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Yes, ATEM Mini has PREVIEW!

Photo Moment - December 20, 2019

There's a little misinformation about PREVIEW vs MULTI-VIEW on the ATEM Mini out there, and I wanted to clarify. This video explains the differences between PROGRAM, PREVIEW and MULTI-VIEW, and how to enable true PREVIEW mode on your ATEM Mini!

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Your tutorials are always very "Mature". Nothing is unnecessary.
Thank you for saying that. Mature, like me 🤓🤪
Great device This review contains the info that may help me to get one for my church, thanks!
Excellent, glad to help!
Nice Switcher. I use a Roland V1HD but this is almost as good or even better in some ways not to mention cheaper. I like the Preview Mode because in my situation I actually use Preview as a sort of second M/E (two outputs - one to Record and One to iMag (Projection). I think a Multiviewer option would be possible in place of the Preview thru software update and can really expand the flexibility of this however in some circumstances it would be nice to have BOTH a Preview and a Multiviewer (as in my case of having using it as a 2M/E switcher of sorts which would mean another output port would be necessary). CORRECT me if I'm wrong but --- The Problem I see is this: One of the two outputs Program or Preview must go to a Computer using OBS or some 3rd party app. in order to view the output since the only ports on the ATEM switch are 1 HDMI Output and 1 USB-C output. If I need to send both outputs to a HDMI Monitor then the PREVIEW Function is useless. Correct???
yes that’s right. It’s a budget device with limited capabilities (although way more capabilities than I’d expect at this price!). USB-C is only Program, while HDMI can be Program or Preview.
That devices is for HDMI capture, not USB-C capture, and either way, no. I've tried converting the USB-C output to HDMI, and that didn't work. You should be able to use that device to capture from the HDMI port, but you'll have to test it. I've seen reports of some devices not working while others did.
As always you are very helpful.!!
I just saw another video (by Aaron Parecki) that explained how to get a multi-view for the ATEM mini, by using an external multiview and an HDMI splitter setup before inputting the signal to the ATEMmini. I was wondering, could it be the best solution for now, for having both a multi-view and the preview working at the same time.?
Aaron has a good solution, yes. He’s done his homework. It does start to feel like a lot of pieces and I have to wonder if you really need all that if there isn’t a better solution that is all in one, but yes, his solution looks good.
very helpful
Thanks, this was the feature I needed more info on. Just purchased the atem mini!
Fantastic thank you.
You’re welcome!
Thanks for the tutorial just order on B&H and i'm pretty excited to put this in use,
How do you keep the GoPRos connected to a power source?
GoPro over USBC will keep it charged while running
Awesome information, thank you.
What camera is a question that needs a lot of details about what you’ll do with it :-) You can’t go USB to Thunderbolt. And I think your Mac is only USB2 so that won’t work. Sorry. If it’s USB3 you’re fine.
PhotoJoseph The camera’s are for streaming our service and to be used to record other elements. I was looking at two used Panasonic G7 cameras that would plug into the Mini for live Facebook streaming. Since I cant use my old Mac laptop, the streaming box you talked about is now something I’m researching. They wanted to use the Mevo Plus system for the entire service. Thank you for your help.
G7 cameras are an excellent choice. Very affordable (even new only $500 with a lens). The Mevo is great for a single camera but gets very expensive when you want to use more than one; that requires additional hardware that’s $$$
PhotoJoseph Thank you for your help.
Good luck!
thank you for the details
my pleasure
Hey. Joseph Channel just discovered your channel and loving it. Two things 1. does atem mini allow you to also have an output using USB to HDMI or from the computer to an HDMI source? 2. can you compare the atem mini to the Roland v-1hd?
USB to HDMI conversion doesn’t work; I tried that. Computer to HDMI is up to your computer, not the ATEM. Don’t have the Roland and probably won’t get one, sorry.
PhotoJoseph Ahhh, ok np. Was hoping on the direct. Yes I know the computer outputting to HDMI is dependent on the machine, I was just wondering if the computer hardware sees it as another webcam type input. That in theory should make it easier to pass it onto another interfaced hardware/software output.
Sorry but I'm really not following you here. Can you describe your setup in detail and I'll try to help?
This a nice guide for the subject... does the atem mini keep the mode after running the config app ?
It would be nice if one would be anble to just have a small preview monitor as the device doing the stream can show the program if needed.

But does the ATEM mini keep the setup - or do we need to run the app every time ? Can you maybe test if you can turn off the Atem mini can se if remeber the preview setup.?
It stores whatever you change in the ATEM Setup app, but not the changes made in the ATEM Software Control. One is basically preferences while the other is live settings.
Very informative, useful information.
I won’t take this even free. No multi view, I don’t need it.
Great video, Joseph thank you.
Is it possible to use the usb-c output for the preview (for ex. With a small monitor) and tje hdmi as the programm output (ex. Projector)?
Nope. Please watch the other videos on the ATEM I did; that and a lot more gets discussed!
Great informations! Thanks a lot!
my pleasure!
Hi. How can you make color corrections for the cameras inserted in the ATEM Mini? I mean brightness, vibrance, contrast etc... I found how to do it when you only have one camera but how to do it when you have more so it will be different for all cameras? Thanks
I'm not sure what you mean… the ATEM mini doesn't have camera control. That's on versions like the 2 M/E and even then it only works with Blackmagic SDI cameras.
@PhotoJoseph on chroma you can make color adjustments like vibrance, brightness, contrast etc. The thing is that you only can do that one one camera and it will deactivate when you switch to another camera. I will want to make those adjustments to all the 4 cameras separately and not deactivate every time.... It is possible? I know that the camera control is on sdi and only for blackmagicdesign own cameras, not for other brands. Thanks
Sorry George, I had to wait until I could look at my ATEM again to reply. What exactly do you mean by "on chroma you can make color adjustments"… where are you seeing this? We are talking about the ATEM Mini, which has no camera control, so I don't know where you're seeing this.
Yes this video filled in the cracks from your overview video thx
And there’s one miss to watch now…
Great video.
Just an addendum. The ATEM software does not work on every ATEM. More accurately only with the second generation or later ATEMs. Older ATEMs will not work with the current version of the software. Example, I have an older ATEM 1m/e. It will only work with up to v7.0.3 of the software. The original TVS is even lower. V6.9 I think. The same probably applies to the original 2m/e.
Not a problem if your using any of the current ATEM switchers being sold. Just thought I'd throw that in.
Oh interesting, I didn’t know that. Thanks!
@PhotoJoseph I think between the 1st generation ATEMs (that don't have buttons and little LCD screens) and all others that follow, there were probably major changes in the Hardware. To many to support the latest firmwares.
I am wondering now if the same fate might befall the rack mount ATEM vs all the new ATEMs coming out that have control surfaces.
Thank a lot man.
My pleasure!
Mannn got so excited with the first review. While no multi-view in not necessarily a deal breaker it is a feature you normally expect switchers o have. Hope they do add it in a future update.
I think given the price, it's unlikely they will add it (even if the hardware can handle it). It'd destroy their $1,000 switcher market. I think it's pretty legit NOT to have it at this price point, considering the target market (people making self-produced shows).
Hi Joseph, been a while since your last content, hope all is well?
Thanks for that Tony… yep, all was fine; the video I just released took WAY longer than I wanted to do, partially because I had to wait for a replacement part and didn't want to break down the intricate set I'd built for it, and of course it was the holidays, too… thanks though and I hope you enjoy the new video!
It is a shame that there is no multiview by default! This is one of most important functions in every switcher!
Well… in every switcher starting at $1,000 😁
Thanks for the explanation. I don’t think that multiview will be availible for this switcher, because it will make the Television Studio HD ($1000) almost useless and non sense to buy (except if you are going to use more than 4 HDMI cameras). All this functions for $300? This is a bargain. I can live without multiview.
However, I am sure that if BMD did this for $300 they could easilly add multiview and sold it for around $400 maybe. But again, doing that could kill even more the Television Studio switcher.
You’re probably right.
I have just received Blackmagic Atem Mini without Software included.. Can you give me LINK from where I can Download software
I don’t know it offhand but just go to the Blackmagic website and search for it under Products. Or watch this video where I show how to find it
thank you very much
I just got an AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus 4K to record a local copy of my live streams. I connected it between the ATEM mini and the Webcaster X2 and couldn’t get it to work right. I did get it to work from the X2 hdmi out but I wanted to put it before the X2. Any ideas why this device isn’t working between the ATEM mini and the X2? Thanks!
PhotoJoseph The Evolve recorder is working well. Here’s a short video about it: ATEM Mini + Cloner Alliance Evolve
Thanks! I'll share your video.
What's your twitter handle?
@PhotoJoseph Thanks so much for sharing! @WinYourRecovery
@PhotoJoseph @WinYourRecovery
Really nice and clear explanation, thanks so much! I am so used to having Multi-view with Vmix and a Decklink Duo that I'm not sure I can live without it.
Yeah once you're used to that it's tough to go without. But remember that this device is really designed for, I'd say, self-broadcasts. No producer, no one doing the switching for you.
PhotoJoseph Yeah, it’s definitely very powerful for the money. Just did a 24 hour live stream using a Roland V-60, and it was fantastic but overpowered for a 3 camera simple show. I wish there was a way to get the Mini for a day of testing before purchasing. Might just take the shot since it is so affordable.
Given the price, it's an easy buy. And you can always return it if it really doesn't work out. I think that DVEStore still has them in stock, if no one else does:
Is it possible to have the preview in obs and the program through hdmi? also, what's the hdmi program out latency? I need to use it in a 3 camera setup for classical music concerts. The hdmi program out goes to a projector to allow the far audience to see the musicians, but if there's too much delay between the images and the music the will notice it.
You can't set the preview to the USB-out, only to the HDMI-out. The HDMI latency comes from the camera, not the ATEM. So you have to measure it for your configuration; I measured 125ms on my setup. Remember that if you route the audio through the camera, the latency problem goes away. Since you're doing a concert, I'd imagine the audio coming to you is coming from a mixing board, so the mixer should be able to program in a delay for you.
Hi Joseph, right at the end of a cracking video yo stated that you could set the Atem Mini up so that you would not need to be dependant on the software, does that mean that once you set it up with the software in a certain way and saved, you could take the Atem away from the pc and everytime you switched on and opened the last file you saved you'll be back into the settings you previouly saved but not being connected to the pc. ( PS: sorry Joseph suddenly realised I needed the software to gain access to the file anyway, so we can't take the settings on the road away from the pc)
Yes and no… the ATEM is fully functional without the software, but buttons like PiP are presets and are hard coded, so the only way to do a different PiP configuration would be to use the software. Preferences are saved to the device though, like setting the HDMI out to be Program or Preview. Does that answer your question?
@PhotoJoseph Thanks Joseph.
This is my first time seeing your channel, I have subscribed after watching this video on atem mini, this is the best video on this product I have watched on YouTube. Great video. I hope other videos on your channel will be great as this one. I gonna check them out!
Thanks, I appreciate that! I have more of these coming on the ATEM Mini ;-)
Does audio automatically sync with a microphone coming from a separate mixer out into the ATEM MINI mic input
No. Watch the first video where I explain that
Excellent video. Just about to get one of these for my church and you answered ALL of my questions.
Sweet! They are hard to find now, but I believe that the DVE Store has them in stock — try here
Thank you Sir for your inspiring tutorial on this program and preview issues. Pls is it there any way I can save my output on hard drive.
Just connect a recorder like the Atomos to the HDMI, or use software like OBS to record the output over USB into a computer.
You are a great instructor. Thank you!
Thank you Curtis. That means a lot coming from you!
So are you Curtis.
I'm pretty sure they aren't going to add the multi view option, because a device from BM which does JUST THIS thing costs more than this switcher
So do scalers, actually… but what BM device does just multi-view? I haven't seen this.
​@PhotoJoseph ​ it's called "Blackmagic MultiView 4" - technically if somebody has enough money (extra ~$1.000) can use this to get the MultiView in ATEM MINI - 4 hdmi Camers go on sdi converters to MultiView 4, this device has 4 out ports so you out 4 cameras again - sdi to hdmi converters and connect every of each 4 hdmi sources to ATEM MINI. And now you have the preview from the 4 cameras on BM MultiView 4 on one monitor, but now just the PGM output (and preview) is missing because that extra device supports just 4 sources, so the PGM you have on the second monitor from the hdmi in ATEM MINI.
What's interesting - it's still way cheaper than to buy a switcher with this option because the only switcher from BM which has this and you can connect to it sources on different resolutions and frame rates is ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K which is $3000
Got it. Yeah, major extra expense. But hey, it could still happen! ;-)
Hahahah Thank you Very Much this is the ATEM mini that im waiting Kudos !! To you Sir. I just checked out my order at amazon
You're welcome, and enjoy!
😎😎😎this is nice Photo Joseph
Why thank you. And, you’re welcome!
Shock! what no Multi-view !! yesterday I found out there is NO 1080I50 what a let down :) cheers for telling us :) eN
Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing the fine details. [[[Sub'd]]]]
Why, thank you and thank you!
Hey, how u contented ATEM with old macbook without usb c?
You don’t need USB-C, but you do need USB 3. The ATEM comes with a USB-A to USB-C 3.1 cable. (The number is the speed generation; the letter is the shape of the connector)
Please send me a link to where you bought it bcse you know its not available on B&H
DVE Store still has them, I believe
Dude thank you for the awesome video. I didn’t think you could preview on this device which put me off. Multi view would be nice but at least I can preview a shot before pushing it live. This feature alone has made me want to buy this again. Thank you
Awesome to hear! DVE Store emailed me on Christmas Eve to say they got 50 more in stock… go get it!
So kind of like the old Video Toaster.
Right. Just all grown up for the modern age.
Can we do a video replay using this. I am vmix user
You can't without adding extra hardware. This isn't designed for that and has no recording capability. If you added a Hyperdeck you could probably do it, but that costs more than the ATEM Mini. You're looking at a much bigger solution, really. The Mini probably isn't the product for you. If you really wanted to hack it together, you could set the HDMI out to show whatever camera input you want to replay, and connect that into a recorder. Then from the recorder, feed its output back into one of the ATEM inputs. If the recorder has a replay function, you'd trigger that, and switch the input on the ATEM to that recorder. If your recorder doesn't, then you could just record constantly, and when you want to play back, stop, rewind, play, and switch to that input on the ATEM.
Just one.
Seeing a lag on the GoPro feed when you are switching Previews and Program. Is that normal? Referring from 10:11 onwards....
Yeah, the GoPro has serious lag
My ATEM Mini just shipped, so I am very excited to start using it. Great tutorial Joseph.
Awesome, and thanks!
Thank you Joseph. very informative.
My pleasure!
Just cancelled my B&H order since its been on backorder for weeks. Ordered from DVE through your link. They say it's available so I have my fingers crossed it will come soon!
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