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Panasonic LUMIX Leica 12-60mm Lens FIRMWARE UPDATE with Optical Image Stabilization LIVE Demo on GH5

Photo Moment - August 08, 2017

A firmware update for the Panasonic Leica 12-60mm lens that comes with the GH5 was just released. Learn how to update, and then see just how good the Image Stabilization is, live!

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Hi Joseph, can you switch off I.S on the G9 if I have a lens thats does not have a switch on it to turn is off and on, cause the body will still be using I.S but I can find where to switch it off. Thanks
@PhotoJoseph Thanks in getting back to me. When I go to the camera setting, stabilizer, operation mode, then 2 options that has a hand with bracket at either side, and another hand with bracket either side + and arrow, but don't have any turn off stabilizer ?
Oh hmm, I’ll have to look. Don’t have it with me now sorry
@PhotoJoseph I don't have the option in my menu on the G9, but it gives the the option on my GX80 ?
@A1 Pest Service OK I just checked mine… if I have a lens with an OIS switch (like the Leica 12-60mm), then there is no option to turn it off in the menu, because the switch on the lens overrides it. If I put on a lens that has no OIS (like a totally manual lens), then the option to turn it OFF appears in that menu. If I put on a lens that has OIS but no switch (like the 30mm macro), then I also have the option to turn if off in the menu. So, what lens is on there that is not allowing you to disable OIS entirely?
@PhotoJoseph Your a star, many thanks for the info. I was getting confused due to switching off OIS on the lens, but in the menu it still had the icon that it was on, but didnt have an option for OFF, I didn't know it over rides the body when you switch it off on the lens.
Could you quickly check if this lens is parfocal?
Sorry which lens? Stupid YouTube comment system makes it hard to know exactly what video you posted this on.
Is there an update for the 15mm 1.7 lens?
Most definitely should be 2 weeks
Thanks my Panasonic GH 5 was sent back today
Do let me know what they say when they get it back!
Thanks so much I subscribe to your channel you’re the only help I’ve gotten today thank you
If you have the same lens maybe you can hold in your hand at a horizontal position then vertical position and see if you were lens inside moves back-and-forth and hits the back glass I don’t know this is ridiculous
No it definitely shouldn’t move that much. Sorry mate. Chat B&H in the morning and get a return swapped out. If you are a regular customer you might be able to talk them into cross shipping (sending s new one before this one arrives back). Or if you can put the second one on a credit card then get the refund for the first when it arrives there, maybe you can still have the camera in time for your shoot. Be sure to tell them that the package wasn’t sealed.
It seems like the auto Focus works fine when looking at the problem closer when I took the lens back towards me and that internal lens comes towards the back it opens up and then when I tilt the lands back towards the ground it closes back up it’s like it’s not attached on the inside
When I manually zoom in it doesn’t feel very smooth either there’s a slight stickiness super bummed
When I attach it back to the camera and switch the lens on it still moves back-and-forth if I tilt the camera down or up
The movement you should hear is VERY slight. When you half-press the shutter the stabilizer kicks in and you can hear a very quiet motor. If that’s what you’re hearing you’re fine. If you’re hearing more, it may be damaged. Does it seem to work? Are photos sharp?
So if I tilt it up and down should the inside hit the glass Closest to the sensor
Nothing should touch the sensor. Why don’t you post a video of it so I can see what you mean. I may not respond again until tomorrow. It’s 1am and bedtime here
I just received my Panasonic GH five with the kit lens 12 to 60 mm Leica is the inside of the lens supposed to move around
It’s a stabilized lens so yes it has movement.
Hi Photo Joseph. I didn't have my camera bag secured and my GH5 with my Lumix Leica 12-60 lens on fell out and snapped the lens off its seating, making it unusable. I had to buy another replacement as I had a location shoot that I needed that lens for. Needless to say, it's pretty crushing to have to plop down another $1,000 for a new lens. I'm hoping to get the broken one repaired. Any idea of who can fix this lens for me?
Thank you.
Hi Joseph, great content, I'm new to the Gh5, question is, what is the icon at the bottom of the display that displays -3 to 0 next to the ISO. Thank you!
+Oh! Show Productions Exposure compensation
Joseph it looks like you've reduced in size and the set is huge...
+ben5shuttle Yeah I'll move the camera in
Yeah Joseph you finally got to use the big and long HTMI cable 😊
Does camera have WiFi? If so why is all this insanity with cards? Why can't camera download and install firmware from the internet like any other internet connected device does. If wifi is not available then why not by pairing via the phone and Panasonic Camera app on the phone. I would like to see workflow of anyone who switched to using iPad as their primary computer - major pain. Well at least Panasonic does it via files to SD card, another absolutely insane manufacturer - Sony requires you to download executables connect camera via usb cables and then upgrade via those apps and if your OS not not compatible - you are out of luck.
+Sergei Mutovkin That's a fair point, Sergei. I think the update process would have to be completely rewritten but yes you're right, all the technology needed to do updates wirelessly appears to be in the camera. And yes it would be complicated (if even possible) to do solely from N iOS device.
Thanks for the great tips!
+Variety Store Productions Thanks for watching!
Thanks to you I updated my 12-60 lens. Many thanks for all videos ;)
+Hybrid Life awesome!
Is this for the version 2 of the lens? If not did they add an update to the version 2 of the 12-60mm?
Nice video ^^ do you think it will be possible to download the new firmware for the GH5 this month or in september ? :) have you got some informations about the date release ? thanks ^^
I have no date info. Every time someone asks, I say the same thing — I know what you know.
PhotoJoseph If only you got a dollar for every time you've been asked this... I'm tempted to ask you and I don't even have my GH5 yet 😉😆.
+ben5shuttle 😂
I hate to be rude, but I wish you talked less and kept your videos under 5 min long.
+Sam Santana 😊🙏
DAMN IT! Thought this was the update we have all been waiting for. :D :D
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