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Yes, ATEM Mini has PREVIEW!

Photo Moment - December 20, 2019

There's a little misinformation about PREVIEW vs MULTI-VIEW on the ATEM Mini out there, and I wanted to clarify. This video explains the differences between PROGRAM, PREVIEW and MULTI-VIEW, and how to enable true PREVIEW mode on your ATEM Mini!

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Mine is still on back order. I have a preorder everywhere lol. I want this thing so bad. Great video man. Thanks for the info. Because of your videos I think the Mini is enough for my needs the pro would be nice but not needed. Would love to see the preview in a update.
Thanks Very Helpful...... Question, Could you set up 2 flied monitors with an HDMI pass-through straight from the camera and make a multi-view? any dangers in that?
Yes you can, no there isn’t. But look at the Pro model with miltivew built in.
Excelente, muchas gracias por la información 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Do you still need a capture card ? sorry I'm a newbe :)
Hi Joseph, hugs from Brazil. Let's say I want to test 7 inputs using one Atem mini connected to another Atem Mini Pro as if were a camera. How could I monitor the Atem Mini, faking a OBS transmission or simply using any app that uses the camera?
you’d be monitoring it from the other ATEM Mini Pro on the multiview, only seeing the program out. Same limitation to using the ATEM Mini on its own.
Thanks so much for this video. Is it possible to have the preview view sent to the webcam out and the program out go through the HDMI port?
Thanks for this video. I know the ATEM Mini Pro is just starting to hit the market, any changes you are aware of in terms of the USB-C webcam output with the Pro?

In particular, I'm hoping that I can do multiview output via USB-C while still being able to maintain program output via HDMI. The reason why is this would allow me to do two things:

A) Send the program output to my Atomos Ninja V and from that also daisy chain a "return" monitor to as well (so the talent in front of the camera can look down and able to see which camera is being broadcast). Another potential reason to have program output via HDMI would be to use a projector to have the program view shown to an audience, etc.

B) Still allow me to have OBS running (for nothing more than a "multi-view monitor") so while I am preparing to cut between shots, I can make sure the talent is in-frame before putting it on air.

The problem would be if I you can only have multi-view output via HDMI. If so, then I can't then send that USB-C-based program output to the recorder nor return monitor nor projector. Unless, perhaps, the ATEM Mini Pro supports something other than what the original ATEM Mini supported - known as "UVC v1.5" output - via USB-C. If they are using a newer version of UVC on the ATEM Mini Pro, perhaps I could use this handy little adapter ( to convert this "webcam" output into an HDMI signal...?

If you have any hot-off-the-press details on the multi-view capabilities via USB-C on the ATEM Mini Pro (either multiview support via USB-C or a newer standard of UVC on the USB-C port), would love to know! And thanks again for the great video!

PS: I know the ATEM Mini Pro will let you record to the USB-C connection (which is super nifty in any of itself). If I didn't want to use an HDMI return monitor to show program output (or be able to hook up a projector), I could probably ditch the Atomos all together and just record to USB-C. But it can never be that easy.
This is way too long of a comment for me to read and respond to. Please watch my video on the ATEM Mini Pro and if you still have questions, book some time with me
Great video it will help me. What was the small preview monitor you were using?
It's in the description
Great presentation, thank you.
Do you need OBS additional software to do this?
do you need OBS to do what… this video is about preview vs multiview mode so I don’t know what you’re asking.
@PhotoJoseph Sorry about that you were using OBS and I was wondering if you use the preview in the ATEM, do I need the OBS software to do this
I used the ATEM MINI recently with OBS and two cameras. A DSLR and video camera. When I switch between both cameras it’s instant. However it can take up 15 seconds between it appears on the livestream. Is there something I’m missing in my settings? I was testing the two cameras feed so I was wireless. Would this make a difference? Any help is appreciated.
You're not doing anything wrong. It takes time to get to air. 15 seconds is pretty normal. YouTube has a "fast" mode that has some limitations, but 15s is normal.
PhotoJoseph thank you for the reply. Enjoy watching your videos.
Thanks for the great tutorials, the complete tour that you did was great! I do have one question that I can't seem to find an answer for (so the answer is probably no). Can you utilize the preview mode in OBS through the ATEM mini or do you need to feed the preview through the HDMI? Thanks for your time!
Yes it does. Check my full video on this on this channel.
If I use a hardware encoder like the Webcaster X2, then, is there any way to get a preview output since the HDMI out will go into the Webcaster X2?
what did you use to record this video?
Lots of LUMIX cameras
PhotoJoseph with what audio? Did you use mini?
Great stuff. Sub'd
Hi Joseph,

do you need an extra Monitor for the atem mini (Preview) & Atem mini Pro (Multiview) ? Or Is the Solution to run OBS and Atem Software Control, I `m just asking coz i want to be sure if you could minimize your setup and run it just with a (mac/PC). Thank you
You need another monitor. Preview and MultiView don't go out over USB, only over HDMI.
Thank you for all the great information! I am currently helping my church set up a live stream system due to Covid 19 and we just ordered the Atem Mini. I can't wait to start playing with it when it gets here.
Sweet! It'll work out great for you; I know this is being used a lot in churches.
BRAVOOO! very useful your style! 👏👏👏
Thanks Oscar!
Hello, I have question about OBS and atem mini. I connected but it doesn't pick up audio. There is no audio in obs. Is there any thing to check the audio settings please? even no audio is coming from the camera itself. I am using canon EOS t5i camera and my phone charger a USB for webcam. In OBS there is no "use other audio source" option to select atem mini
If there's no audio coming from the camera then of course there will be no audio coming to OBS… so you'll need to figure that out. In OBS once you set up the video then audio should come through with it. I think I showed basic OBS setup in the original video
any idea where i get the Atem switcher setup programme? not in the BMD download at the moment... :(
Sure it is. Go to and click on support, then type "ATEM Mini" into the search, and it'll be the first result.
Interesting information. Really sad that the music audio is REALLY LOUD. It gives a very unprofessional impression.
I'm sorry that I've impressed you as being very unprofessional, but you're the first person to complain that the music is too loud.
​@PhotoJoseph Hi and great that you actually respond to my comment. I am an absolute amateur with regard to video and audio. That's why I am researching and also watching your videos.
I see and hear two tendencies on Youtube which I believe are bad: Periods of loud music and background music that makes it difficult to hear the speaker.
In this video, I think the average speak level is about maybe -12 db. However, the music that starts at 0:20 and at 11:31are about -5 db. So the audience (e.g. me) has to turn the volume up and down.
So I kindly suggest that you consider having a more consistent level since your actual content is top-notch and delivered in an interesting and pleasant way.
Amazing stuff on your channel ! Thanks
Thank you!
I've just found your channel, and I am loving your content. Your style is down to earth and to the point, which is a great combo - thank you. Subbed! <3
Thank you kindly!
Great video ! Btw. What is an OBS ?
OBS = Open Broadcaster Software
@PhotoJoseph Thanks a lot ! I have already started using abs. I wonder if the recording settings of the OBS lowers the video quality of the ATEM Mini and is the ATEM Mini pro's recording quality is any different/better than the atem mini's ?
Thks for the amazing tutorial , How did you connect your gopro to Atem mini. ? with a capture card or direct from your gopro mini hdmi out to hdmi input ?
Just HDMI out of the GoPro. It was a little finicky and the delay is pretty bad, but it works. I wouldn't recommend it as a primary camera though.
@PhotoJoseph thk you
Forgive me if this is a basic question. Once my ATEM mini arrives, I will be combining it with my Epiphan Webcaster X2 to offer enhanced webcast services to my clients and prospects. One option I want to be able to give an on-air client/host (especially within the current social distancing paradigm) is the ability to bring in a remote guest via Facetime and have a conversation.

I have an lightning to HDMI adpator but the tests I have done so far don't seem to allow the Facetime to go full-screen. Using an iPad makes it bigger, but still not full screen. Also, why doesn't the audio from the Facetime conversation carry through the HDMI connection? I mean, full-screen video and audio seem to come through fine when I play back a video saved in my Photos. What am I missing? Thanks again for your excellent videos, btw.

I am backordered with B&H for this item. Not to sound cute, but I am backordered with clients who want my enhanced services asap. Know of any sources that might have this item in stock now?
This is not a quick question to answer. Since you're going to be selling your services, and you're asking me how to do the services you want to sell, I advise booking some time with me to get all your questions answered.
Does anyone know if the ATEM mini downscale 4k hdmi inputs?
It does not. It'll take in most 720p and 1080p but not 2160p. Go to and scroll almost all the way down to the section titled "Automatically Convert
HDMI Input Formats" and you'll see a chart.
Not great, why not just double tap the button to preview then switch
How would you like to make that switch? As a cut? Dissolve? Wipe? For how long?
can you put the preview to usb out and the program to HDMI?
Very clear presentation! Thanks for the definitions and examples.
thank you and you're welcome!
Finally, a great detailed explanation.
glad you thought so!
Thank you so much! A brilliant video!!!
Thanks, that's very much appreciated!
Great Video!
Thank you very much!
Thank you for your huge help. Google meet inverts screen and you are right people See screen properly only I See inverted picture in preview
Yeah, a lot of them do that. I wish they had a toggle to turn it off!
My problem is that screen from macbook pro is inverted through hdmi so text is mirrorrd via atem mini and cannot be understood and properly read, everything is inverted. Any solution?
The ATEM is not inverting it. You're probably looking at it in skype or another video chat app? Often those invert the preview but the actual stream will not be inverted. Test it and see.
Well explained, well produced. Thanks
THank you kindly!
Hi! Thanks for this!
I have a q. How to drop the lag on the live camera . As in , I’m in to live events and I use a black magic mini recorder to capture a live feed (speaker at the podium captured on a pro camera) and feed it into my computer through software and screen it on a giant screen. There is always a lag in the video. How do I eliminate this ?
The Atem 1st hdmi port will work ?
To eliminate lag either you route the audio through the camera or use an external device like the Shark to add programmable delay to the audio feed
I noticed in this video you didn't have it connected using the "controller" port. Are you able to just change the preview settings through the webcam port? Looking into purchasing great videos!
I'm not sure what you mean by "controller" port… do you mean the ethernet port? If so then yes — you can control the ATEM Mini when it's connected via USB to your computer, from that computer only. If you connect it to your network via Ethernet, then you can control it from any computer on the network.
@PhotoJoseph thank you, yes the ethernet port was what i was referring to. Thank you for the info!
You're welcome!
Joseph, is there a way with the mini, when you switch to an input it always uses the chroma key but others don't? It seems like whenever I switch back and forth I have to reapply the chroma key to on. I can set it to always be on in settings, but that seems to be for all inputs. I only want one of my inputs to be keyed. Hope you can help!
Right, the only built-in option is always-on or always-off-when-switching. You can't tie it to an input. To do that you need to step into the world of Macros, and start using macros instead of the hardware buttons to do your switching. Watch this video:
Thank Joseph, this is exactly what I was looking for! Very well explained :) I'm in the process of configuring my ATEM mini and got stuck on how to setup preview on the device itself and leave the USB C for webcam output only. It's going to be important not to combine streaming and software control on the same computer via USB. If I do need the software control then I connect an alternate computer via the network. Multiview would be cool for what I need but not essential.
Glad this video could hep!
Thank you for this. that output select on the top menu is just so dumb. Why is that not an option in the software control? Drove me crazy for 2 days and didn't know what was wrong.
You have to understand that this is a miniature version of a much, much bigger product. Sometimes those menus that don't make sense at this scale are a lot more logical when it's bigger. My big ATEM has four of those outputs and it's incredible to be able to separately determine what goes through them.
Thank you! This switcher is crazy powerful. Your walkthrough is the perfect companion to it.
Thank you kindly for saying so!
So my question is, " Can I use a USB-C to HDMI cable as a 2nd output on the ATEM Mini"? and use that as a preview on a 2nd monitor and not a computer..Thanx. Art
nope. I covered that in the next video
Is it possible to have the preview on the usb out and the program on the hdmi?
Awesome and informative video.
Thank you!
Your tutorials are always very "Mature". Nothing is unnecessary.
Thank you for saying that. Mature, like me 🤓🤪
Great device This review contains the info that may help me to get one for my church, thanks!
Excellent, glad to help!
Nice Switcher. I use a Roland V1HD but this is almost as good or even better in some ways not to mention cheaper. I like the Preview Mode because in my situation I actually use Preview as a sort of second M/E (two outputs - one to Record and One to iMag (Projection). I think a Multiviewer option would be possible in place of the Preview thru software update and can really expand the flexibility of this however in some circumstances it would be nice to have BOTH a Preview and a Multiviewer (as in my case of having using it as a 2M/E switcher of sorts which would mean another output port would be necessary). CORRECT me if I'm wrong but --- The Problem I see is this: One of the two outputs Program or Preview must go to a Computer using OBS or some 3rd party app. in order to view the output since the only ports on the ATEM switch are 1 HDMI Output and 1 USB-C output. If I need to send both outputs to a HDMI Monitor then the PREVIEW Function is useless. Correct???
yes that’s right. It’s a budget device with limited capabilities (although way more capabilities than I’d expect at this price!). USB-C is only Program, while HDMI can be Program or Preview.
That devices is for HDMI capture, not USB-C capture, and either way, no. I've tried converting the USB-C output to HDMI, and that didn't work. You should be able to use that device to capture from the HDMI port, but you'll have to test it. I've seen reports of some devices not working while others did.
As always you are very helpful.!!
I just saw another video (by Aaron Parecki) that explained how to get a multi-view for the ATEM mini, by using an external multiview and an HDMI splitter setup before inputting the signal to the ATEMmini. I was wondering, could it be the best solution for now, for having both a multi-view and the preview working at the same time.?
Aaron has a good solution, yes. He’s done his homework. It does start to feel like a lot of pieces and I have to wonder if you really need all that if there isn’t a better solution that is all in one, but yes, his solution looks good.

Thx helped a lot. 
one question. Is it possible to have not only one picture in picture?

or a method to see three or four cameras in the stream instead of two? 
thanks for help!

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