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Panasonic LUMIX S1R Hands On Overview

Photo Moment - March 03, 2019

These are edited segments of a very long live show, exploring the new LUMIX S1R, the 50mm f/1.4 lens, and the camera's menu system (which has a LOT of new features)

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The Unedited Live Show (including Q&A between each session)

See what you missed in the full, unedited LIVE show (this starts with the Q&A; back up if you want to see the whole live show)


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What do you think? Is the body all you'd hoped it would be?
He shows you the body and hasnt even loaded a battery.
Glad they put on a three axis rear screen, nice and tough :)
Yesss 😁
Great video(s) re the new offerings from lumix. Extremely informative! I have pre-ordered and look forward to receiving the camera. I have a silly question, though - I presently use milvus lenses with an a7rii and was just wondering about usability of all-manual lenses with the s1 system. I have seen all-manual (Nikon to L Mount) adapters for the Leica L system, but have not heard or seen anything regarding the ability to use manual/vintage/Cine style lenses with the Lumix system. I am assuming it won’t be a problem, but just wondering nonetheless. Thanks for any info you might have.
Awesome! I can’t point you to any specific brands but I’ve seen adapters for Canon, NIKON and Mamiya (medium format!) lenses to the L Mount already. If what you need doesn’t exist, it’ll come. This is a great opportunity for developers.
like an Leica SL!! Not surprising considering Leica is working with Panasonic.
Yeah… and those who've used both universally have said they like the feel of the S1 better 🤫
Best review!! Are you planning to review the 24-105mm? I intend to buy the S1R kit on release under the premise that the 24-105 would meet all my needs for backcountry landscape photography (I love my G9 but the resolution and dynamic range was limiting). I most often use focal lengths around 24mm 50mm and 85mm; I need to be assured that the lens is acceptably sharp at ~85mm. I saw a high res sample that looked incredible from the wider end - can you comment on sharpness towards the longer end?

Thanks eh :)
I haven't personally used the 24-105 much at all, but those who have love it. Check Griffin Hammond's channel. He shot a short film with it and loved it.
The selling point of mirror less cameras is that they are smaller and lighter than a DSLR any saving on size and weight is lost when manufactures make lens that are very large and very heavy for there cameras.
The advantage of mirrorless isn't size - it's making the most of a platform that facilitates next-gen technology, specifically maximizing sensor readout and processing.

Because of their larger bodies (with respect to sensor size), Lumix mirrorless has superior heat dissipation and can pack a whole lot more into their cameras.
This is simply not true. The actual advantage is that the mirror is simply not needed anymore in digital and was inherited from the film SLRs. In other words - the real advantage is that you can see the photo before you take it. If you wanna go small and light, get the Fuji X100 or Leica Q and you're all set.
@Alexander Ivanoff The selling point by the companies that make mirror less cameras was that they are smaller and lighter that a DSLR we will agree to differ.
Where's the bump mode?
What do you mean by "bump mode"?
Massive camera physically, big price sticker for body and lenses, but AF quality will decide whether the S1 stands or falls as a professional tool.
AF for photography is best in class. For video probably not but this camera isn't designed for video. And I disagree that AF is most important. Image quality is priority one.
@PhotoJoseph I use Panasonic so I'm aware of its stills capability. Continuous AF is off the pace currently, and as the camera is loaded with movie functions people will use it for sports, wildlife and video. It will be interesting to see how capable Panasonic can make contrast detect AF with final firmware.
thank you for the thorough review in this series PJ! I was so excited to buy this camera since I love my GH5 and just wanted the GH5 with better AF in full frame; ;but I was super disappointed to see a lack of a fully articulating screen in the S1. OK, not articulating screen in S1R I can understand since it's photo centric; but S1 that's video centric should have had the GH4 flip out screen. Big fail on the Panasonic for this decision to make the bodies identical with the S1 and S1R.
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