interested in streaming just recording my favorite shows off my phone
@PhotoJoseph now that's a great reply to my question!!!! Wow that's very true, I learned something new today! That's knowledge I will use down the road, I appreciate ur point of view on this 😎👍
@PhotoJoseph yeah just figured whatever went in the hdmi would show up to possibly be recorded. gonna buy it though
Maybe, but if you can’t screen record then it probably won’t be output over
HDMI either.
Noticed that the battery still dropping charge even tho the charger was connected or you unplugged while recording to make this video?
It was plugged in the whole time. That’s not so unusual; even the iPhone can do that depending on what it’s doing and what kind of charger is plugged in.
Could you put an elgato capture card into the USBA slot to gain another HDMI?
Yes that should work, although it will not look as good as native hdmi.
is there a way to link a scheduled video from youtube to yolo box pro
Very educative waaw. now i can use my yolo box pro. And whats the full meaning of 'YOLO'
Great! And “YOLO” means “You Only Live Once” but I don’t actually know if that’s what the company meant by this 😅
So nice
This version doesn't have the audio out jack like the older version. Why would they remove it.
@PhotoJoseph ty I’m on MacBook Pro also
You would have to add third party wireless solutions like from Hollyland or Acssoon. Search my channel for “PhotoJoseph wireless hdmi”.
Thanks for the review of an interesting gadget. Is it possible to get around the problem of limiting 6 video sources? If I connect 3 cameras, then only 3 sources remain for additional angles and video materials. This is not enough. Is there any solution?
Route an ATEM Mini Extreme into one of the HDMI ports!
Hello, Joseph. Three questions on Yolo. 1. If I scheduled some translations in Youtube studio, can I see that list of scheduled translations on Yolo so I can choose the translation that I want to start right now? 2. Is the a possibility to make an instant replay, as in OBS? For example, a goal in football game. 3. Is there a possibility to reconstruct the score table for another sports, like volleyball, tennis and so on? Thanks in advance! And thank you very much for the great video!
This is by far the BEST "COMPLETE Tour" video I've come across. Thank you, Joseph.
Thank you!
Hi, Joseph, i have problem with the audio in my yolo box pro, I connect the cable from my mixer to my yolo box in mic but it doesn't work. How is the best way to connect the audio.
Use the “line”, not “mic” input. And make sure that it’s un-muted in the audio tab.
Good Job Joseph. Thanks for all the info.
Thanks for watching!
This video is apparently the only "User Manual" for this product. The company is still not responding to my questions about Yolobox that is not covered in this video. !!
Ugh, that’s not good!
Hey Joseph, you say that after creating an "Unlisted" event, I should be able to see it in my YT Studio and be able to edit the description, thumbnail etc. I just did exactly that and I don't see the event over on my YT Studio page. Should it really be working this way? Thanks a lot.
If that’s what I said then yes, it should. Make sure you’re logged into the same account and that the event was successfully created on the yolobox. You’d be surprised at how many people have multiple google accounts and don’t realize they’re logged into different ones on different devices!
Are you able to connect 4 wireless mics and controll them independently??
How does having a YoloBox help me steam a softball game, for example, with my Mevo? Thx!
It doesn’t. Mevo doesn’t need Yolo. Use Yolo if you want to stream the game from a mirrorless or dSLR camera.
Ming! Omg... Flash Gordon was my favorite movie.
Thanks Joseph for the video is there a way to set the comments like a preset so you don’t have to redo it for every new live for example like how the overlays are done you don’t have to keep redoing it thanks any help would be appreciated
You can duplicate a previous event
Thank you.
I am about to purchase this product.
This video gives me lots of ideas.
Finally, I ordered it and it will be delivered tomorrow.
You sir are incredible at these videos. Clear, concise, perfectly stated. Great angles, perfect editing. Sounds excellent too.
Wow, thanks!
YoloBox Pro 전체 투어 영상 잘 봅니다. 설명도 넘 좋아요. 사용하는데 많은 도움이 되겠습니다.^^
YOLO BOX (YOLOLIV)- POOR SUPPORT Hi PhotoJoseph - As I shared in a comment about two weeks ago, the SD card is not recognizing images with any extension form including .peg and .png. Despite multiple emails , YoloLiv continues to disappoint in the lack of support and continue to refer me to your Channel and Tom Buck as primary support. Additionally, the next YoloLiv hurdle was to send them png images to verify that I knew what a png image extension is. YoloLiv claims that YoloBox Pro will accept most image extensions. There are conflicting statements on YoloLic and "Rita Lui" blog. It is possible that the unit is faulty and now close to three weeks later, no resolution or support from YoloLiv. What are your thoughts considering YoloLIV keeps pointing me back to your Channel? Regards, SW
That’s very disappointing to hear. I was told directly that “In his case, it seems that he thought YoloBox could see PNG as a video source however we can currently only use PNG images as overlays”. But you’re saying that NO images can load? It does sound like a faulty unit but also why you’re being referred to me for support is a mystery. I’m going to share this post with them again. I don’t know what else to tell you but I’m glad you’re keeping me posted. Maybe they are victims of their own success and need to increase their tech support staff.
Great video very informative!!❤
Does this device support luts?
It does not
I've been watching various videos on this device ranging from being released only a month ago to a year ago and it's amazing how quickly the videos get outdated because of how many updates yolobox does for the device. Just a year ago, I think they were on version 1 of the software and now they are at version 3.something. It's not that often you see a YouTube creator say "they should add...." 10 months ago and watch a video that's only a month old and that feature has been added. It's refreshing seeing a company actually listen to their customer base and quickly add requests features to their product.
That’s awesome, and they truly do! Glad you’re enjoying the content.
Wow!😮so amazing you 🥶 ahahaha 😂
does the live stream automatically record once the live has finished? eg Facebook live
Do you mean does it END recording? It's recording while you're streaming, if you want it to. I think when you stop streaming it'll prompt you to stop recording, if I remember correctly
Awesome presentation; thank you!!
It’s too expensive and not offer all in one. If we need to do Instagram live streaming then we need to buy another device
True (about IG), but find me another device that does all that at even double the price?
That audio control is a Killer at the price point - they need soft transitions and mixes
You are a freaking perfectionist … so organized, so detailed, so knowledgeable - in content and setup …. Subscribed
Thank you! I really appreciate that.
Ok Mr. Joseph if you haven't already done so, you have to show us how you did that little bit of movie magic with the future PhotoJoseph pausing the video! That was amazing!!😀😀
Haha thanks. It’s just a freeze frame and two layers of video, and some filters to give the “paused” look.
Congratulations. If you know and can make information about live vertically for instagra, tic tok, etc and the monitor output also vertically, and instruction on RTMP that you must ask for authorization, is it really free, since the platform has a free plan only 14 days for testing then it was difficult.
you can’t do vertical video from the yolobox at this time
Hello! I have the yolobox pro recently, and I try to add "web url overlays" of streamelements to see the interactions of my subscribers (donations for example, comments redeemed, etc,).
I try to add to the url, but nothing happens, you know what happens?
It probably needs to be scaled to be seen. This whole implementation needs some work, at least last I used it.
Parabéns, como é feito a transmissão na vertical para o instagram com o yelobox
How would you bind three cell phones to the yolobox for remote streaming?
You need to use a service or box for that. The term you’re looking for is “bonding”. Teradek makes an expensive hardware solutions, among others.
can you add wireless camera's to this yolo box
Not without extra hardware, but yes. Search my channel for “wireless HDMI”
do you know how to setup a tmobile sim car on yolobox
That’s odd because my T-Mobile sim works in any device I put it in.
btw thank you for returning my message not everyone does
Also, I am unable to go live to youtube I can to Facebook but not youtube I get a message for the yolobox saying my youtube account isn't verified for streaming but it is and there are no other adjustments on either side youtube or yolobox
THe [problem is tmobile need to activate a listed device and yolobox isn't one of their listed devices. and when we tried to just take a sim card out of an existing phone it didn't work. Tmobile doesn't activate just a sim card the phone number have to follow the device and they couldn't assign a phone number to the yolobox. they did try.
Assuming the SIM is activated and working, just insert it. There’s nothing to set up. I use T-Mobile and move my data SIM to the Yolo all the time.
I will be happy if you give me this item as a gift. I am a student and I don't have no money
My Yolobox Not charging what do you use?
Can you connect the Accsoon wireless video transmitters to it? So have four wireless transmitters plug in that I can vision mix?
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