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Yes, ATEM Mini has PREVIEW!

Photo Moment - December 20, 2019

There's a little misinformation about PREVIEW vs MULTI-VIEW on the ATEM Mini out there, and I wanted to clarify. This video explains the differences between PROGRAM, PREVIEW and MULTI-VIEW, and how to enable true PREVIEW mode on your ATEM Mini!

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Awesome tutorial Joseph! Thank you very much!
Now THAT'S a review! Great work! thanks
Ho,thank for this food lesson,please,any chance to lower the latency?thank you
Great information. Next time please slow down. I was trying to keep up. However, this was awesome. I am trying to get mine set up very soon for my math classes. I just bought the mini. I am new to it all.
Really great video, man. Thank you. Keep up the good work
Great video!!!
Thank you! This switcher is crazy powerful. Your walkthrough is the perfect companion to it.
It has a multi view. I own this. He is wrong. Look at the buttons.
Thank you so much for this video, it helped me a lot. Appreciated!
Best Atem Mini tutorial I’ve seen. Thank you
Thank you sooo much!!!
This is an outstanding explanation of these features. Thank you!
Finally!! As primarily a live event tech, who often is running a switcher, with graphics/video sources and camera ops, at a distance. I have been trying to find out about the possible preview abilities of this unit ever since it was released! Felt like I was trying to find the Grail! Concise, Clear and Comprehensive... Thank-you so much 👍😁
You are a life saver!! Thank you so much, this was exactly what I needed.
Very helpful and informative.Thank you for the video.
Can the USB feed be the preview instead?
I would like to ask whether you know any solution to display the preview on a computer monitor screen? I want to use the USB cable only and not the HDMI output of the ATEM mini. Your response is appreciated!
There is not. USB is always Program. HDMI can be other things.
Great video. Thanks.
Turned my phone side ways & ur head is cut off.. 🤦‍♂️✨
These are excellent videos thanks. My ATEM Mini arrives tomorrow. I have a number of cameras but note that you said that you had linked your GoPro - was that directly plugged into the HDMI port on the ATEM Mini pls?
I have a go pro 8 and bought the media mod case to get the HDMI output. it works but you'll need to spend some time tweaking the colours
Very interesting - just looking into this stuff now ( have not purchased yet ) I have to say - it looks like a lot of fun- live editing for events etc. But when doing it by yourself, it is too bad that they don't have a foot controller - so a guy like you can continue talking of demoing a product and switch camera angles via a foot trigger like a midi foot controller ( like a Yamaha MFC10 i type buttons ). Not sure if they ever considered that or not. But watching the demos - seems like that would be a great thing for solo guys - Especially for someone giving guitar lessons or doing cooking videos etc.
Hi Joseph, thank you for this walkthrough, very helpful. Just made my first experiences with it today. I noticed, that your DSLR has the recording info on its build-in screen, but one can't see it on your production screens. In my setup, I see the recording info also on the monitor and the production video! What am I doing wrong? Thanx if you can find the time for a quick response.
You have to check if your camera support clean hdmi output.
Thanks for clearing this up. What inexpensive full hd camcorders and cameras do you recommend to use with this?
Great video. Subscribed! 👍 Is there a way to connect Logitech 922 webcam to the ATEM Mini?
Try my multiview work around...its free...
I'm going to allow this link to be posted, but make no mistake — calling this FREE is like saying driving to work is FREE because you already own the car. You have built something interesting, but four tablets are not free, and most people don't have four old tablets laying around.
@PhotoJoseph I had more than that handy ...but I purchased those so I can have matching ones in the lid of my case...$30 each at walmart...the app used is free...and no wires to buy or hide...the offerings from most others costed well over $200 and made a mess of their work space...I came up with it after I had been using a jib I built needing a way to see what the camera 8ft away was I bought four to see what all four cameras were seeing...I came up with this as a solution before the ATEM Mini came along...the new switcher was just icing on the cake...
That’s great, and I can’t believe there’s a $30 tablet (!!). But still… it isn’t FREE.
Question. By setting up the ATEM for hardware preview, would I be able to use the usb-c to connect to a capture card via a usb-c to HDMI cable?
No. The USB-C output is data, not video. It can’t be converted to HDMI.
@PhotoJoseph thank you!
This was very helpful, thank you!
my pleasure!
Your videos are blowing me away! Thank you!! Pure awesomeness! I've learned so much. This was exactly what I needed.
Thank you, that’s kind of you to say
Thank you so much. This is a very helpful and easy to follow video. I just got the Atem Mini Pro and feel so lost here in the beginning.
Glad it was helpful! Be sure to watch the rest of them, too. Here's the playlist
So if I have a live stream, is it possible to show all 4 inputs on stream at once? For example, 2 cameras and 2 gameplay displays on OBS? Or does this only show one camera at a time?
Not all four, no. You can do TWO, as a picture-in-picture, but one image has to be full screen. What you're asking for requires something called SuperSource, and only shows up in ATEMs starting around $4,000 to $6,000
Hey Joseph - this video is epic. Thanks! Question for you - Im deciding between the ATEM Mini and Mini Pro. On the Mini Pro can you use the USB camera AND USB hard drive record at the same time? If so how as this is the feature I am seeking and deciding between. Thank you!
no, you can’t. The USB can be used EITHER as a webcam or to record to, but not both.
Mine is still on back order. I have a preorder everywhere lol. I want this thing so bad. Great video man. Thanks for the info. Because of your videos I think the Mini is enough for my needs the pro would be nice but not needed. Would love to see the preview in a update.
Thanks Very Helpful...... Question, Could you set up 2 flied monitors with an HDMI pass-through straight from the camera and make a multi-view? any dangers in that?
Yes you can, no there isn’t. But look at the Pro model with miltivew built in.
Excelente, muchas gracias por la información 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Do you still need a capture card ? sorry I'm a newbe :)
Hi Joseph, hugs from Brazil. Let's say I want to test 7 inputs using one Atem mini connected to another Atem Mini Pro as if were a camera. How could I monitor the Atem Mini, faking a OBS transmission or simply using any app that uses the camera?
you’d be monitoring it from the other ATEM Mini Pro on the multiview, only seeing the program out. Same limitation to using the ATEM Mini on its own.
Thanks so much for this video. Is it possible to have the preview view sent to the webcam out and the program out go through the HDMI port?
Thanks for this video. I know the ATEM Mini Pro is just starting to hit the market, any changes you are aware of in terms of the USB-C webcam output with the Pro?

In particular, I'm hoping that I can do multiview output via USB-C while still being able to maintain program output via HDMI. The reason why is this would allow me to do two things:

A) Send the program output to my Atomos Ninja V and from that also daisy chain a "return" monitor to as well (so the talent in front of the camera can look down and able to see which camera is being broadcast). Another potential reason to have program output via HDMI would be to use a projector to have the program view shown to an audience, etc.

B) Still allow me to have OBS running (for nothing more than a "multi-view monitor") so while I am preparing to cut between shots, I can make sure the talent is in-frame before putting it on air.

The problem would be if I you can only have multi-view output via HDMI. If so, then I can't then send that USB-C-based program output to the recorder nor return monitor nor projector. Unless, perhaps, the ATEM Mini Pro supports something other than what the original ATEM Mini supported - known as "UVC v1.5" output - via USB-C. If they are using a newer version of UVC on the ATEM Mini Pro, perhaps I could use this handy little adapter ( to convert this "webcam" output into an HDMI signal...?

If you have any hot-off-the-press details on the multi-view capabilities via USB-C on the ATEM Mini Pro (either multiview support via USB-C or a newer standard of UVC on the USB-C port), would love to know! And thanks again for the great video!

PS: I know the ATEM Mini Pro will let you record to the USB-C connection (which is super nifty in any of itself). If I didn't want to use an HDMI return monitor to show program output (or be able to hook up a projector), I could probably ditch the Atomos all together and just record to USB-C. But it can never be that easy.
This is way too long of a comment for me to read and respond to. Please watch my video on the ATEM Mini Pro and if you still have questions, book some time with me
Great video it will help me. What was the small preview monitor you were using?
It's in the description
Great presentation, thank you.
Do you need OBS additional software to do this?
do you need OBS to do what… this video is about preview vs multiview mode so I don’t know what you’re asking.
@PhotoJoseph Sorry about that you were using OBS and I was wondering if you use the preview in the ATEM, do I need the OBS software to do this
I used the ATEM MINI recently with OBS and two cameras. A DSLR and video camera. When I switch between both cameras it’s instant. However it can take up 15 seconds between it appears on the livestream. Is there something I’m missing in my settings? I was testing the two cameras feed so I was wireless. Would this make a difference? Any help is appreciated.
You're not doing anything wrong. It takes time to get to air. 15 seconds is pretty normal. YouTube has a "fast" mode that has some limitations, but 15s is normal.
PhotoJoseph thank you for the reply. Enjoy watching your videos.
Thanks for the great tutorials, the complete tour that you did was great! I do have one question that I can't seem to find an answer for (so the answer is probably no). Can you utilize the preview mode in OBS through the ATEM mini or do you need to feed the preview through the HDMI? Thanks for your time!
Yes it does. Check my full video on this on this channel.
If I use a hardware encoder like the Webcaster X2, then, is there any way to get a preview output since the HDMI out will go into the Webcaster X2?
what did you use to record this video?
Lots of LUMIX cameras
PhotoJoseph with what audio? Did you use mini?
Great stuff. Sub'd
Hi Joseph,

do you need an extra Monitor for the atem mini (Preview) & Atem mini Pro (Multiview) ? Or Is the Solution to run OBS and Atem Software Control, I `m just asking coz i want to be sure if you could minimize your setup and run it just with a (mac/PC). Thank you
You need another monitor. Preview and MultiView don't go out over USB, only over HDMI.
Thank you for all the great information! I am currently helping my church set up a live stream system due to Covid 19 and we just ordered the Atem Mini. I can't wait to start playing with it when it gets here.
Sweet! It'll work out great for you; I know this is being used a lot in churches.
BRAVOOO! very useful your style! 👏👏👏
Thanks Oscar!

Thx helped a lot. 
one question. Is it possible to have not only one picture in picture?

or a method to see three or four cameras in the stream instead of two? 
thanks for help!

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