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PACKED! What’s in my bag for the LUMIX S1H launch?

Photo Moment - August 29, 2019

I’m heading to Hollywood for the Panasonic LUMIX S1H official launch… so what am I bringing with me? Turns out, some pretty great stuff! Check it out…

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Yes, I would love a what's in my bag for different setups. I.e. landscaping, hiking, portraits, weddings, ect.
Hi PJ, hope all is well, looking forward to the S1H video, bring it on. I still think you have too many lenses, you need to give me some.
Hi PJ, will you be doing a 'Users Guide' for the S1H? What about the New Atomos Shogun 7?
Fritzroy Smith I’m seriously considering doing an S-Series Training now that all three cameras are out.
@PhotoJoseph Great, I will be interested
Can't wait for you to review s1h. 😀
First look video out tomorrow. Taken longer than I wanted but hopefully worth it.
Wish I could get that Aurora Power XND 128 in the UK. Nice kit!
They aren’t shipping worldwide?
No, U.S only. I would like to get the 72mm for my Sigma 18-35mm lens. I guess you are editing the S1H video? I see there is a sign the GH6 is coming soon! :)
Shark sign? All I hear is people thinking this S1H Event was going to be a GH6 event. Got anything else?
Panasonic were asked about the GH6 and its on the table. I think its coming next. Maybe not now, but maybe next year 2020.
Really like the set and backdrop btw
Love the shelves.
Do you know if Panasonic was able to fix the severe blue light clipping problem that the S1 has in VLog? This is only a VLog issue as HLG does not clip its blues. Im hoping to bring more attention to this issue as once the blue channel is crushed, its impossible to repair in post.
Just approved this and your previous comment. Who have you talked to at Panasonic? I want to make sure this gets to the right people. (Don’t know if it’s addressed in the S1H)
@PhotoJoseph I have been trying to get this to Matt and Sean who I talk to at NAB every year. I did get this to Panasonic tech support. They did watch the video and told me they would get it to the appropriate people. I specifically asked for them to get this to Matt and Sean but they never replied back.
Ok I’m on it. Thanks.
@PhotoJoseph - Awesome, if they can get this fixed in a firmware patch, that would be awesome. The S1's HLG is not affected by this issue whatsoever. So, Im hopefull Panny can fix it. Once they do, I'll delete this entire channel as it will no longer be needed anymore. The S1 is an absolutely spectacular camera and VLog is generally brilliant!
Love the shelving. Have you remembered to put the stuff Sean can’t play with on the top row? 😀
Haha 😂
Yes! Very interested in travel packages!
Awesome! I’ll keep doing them!
Especially interesting is the why as much as the what.
thanks for sharing!
it is great video kit!
Always excited when you upload something new! And I always enjoy seeing what gear people actually use.
Nice, thanks!
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